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    stop everything, this is bitty doing research for his thesis

    there's more lmao, unhinged bitty energy


    I showed this tiktok to my grandma to make her laugh, but now she's all excited and actually wants to make a chocolate potato cake. We're gonna do it.

    I'll keep everyone posted.


    It's happening, folks!


    Looks good, but we're not done yet!

    Our sweet, sweet child needs to cool before we add the finishing touches!


    My creation is complete!

    After dinner, we'll give it a taste test!

    I wonder how it'll taste.





    It's incredible!

    This stupid cake, made with potatoes ... is delicious! It's so sweet, moist, and decadent, just like a brownie! And I don't even like chocolate!

    The recipe from the tiktok was pretty much impossible to find. I looked high and low, but everyone posted recipes that I KNOW he didn't use because the ingredients and methods were different. After some searching, my grandma and I came up with our own recipe.

    For the Cake:

    1 cup mashed potato

    2 cups sour cream

    1 3/4 cup flour

    1 3/4 cup sugar

    3/4 unsweetened cocoa powder

    1/2 cup softened butter

    2 eggs

    1 1/2 tsp baking soda

    1 tsp vanilla

    Pinch of salt

    For the Drizzle:

    4 oz semi-sweet chocolate (melted)

    1/2 sugar

    3 tbsp corn syrup

    2 tbsp water

    A lot of recipes called for a mixer or a processor, but my grandma and I wanted to make an every-man kind of recipe, since we know not everyone has those things. Plus they're heavy and a pain to clean anyway, so bowls it is!


    1. Peel and boil the potato, then mash it. Set aside to cool. Go to the bathroom, do your homework, then come back. That should be enough time.

    2. Set oven to 350°F.

    3. Cream butter. This means putting the sugar and butter into a bowl and mashing it together with a fork until it's thoroughly mixed.

    3. Put everything else in the same bowl, including the mashed potato. Mix and stir well. Work those muscles!

    4. Grease a pan (doesn't matter what kind you use) and spatula batter into pan. Even out if necessary.

    5. Bake in over for 40 minutes.

    6. Test cake with pick. If nothing sticks, it's finished. If batter does stick to pick, let it bake a bit longer but make sure it doesn't burn. Remove and set aside to cool.

    For the Drizzle:

    1. Cut chocolate into tiny squares.

    2. In a small pot, mix sugar, corn syrup, and water.

    3. On medium heat, wait for mixture to sizzle and stir it. Do NOT let it boil.

    4. Remove from element and add chocolate.

    5. Wait for squares to melt, then mix.

    6. Drizzle or pour over cake.



    I love parents in gay dramas. What Did You Eat Yesterday? / Kinou Nani Tabeta?


    The line ‘ARE YOU HALF ASSING THE GAY LIFETSYLE’ speaks to me on a personal level


    I love how they’re not even mad about their son beinf gay but like BITCH WE‘RE MEETING HIM AND IF WE DONT YOURE A DISGRACE


    The parental guilt trip is so fucking universal omg I love it.

    You hide your boyfriend from your parents?! You hide your boyfriend like you are ashamed??!!! Oh jail for son!! Jail for son for 1000 years!!!


    HOLD THE PHONE there’s a live action version of What Did You Eat Yesterday?? how did I not know this!?

    everyone should read the manga this is based on! the protagonist is a 40 year old Shiro, a gay lawyer who is somewhat neurotic and is not used to society being increasingly accepting of gay people since he’s been in the closet for so long. Introverted Shiro is held in contrast to his boyfriend Kenji, who is out and proud and a social butterfly. The story is a slow paced character study on aging gay couples and how being queer is perceived by society. We get the perspectives of the gay couple, their families, their friends and their co-workers.

    btw this line in the manga was “is being gay a joke to you??”


    People Matching Artworks: An Unusual Photo Series By Stefan Draschan

    People Matching Artworks: An Unusual Photo Series By Stefan Draschan More info: Website | Instagram…


    I was really hoping these weren’t staged and the artist just spends weeks in art galleries and days in front of paintings to make these

    Well guess what… That’s exactly what he did!


    Lynda Barry, 2016

    As you all may know, I am an Asian American, and the rise in anti-Asian hate crimes in the US is tragic and terrifying. A few years ago, my mother and I had unprovoked, racist threats spat at us while we were simply grocery shopping. They didn’t care who we were as people- they just reduced us to our race. I want this space to be positive and encouraging for everyone, and that’s not possible unless I make this space clearly anti-racist. I hope this comic is a hopeful reminder that we’re all able to make the world a better place together! I can’t stop anything alone, but together, we can make a more caring society that welcomes and protects people of all races. 

    Ruby, standing in front of a fish tank after getting her wisdom teeth removed: [crying]

    Weiss: Ruby why are you crying?

    Ruby, still crying: Because they're drowning

    Weiss: Who's drowning?

    Ruby: The fish

    Weiss: The fish is... the fish are swimming

    Ruby: No they're not, they're drowning

    Weiss: Ruby they're fine

    Ruby: No they're not. It's so sad

    Ruby: [new round of sobbing]

    Weiss: Ruby it's okay, let's go

    Ruby: We gotta save them


    I’m a deity who can’t exist without messing with humans… I find joy in their evolution as a result of yours truly.

    Q U E T Z A L C O A T L • [ ケツァル / コアトル ] , the Aztec Gentle God of the Wind and Peace / the Great Firebird of the Sun in episodes 10 & 11 of FATE/GRAND ORDER - ABSOLUTE DEMONIC FRONT: BABYLONIA • [ フェイ/グランドオーダー -絶対魔獣戦線バビロニア- ] 2019, dir. Toshifumi Akai.