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    When you freely submitted to the total enclosure rubber you became a thing, no longer a person, just property belonging to someone else. With that freedom, you thrilled at handing over responsibility to someone else. They are now responsible for keeping you rubbered, restrained, gagged, pierced and full at all times. As well as providing you with food, water, air and exercise they will also keep you in permanent chastity denying you of any sexual release, ensure you serve appropriately and punish you accordingly. When you think you’ve had enough, they will remind you that you relinquished any and all rights as a person. You are not a slave you are just property. 😈💕🥴🔐


    Slave boy number 7, had received his induction, signed the contract agreeing to be a slave to his Mistress. He’d greedily signed up thinking he would get to pleasure his beautiful Mistress. He had dreamed of this day, the day he would fuck a beautiful Goddess with his hot hungry cock. She led him into a darkened room, told him to undress and get showered and wait for her. When he exited she was waiting for him, she commanded him to kneel in front of her. He did. She bent down to him, asked him if this is what he truly wanted, he excitedly nodded and said yes like a hungry puppy. She kissed him softly on the lips and told him to lay down and put his hand behind his back. He did. She sat on his back facing down to his feet, planting her wait over his upper torso. She softly cuffed his wrists and then his ankles followed by a belt around his knees and elbows. He was restrained, she sounds round and leaned in close to his head. Breathing deeply, she whispered in his ear to be calm and said ‘are you sure you want to be with me?’ followed by a long tender kiss to be back of his neck. He’d calmed and said oh yes please, on those very words she pulled the bag over his head and tightened it around his neck. She kept pressure on him and the bag, he was now in fear and started to buck. His bonds were unrelenting and he could not move. He tried to twist, he thrashed his head, but there was nothing he could do. His lungs started to burn, the bag was sucking deeper into his mouth with each intake. Just as he thought to bite through the bag her hand came over his under his chin. He breathed deeply through his nose, it was painful now and he wondered when she would let him have air. Harder and harder until there was no air left, he tried but all he could feel was a blackness approaching. He passed out. She whipped the bag off, made sure he took a breathe and quickly got to work. By the time he woke up he was encased in a rubber suit, his cock locked into a small steel chastity cage. He could feel something penetrating his cock, it wasn’t painful but it was there. She smiled at him, he would have said something but his mouth would not open. Sorry baby, that will be the inflatable penis gag you can feel filling your mouth, it does have a hole though for you to breathe through, as if it would comfort him. Now baby I’m not quite ready to enjoy you just yet, especially after I’d had so much fun suffocating you. That was a real pussy pleaser darling, and I’ve given you your first credit for it. So what we’re going to do now is get you nice and comfortable in this exquisite rubber body bag, you won’t be able to move and the hood seals you in. Don’t worry there are a few breathing holes in the hood, then we’ll crank you up and you can relax near the ceiling. You may get a little warm but I’ll turn the Aircon up to help cool you. Slave number 7 had his chance to escape and now was just a rubberised plaything for his Mistress, and he had made that decision. As he went up he wondered if he would get to use his cock on her, his penis tried to expand but the pain from the cage and tube quickly took away those feelings……