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    Be careful what you wish for!

    Colin was bored with his life, the relentless 9 to 5 and all his responsibilities.

    He sat down on a bench in the park on his lunch, there was an elderly woman sat on the bench next to him, she looked a little bit like a gypsy you’d expect to hear about in stories / fairytales.

    As Colin was sat there waiting the time away he saw a bunch of young lads drinking and having a kick about with a football. “I wish I could be like them” he thought out loud.

    The elderly woman mumbled something under her breath as she slowly stood up and shuffled away.

    Thinking nothing of it Colin lifted his coffee to his face to take sip, Hold on this isn’t coffee! He looked down the coffee he was holding was now a can of beer.

    As the focus of his vision changed from the beer he was holding, he realised he wasn’t in his suit anymore, he was was wearing trainers, joggers and a hoody. A slight panic filled him, how could this be? I was sat here just a second ago in my suit?!

    He grabbed the phone from his pocket and turned the camera up to his face, not recognising the noticeably younger face he had never seen before, staring back at him. He must have been 16-17.

    A notification popped up, “Alright Conner, you comin down the park for a kick about m8” who is Conner? Just then he had an uncontrollable urge to stand up, and start walking into the field. As he took each step it all started coming back to him, his name was Conner, he had come down to the park to meet his mates. Each step he took more memories filled his head. As he reached the lads the urge continued as he started playing football with them. The more he played the more he started to feel and behave like the lads, this began to feel natural to him.

    After a little while he went to go grab another beer from the bag on the floor, a little folded piece of paper next to the bag caught his eye. He unfolded it, “Your wish is grated Colin, enjoy being Conner.” He looked up to see the old gypsy lady stood in the distance, he ran towards her. But as he got closer she faded away.

    More memories filled his head, his new family, his new home etc… what was going to happen to his old life? He turned and ran back to his mates, as he tried to talk to one of them about the note and the old woman, nothing came out! As hard as he tried, every time he tried to talk about what just happened nothing would come out of his mouth. He couldn’t tell anyone about what just happened or who he used to be! That was it, he was stuck as Conner, he was going to have to just carry on like this for now.

    As time past he grew used to his new life and cockier personality, he wasn’t as smart as he used to be as Colin, Conner had never really paid attention in school, he just wasn’t interested, just about managing to get some grades at all. His life was on a much different path now, working un-skilled jobs and hanging out with the lads drinking and playing footy.

    Join the Team


    Brent dragged his feet to the gym. He’d been summoned by the P.E. teacher and was dreading it. He wasn’t the physical type, he preferred indoor activities and studying. He sighed walking in seeing the school’s golden boy jock, Devon, and Coach talking with each other. They turned when they heard him clear his throat. “Brent! Great, you’re here!” The coach’s exuberance shocked him.

    “Uh, yeah. You sent a note for me to come.” Coach nodded smiling.

    “I saw you yesterday, when that fly ball got sent your way, you caught it,” he said still excited. The groaning from Brent surprised him a little bit.

    “That was a fluke, I didn’t intend to catch that. I’m not physical in any way,” Brent tried to explain. “It was just a lucky catch, plus I screamed like a girl.” Devon chuckled remembering the sight as that fly ball came sailing down from the sky. The nerd screamed, covering his eyes and held out his hand catching it.

    “Regardless, I think deep down inside you have natural talent. Like Devon here,” Coach boasted slapping Devon on the back. “I just want to bring it out of you.” Brent was immediately shaking his head like that wasn’t going to work.

    “I don’t want to be a sweaty jock; no offense Devon, but that’s not my idea of fun.” Devon shrugged off the comment, but Coach had his eyes still set on him.

    “I don’t normally take no for an answer. Let’s have a drink and you can tell me your reservations on the idea,” he motioned for the three of them to follow him to the office. Brent was a little shocked by the stronger vocabulary Coach had and followed. “Sit boys sit,” he gets some water from the water cooler and passes it over. “Okay so explain your reasoning.” He sat back in the chair intent on listening.

    “Well let’s start off with the biggest problem, I don’t have the muscles,” he complained. Coach scoffed it off explaining how he’d grow them over time. “Okay, but I don’t like to get dirty. Plus, I have allergies, and my mom won’t want to watch me get hurt.” Once again Coach brought up his counters to him, that he won’t always get dirty, eventually his body may overcome the allergies or there are options to keep them at bay and wouldn’t his mom adore seeing her son happy? Brent didn’t like that Coach had a response to all his concerns. He slowly sipped from the water noting that the taste was tainted in some way.

    “Looks Brent, you can give me a thousand reasons not to do this. Devon did,” he motioned to the kid sitting next to him. “He was like you, preferred to stay indoors, never wanted to be outside blah blah blah, but I saw a raw talent in him. Don’t you want to show off what you can do?” The little pep talk intrigued Brent, but he still wasn’t buying into it. He felt slightly uncomfortable in all honesty, but that could’ve been because inside him changes were happening. His lungs were expanding, allowing him to breath in deeper, his heart muscle was getting stronger allowing him to pump blood better. “Are you feeling alright?”

    Brent looks up feeling strange. “Was something in that water?”

    “You’re a lot smarter than I expected,” Coach smiles and pulls out a vial of clear liquid. “It’s an enhancer.”

    “You drugged me!” Brent was immediately out of his chair backing away. “No!” His shirt was feeling a little tight.

    “Brent, calm down. It’s just to help you with your concerns.” Brent looked down at his forearms in a panic watching as his veins were becoming prominent. He groaned and then booked it out of there.

    “Should I go after him?” Devon asked, with Coach shaking his head.

    “No, he’ll come back soon,” he said with a smile before sitting back down.

    Brent was running through the halls, his pants feeling tighter as his legs were growing with muscle. “Gotta get out of here, gotta escape,” he said bursting through one of the doors and taking off toward the fields. The fabric of his shirt was straining as his chest expanding, his pecs popping. The backside of his pants ripped down the middle as his ass grew out. He tripped over one of the gopher holes in the field falling to the ground getting muddy. “Gross,” he bemoaned attempting to get up. He slipped falling back into the Earth. He picked himself up again noting how the strength in his arms felt good, but something inside the back of his head told him to start doing push-ups. Unable to resist the siren call of his growing body, he began to lower himself back down toward the muck and then raise himself up again. The strength is addicting as he zones out working his bulging biceps, and growing shoulders.

    His delts and traps were filling in with thick muscle. His feet felt cramped as they were curling in his tight shoes, he kicked them off revealing that he’d gained at least a size or two more. His socks had ripped at the top where his enlarged calves had finally broken the elastic. His jeans were extremely tight on his body that he had to unbutton them. It allowed his boner to release itself which woke him from his daze. “NO Gotta stop,” he groaned standing back up. His arms covered in mud, but he could’ve cared less as he examined the lean muscle. “I need to keep going,” he muttered to himself taking off running. His hips get wider, bulking up to help pump his growing quads and calves. He’s running faster than he ever has. “I gotta find a way to stop this before it’s…” He stops seeing his reflection in the paint of a car. “Too late,” he mutters softly. Inside there’s a transition as his previous worries begin to fade. The blood flowing to his brain is slowly altering his thinking as he begins to wonder if this is what he truly should be.


    Coach looks up to his clock, “five, four, three, two, one,” he points to the door as Brent walks in muddy and about one step away from wearing nothing more than his tattered shirt and underwear. The look on Devon’s shocked face makes Coach chuckle. “I know my players very well, don’t I Brent?” He nods in confirmation. “Feel better?” Coach gets another nod. “Devon, take him to the showers, get him some clothes that actually fit and lets put him through some tests to see if he’s better for baseball, football, or lacrosse.” Coach eyes his build, “I’m thinking the latter.”

    “Yes Coach,” Devon motions for Brent to follow, leaving Coach to sit there smiling.

    “Can’t wait to see him on the fields,” he commented going back to his roster of students. “Who’s next to join my team?”

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    Yeah say it. You started all timid at first. Not sure if you wanted to change. All uncomfortable about cursing. Pathetic. But I wasn’t letting you out until you tried. Then you started seeing the muscle come and you liked it didn’t you. Got you hot seeing yourself growing into a jock. Now look at you. All you have to do is say it one more time. Let the alpha aggression take over. Squeeze out every last drop of the loser you were before. Flex. Fuck yeah. Say it. Fuck yeah.