every time i watch doc i get the vibes that he’s like… piccolo or something. like, at one point he was a big bad, and he’s still technically scary, except he both became a dad and everyone else around him got equally scary, so he just sort of comes across like he’s awkwardly vibing. and occasionally he does something that reminds you “oh right isn’t he still a supervillain, despite the fact we had powercreep?” and then he shows you his tomatoes and you’re like. nevermind


    the important bit here is that doc doesn’t give REDEEMED supervillain vibes. he never got redeemed. he just got powercrept into no longer being a threat so now he’s our friend i guess


    chrissy, i hate to say it but we might have to fully reactivate and weaponize the superwholocks if we want to really make tumblr unbearable for the invasive twitter species. i just don't think anything short of 'supernatural gif response for every possible situation' is going to chase them off. desperate times call for desperate measures, and if any group has enough metaphorical bullets to fire into the air to lower tumblr's property value, it's the spn fandom.

    How!!!!!! We tore down and recycled all the weaponizable SPN gifs YEARS ago.

    We were in peace times. We got complacent... We have no ammo and no artillery to handle this surprise invasion. No gifs. No edits. NOTHING.

    Here... please take what I have hastily assembled in my backward. Please, please try to hold them off just long enough for us to restore our armories...


    The factories are humming again. God speed.


    I have never watched supernatural a day in my life, but I'm ready to do my part


    Thank you for your sacrifice. The residual radiation is melting my jaw off.


    No because it IS hot


    Queen stuff


    Can someone translate what she said 


    “Oh really? YOU’RE going to teach me Russian? Well you better bring the vodka and caviar, *sweetheart*.” -Translation from @cripplepunk-sylveon


    I love the way people’s voice changes when they switch languages.

    This a legit thing. I speak Japanese at a noticeably higher pitch than I do English. Different intonation too.

    Spanish I speak at the same pitch more or less but my tone and rhythm are different.


    Mobile users for labeling Mature Content (you may have to update the app)

    Settings > general settings > Content you See > scroll down to the bottom

    From what I can tell, the filtering is default turned off, so you turn on whatever subject you don’t want to see.


    Actually it’s the other way around (because tumblr can’t do anything without being confusing). The Labels are Hide, Blur, and Show. They are defaulted to Hide, so if you want to see mature content, you have to manually set the label to Show.

    And if you are under 18, you cannot change the setting until you are 18.

    ID: screenshot of tumblr Mature labels on mobile. End ID


    Is this on iOS? Because I don't seem to have the same settings on Android, and according to the Play Store, there isn't a new version of the app to download.

    (Sorry, I’d ask in the comments, but I literally am blocked from comment replies, and Tumblr hasn't responded to my support request about it.)


    It only seems to flag it up on my iOS devices, but not my android. Maybe it's taking time to roll out?


    It’s time for….the sluts of MCC. The skins that make you blink a few times and then shake your head at the frankly obscene display! My oh my…you go out in public that way?!

    Our first sluts appear in MCC12, in which Hbomb, King Burren and Niki all decided to be maids! Poor Fundy.

    We don’t even make it one more event afterwards of freedom before Quackity, in MCC13, decides to share the holiday spirit as well as so much skin. Good for him?

    In MCC15, my most specialist boy, Jimmy, chose to be entirely shirtless. As we all know, a man’s tits being out is slut behavior, so this was enough to count.

    After a few more events, in MCC18, the Captain himself decides to take the slut title and officially become the Capmaid both in game and in real life. I’m still haunted to this day!

    Immediately afterwards, in MCC19 we got Martyn, Ren, Joel and False as the mint maids! Of course, False isn’t actually on the list of slut behavior, as she was quite classy

    In MCC20 we had…look. Okay, I know what you’re thinking. How is this slutty? Fruitberries is PEELED, look at him!!! Hbomb’s hips do not lie in this MCC event and we cannot deny he knows what he’s doing.

    Continuing the unbroken chain into MCC21, Scar and Wilbur come swinging in two totally different manwhore styles. One classy, one…Wilbur. The causes of my first slut post. They are both going to scam you and from the things you people have said? You’re all gladly letting it happen.

    Lastly (for now…) Scar comes waltzing into MCC22 tits out and ready to intimidate everyone with his abs. At least he’s calling the gong the right thing this time.

    Some fun extra details:

    - Scar and Hbomb are tied for having the most slutty MCC skins, as they’re the only people to appear twice

    - Maid outfits…my god…there’s seven of them…

    - Scar is the only one to appear twice in a row.

    - Mint Maids and MCC21 were the most commented slut skins on my data gathering post. Both being brought up 3 times.

    - Starting from MCC18, we currently have a 5 event streak of at least ONE slutty skin in it. Even WITHOUT including peeled Fruitberries.

    - Wilbur is apparently canonically adulterous with the MCC challenges, for some reason.


    The streak continued into MCC Pride 22 with Ethan increasing the amount of maid dresses! Yay….?


    After a two event streak of no sluts, Joel Smallishbeans brings back the energy in MCC 25! Oh my!

    - This now brings the sluttiest MCC participants to a three way tie between Hbomb, Scar and Joel!

    - Scar is not included because I found his dress to be nothing but stunning and classy.


    Introducing: Community Labels

    As you know, art and artists make Tumblr what it is. We want everyone on Tumblr to be able to fully express themselves while also having control over what they encounter on their dashboards. That’s why we’re introducing Community Labels, an extension to your “Content you see” settings. Our ultimate goal is to create a more open Tumblr, and this is our first step in that direction. 

    As a poster and reblogger, Community Labels are your way to help your followers avoid anything they’d rather not come across on their dashboards.

    As a follower, setting your content preferences is a way to adjust your feed to your own comfort levels. 

    How does it work?

    When creating new posts (or editing old posts), you’ll see controls allowing you to label your post as unsuitable for those filtering certain content types it contains. 

    When content is labeled, it will either be hidden, blurred, or displayed normally, based on each user’s preferences.

    In your Content you see” settings, you can now choose to show, blur, or hide content that depicts the following topics:

  • Drug and alcohol addiction: Contains discussions of substance abuse or addiction experience.
  • Violence: Contains violent or graphic content similar to what you might see in an age-restricted movie.
  • Sexual themes: Contains sexually suggestive subject matter, such as erotic writing or imagery.
  • Some examples of content that would require a community label:

  • Fanart of your favorite ship engaging with each other in…a very private moment 
  • Euphoria GIFs showing Rue’s substance abuse 
  • A movie trailer depicting graphic war scenes 
  • A graphic 50 Shades of Grey edit
  • This doesn’t change our content policies: spam, hate content, and porn bots are still not welcome in the community. It’s also still important that we abide by app store rules, which means we need to make sure that mature content is only accessible to people who are old enough and have opted in to view that type of content. More information about Community Labels is available in the Help Center.

    This is an opportunity to work towards a richer, more nuanced Tumblr experience while making sure everyone who enjoys using Tumblr can do so safely. That future we mentioned above? We’re already moving towards it.


    Ok, didn’t everyone want “females presenting nipples” back on Tumblr? Here you are. This is it.


    @jv So to be clear, is erotic fanart now allowed back on Tumblr so long as you classify the post appropriately?


    Yup. That’s the idea.

    I think there may be some limitations (not being able to blaze it and stuff like that and don’t ask me for clarification because I’m out of the water on this 😁), but yeah, it’s allowed as soon as it’s labelled!




    The best part is the fact that out of the two of them Martha Stewart was the one who went to prison.




    Wiiiiild. He did commit murder (in self defense - no judging) and America‘s Best Housewife was sent to jail because of insider trading, securities fraud, obstruction of justice and conspiracy. This is wiiiiiild 😄😄😄


    also he has every right to make fun of kanye west considering snoop has had a successful career for about two decades including his own cookbook and appearing in movies whereas kanye is a flat earther who had to crowdfund another album because he ran out of money despite kim kardashian being with him, not having the money to produce another album should be the metric when you know you can tell a musician has failed somewhere in either money management or actually being a musician rather then a famous trainwreck


    snoop dogg is a good man who loves cooking, nature, and supporting the dreams of young children in poverty. kanye west helped get trump elected.


    seriously though check out his cookbook its beautiful

    and filled with lgiht humor, legit cooking, and charming life stories


    Whenever I think about snoop I remember that episode of cribs where he lived in an unusually modest house compared to everyone else on that show, spent the entire time with his young daughter hugging onto his leg and dragging her around as he walked. He even talked about how he didn’t want his kids to be musicians and that he just wants them to have a chance at a normal life / he doesn’t wish music career drama on anyone

    The dude is mega down to earth for having a networth of 135 million dollars and staying relevant for longer than some of the top charting musicians have been alive


    he says he keeps a supply of poptarts in the house for his nieces/nephews and grandkids but admits theyre really for him and then goes on to discuss what selection of condiments your fridge should have to jazz up leftover takeout hes one of the most thoroughly human humans ive ever known of


    Doesn’t he also coach football for kids, and stops smoking during the season to set a good example for the kids?


    all these people going on about how Hozier is the peak representation of musical soft masculinity when Snoop has been out here rocking the smoothest braids and most hype manicures for decades


    Have you seen his Planet Earth voiceover video? It’s the best thing I’ve ever heard. Man knows nothing about otters


    Plizzanet Earth is a joy. Here’s the playlist:


    Why has no one ever told me about Plizzanet Earth oh my god


    Snoop is legit; don’t come for him. 


    He also did an episode of Storybots and my kids adore the computer man. Which is wild to me. Cuz I remember gangster rap Snoop. And we love and support Snoop in this house.


    Love him, great man


    plizzanet earth


    Hozier is the peak of good white masculinity. Snoop is the peak of good Black masculinity, and on top of what Hozier does, Snoop adds something a lot of Black children never get to see—you can be a man, you can have “cred,” you can be cool, and also know how to make cookies. (Hozier is great, but he’s never been cool a day in his life and he freely admits this. The two of them have very different kinds of good masculinity both culturally and personally.)

    There’s this idea—and the tweet opening this thread exemplifies it—that being “gangsta” means being self-absorbed, materialistic, and violent. Snoop is just like “nah, I have bling and street talk and I’m higher than a kite and also I love my kids and cooking and FUCK your toxic masculinity,” and that’s an important message. You can have the look, if you like the look, but you don’t have to be a stereotype to have the look.


    “You can have the look, if you like the look, but you don’t have to be a stereotype to have the look.”

    I don’t think anyone has ever said that better.