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    Actually she sued because they made claims they were using real fruit to make the cereal, thus appearing healthier than it was. She sued them for falsely advertising they were using real fruit and the company tried to make her look dumb so they were the ones claiming she thought a crunchberry was real when she was trying to fight for them to be punished for using all artificial ingredients when they said they were using natural ones

    99.98% of the time if you hear about a person sueing over something stupid, it’s really just the company’s lawyers and marketing team twisting the truth.

    2 dudes, chillin in open graves, 5 feet apart cause they’re not gay


    This is actually an art piece by Miller & Shellabarger where they dug graves connected by a tunnel so they could hold hands. They are very much gay and irl married

    out of all the explanations, two gay husbands making a gay art piece was defiantly not on my list  

    two dudes, chillin in open graves, holding hands through a tunnel cuz they are gay

    In honor of vulture awareness day, let me ask you a question.

    Do you love vultures?

    You should.

    Here’s why:

    1, They are simultaneously the most majestic, and the most f*cking derpy of birbs. Observe -


    2. THEY’RE SO FUCKING BADASS. We all know that they eat dead things. Eww, right? Wrong. They’re capable of digesting fucking rabies, cholera, hundreds of strains of bacteria that would straight up kill your ass given the chance. They deserve ALL of the respect, but they don’t get any, because ‘eww they eat dead things’. 

    3. THEY ARE FUCKING AMAZING AT WHAT THEY DO - Some of the highest flying birds ever recorded, with amazing eyesight and smell. Vultures are highly specialised - yes, that means they sometimes have bald heads. So what? People are all over sphinx cats and those semi-hairless dogs.

    4. If you think they’re ugly, well, look at these precious babs and tell me you still don’t feel anything:


    I have more reasons, but, look, I’ll just get straight to the point: 


    Populations of some vultures have fallen more than 90% in the last 20 years, and that’s scary as fuck. Reasons for this range from livestock carcasses being contaminated with certain drugs, to poachers killing them off because vultures give them away. But whatever the reasons, they’re dying off fast, and we need to act before it’s too late. We need to help protect them and conserve them as much if not more than some of the ‘cuter’ endangered creatures. 

    So what can you do? Here are some useful links if you want to learn more:











    Please consider helping our seldom appreciated vulture buddies, either by donating, or even just by helping to change their bad reputation!! 

    They really are amazing birds ~ thank you for sticking with my long-ass post 


    Where I live they are protected, and come in DROVES. They are really cool birds to watch.

    Much more inquisitive than birds of live prey.  They investigate.  I’d like to set up a photo blind for them next year.

    That Egyptian vulture with the rock in its mouth is the most adorable and charismatic thing i’ve seen in weeks. What a quality dinosaur. What a good, lovely bird. All of these good, lovely birds <3

    I’m so glad i get to see some living near me.

    Vultures are so good! Condors are precious too, they mate for life and they are so dedicated to their baby that they only tend to one at a time which is why it’s such a process to get them to raise two! I love vultures so much! Best birbs!

    Excellent post but isn’t the last chick a fulmar?

    Very close! That last chick is actually a giant petrel. I was sort of confused to see a sea bird chick in this lineup. Giant petrels are scavengers and are sometimes described as “oceanic vultures”. However, they’re in the family Procellariidae while New World vultures are in the family Cathartidae and Old World Vultures are in the subfamilies Aegypiinae and Gypaetinae. 

    For anyone wondering, that photo of the giant petrel chick was taken by William G. Conway and featured on his blog, Wild View.