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    Critter Cove - Musa basjoo

    August 7 2022 - Our pet hardy banana

    Look at it flowering! This is why this is not really considered an edible banana though. Look how tiny the fruits are, 2″ if you’re lucky. The whole thing is like a banana peel. Bees are attracted to the flower though and will roll around.

    I am not an expert in bananas and welcome input. A quick glance on the internet has different sources insisting that they’re wind pollinated, self pollinating, bird pollinated, and bat pollinated. I honestly have no idea.

    I know banana flowers are edible though, I’ve eaten them before, not sure how this one would be. You can also cook things in the leaves. It’s such a gorgeous plant we let it hang out and help cool our house by shading some south-facing windows.

    It also feeds from our graywater system and is now so massive that even if we wanted to move it, we couldn’t. I like to think of it as helping to keep the house up on the slope. 


    I feel that "lawn care" as promoted in the USA can be considered some kind of pseudoscience.

    It doesn't have the conspiracy-theory-adjacent qualities of virtually every other "pseudoscience," which makes me hesitant to call it that, but the theory and method of it is still full of totally unsupported junk.


    Where do I start?

  • I'm a gardener and so are the majority of people I spend time around. If you are mowing 3+ times a week and regularly spending money on fertilizer, soil tests, herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides, you have chosen the most expensive, time consuming thing you could possibly do with your yard. Unless you are a farmer as your livelihood, NOTHING else you could grow is that high maintenance. Nothing.
  • Most turfgrasses are invasive species. I said it.
  • The practice of "nuking" your lawn (killing everything in it and "starting over")...If you have a so-called "weed problem" this is probably the worst thing you can do.
  • Listen to me very carefully: "Weed" seeds are everywhere. There is, at all times, a supply of seeds lying dormant in the soil, waiting for the right conditions to sprout. (It's called the "soil seed bank" and you can look it up.) They are capable of "waiting" for years, even decades. Furthermore, most "weed" species spread by wind, meaning you can't physically eliminate them from an outdoor area unless you...surround your entire yard with an incredibly fine mesh netting and never leave, I guess.
  • Heavy management will make your "weed" problem progressively worse and worse because those plants are specifically adapted to colonize barren areas that recently underwent disastrous events that killed off most life.
  • Basically all plants are adapted to live in the company of other organisms, and suffer when there are no other plants around. "Weeds" with deep taproots penetrate into and aerate the soil. Clover puts nitrogen in the ground that other plants need. Low ground covers keep the soil moist and stop the sun from baking your grass to a crisp.
  • The plant "taking over" your lawn is probably not killing your grass. Your grass is dying and it's being replaced by something more suited to the environment. This is supposed to happen.
  • Monocultures are notoriously susceptible to disease and mass die-offs. "Oh no a big patch of my lawn is dying!" Yeah, that happens when you plant monocultures. You set yourself up for this.
  • "Why is there a bare patch in my yard/why won't grass grow well here?" Because in nature, each plant has a relatively narrow range of conditions it likes to grow in, so other plants it might otherwise compete with can stick to their preferred conditions and nobody has to compete directly. Win-win. Not all parts of your yard have the exact same amount of sun, moisture, etc. Expecting the plant life to look the same is unrealistic.
  • Let me make this very clear: It is fully impossible to "solve" the problem of plants popping up in your yard that aren't your one favored variety of grass. You will be buying herbicides for the rest of your life, and it will get worse, not better, because willy-nilly use of herbicides is leading to plants developing herbicide resistance faster than we can come up with new herbicides.
  • plantyhamchuk

    There’s some good news on this front. The changes are slow, but happening. I work in horticulture and run into Lawn Culture a lot. This is from an east coast USA perspective:

  • Organic lawn care: some of the younger generations are really focused on organic lawn care. They still want their laws to look like golf courses but instead of tossing 10-10-10 everywhere nonstop they’re getting into soil health and raking in all kinds of manures and greensand and whatnot.
  • Related to this, they’re paying not only attention to what kind of grass they’re growing, but mowing height. It turns out if you just let you grass get a bit higher, more like 3-4″, it naturally crowds out other plants and you don’t have to spray herbicide nearly so much, if at all. They’re more interested in doing the tiny bit of hand weeding that remains. 
  • I first heard about organic lawn management from a talk that the local city’s park’s department gave. When you think about just how much land cities maintain, how many sports fields people play on, parks in general.. this is a BIG deal. That said, actual golf courses are not good about this, I shared a link back awhile ago about how there’s only one organic golf course in America. But if the public demands it, things will change.
  • Aside from the people who idolize the status of a lawn that looks like a golf course, people have argued/told me relentlessly that they need a grassy lawn because they have dogs and/or children, and they both need safe places to play, ideally free of ticks, chiggers, and other such things. It’s easy to see/keep general watch if they’re just in a small grassy fenced in lawn. We don’t have kids, dogs, or a lawn, but the reasoning makes sense... that said I grew up in a forest just fine.
  • It depends on your aesthetics and if you’re in an HOA, but lawns can be a lot less work than a garden. 
  • From the entirely opposite direction... r/nolawns on reddit has been growing by leaps and bounds! And there’s more articles than ever about people ripping out their lawns. 
  • City bylaws and HOAs are usually the very biggest hurdles, aside from cost and time, from people just ripping out their lawns. HOAs have WAY too much power over people, and there’s way too many HOAs out there. The last time I looked for fun on zillow to see what was available in my area, every single property - with a home or not - was in an HOA. 
  • apas-95

    So, once again, ‘Musk Personally Being A Fucking Dipshit and Investing In Fantasy Tech’ was a marketing cover for much more sinister, down-to-earth economic maneuvering:



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    How weird it keeps happening

    you can't let your mind gravitate around the fact that everything is on fire i know that's where the orbit falls for a lot of people at this point but for the love of god you have got to find other shit to focus your limited energy towards. volunteer in your community go be useful at a food bank go make a senator's life tangibly worse go do a river sweep. give money directly to homeless people and pick up litter. shoplift profusely and donate it all to charity i don't care. the feeling of despair won't sublimate thru nihilism and guillotine memes bitch we're not eating the rich anytime soon pull on some gloves and get to helping


    if i had a daughter i would much rather see this than her marry a racist white dude


    Reblog to support this interracial Jewish couple who have seized the means of production.


    [ID 1: an old political cartoon showing a Black man and a white woman kissing in front of a star of David with the hammer and sickle on the top point of the star. The caption reads “This could be your daughter”

    ID 2: The “good for her” meme with that woman holding a cupcake /end ID]

    Last night my dad was like "I think we need a revolution in this country, those in power should be lined up and shot" and I responded "well get on with it then, you've not got much to lose" cos for real buddy you're retired, you spend all day on the sofa playing solitaire, I have shit to do and would rather not have a baby in prison if the attempt fails


    what the fuck is happening. why are the govt not intervening?? a lot of energy companies announced they've tripled profits literally last week and somehow they're raising prices STILL?!


    In case it isn't obvious, the Tories do not care about ordinary people. They care about helping the rich get richer.

    Hope that helps.


    Those in power have forgotten that when you cruelly mistreat a people long enough eventually you'll reap what you've sown and karmic reteibution will come swinging back around they feel invincible behind the defenses of all their fancy gadgets and killing machines in the long run this will prove to be a misplaced delusional arrogance but it's very hard in the moment to convince those with armies at their backs that their rule is precarious and temporary people only regret it when they're under the guillotine and the facts prove the error of their ways history exhibits this truth but even the lessons of the past aren't enough to instill the proper fear of revolt to disuade them from tyranny cuz until it happens to them directly they'll always reply that they'll crush the rebels and the victory of the oppressed is impossible they can't allow themselves to believe anything else for the need to negotiate with equals would limit their absolute power to manifest their uncompromising will.


    Spirit Animal is racist.

    Patronus was invented by a transphobe.

    I think it’s time we all suck it up and say what we mean: fursona.


    When I was in college, I took a course on the local Native culture and language and I remember one day the topic of the spirit animal practice of the teacher’s tribe came up and he said something about how when he sees people he just knows what animal they are.  It was obvious to me you weren’t supposed to ask.  Like, it was sacred knowledge and being told what your animal was was important and ceremonial - a deep cultural thing that informed how they viewed themselves and others, not a casual bit of trivia - and he was just sharing that as another point about his tribes culture.  The class full of white girls all brightened and got SUPER excited, demanding to know what animal they were and “you can’t just say that and not tell me which animal I am ha ha” like he was an answer generator of a random quizilla online and he ended the class not much longer after that without really answering any questions. 

    The discomfort and instant regret on his face has stuck with me since.

    I’d respected the “don’t use Spirit Animal” advice prior to that because it made sense (don’t appropriate another culture), but more than anything before or since, that cemented my determination not to use anything “Spirit Animal” in any way.  Its talked around on the faceless, voiceless internet, but I think a lot of people see it as just the Native American version of Aesop’s fable with a hogwart’s house twist, so the message doesn’t quite sink is as it should.   It isn’t a casual practice, it’s important. 

    Animals having some kind of special property, spirituality, soul, or connection to a person is a very general human belief.  It appears naturally in literally every culture in every corner of the world.   The concept is very intuitive.  You see an octopus scurrying across the ocean floor and feel a distinct kinship to it, you vibe with the energy it’s putting out and feel it represents YOU in a way words can’t really express.  You find a gif of an octopus scrunching it’s limbs into little curliques as it decides if the gloved hand coming toward it is acceptable and reblog it.  Your post just says “it me”, and everyone gets it.  Sometimes the concept is super casual like an octopus gif or common folklore (black cats/dogs are bad luck), other times it’s a very solemn religious-type belief.

    The specific (solemn) incarnation of this in Native American culture has been unfortunately lifted up as the typical version of this and is sadly what most people seeking information out (casually) will find first.  You’ll find lists of what Native peoples define the spiritual energy/voice/essence of that animal is and quizzes and decks themed off them made by people who’ve probably never spoken to a person from that culture.  Even though the people in those cultures have said you can’t do that.

    There are so many other cultures that would be fine with it, though.  You can use the concept of animals having a spirit/essence/energy to connect with and call on without utilizing and cherry picking the ceremony and culture of Native Americans. 

    “Spirit Animal” is an unfortunately general-sounding term, but you can skip over websites, books and decks that use “Spirit Animal” and look for the ones that use other terms.

    Animal Spirit, Animal Kin, Animal Guide, Spirit Guide, Spirit of the Animals, Animal Guardian, Animal Protector, Power Animal, Familiar, daemon etc.   All work fine to describe the concept you’re looking for.

    Or, yes, fursona works too.