- during (yet another) 2am fire alarm at the dorms -

Class 1a: *all standing outside in their pyjamas*

Denki: ope, there he goes again, looking for something soft to use as a pillow *watching Shouto sleepily walk around their little group*

Hanta: *snickering as he begins to walk towards Katsuki, eyes falling shut*

Katsuki: what the- get the fuck away from me, Halfie *attempting to push the teen away from him*

Shouto: *eyes still shut as he bats his hands away easily and presses his face into Katsuki’s chest*

Katsuki: *freezes*

Denki: huh, looks like someone thinks your boobs are soft and good for sleeping on

Class 1a: *quietly laughing through their exhaustion*


Mina: shhh!! You’ll wake the baby!

Katsuki: what fucking baby-

Shouto: *softly snoring and nuzzling deeper into Katsuki’s chest*

Katsuki: *freezes again, lowering his hands cautiously*

Hanta: you might wanna keep him warm

Katsuki: *glaring and hissing* he’s got a fucking fire quirk I don’t need to do-

Shouto: *mumbling something in his sleep and turning his head, messing up his hair cutely*


Katsuki: *slowly wraps his arms around him*

Shouto: *stops mumbling and hums contentedly at the warmth surrounding his body*

Katsuki: *looking up and glaring daggers at the three* tell him I did this when he wakes up and you’re all roadkill

Denki: *putting his hands up in surrender* hey, no, you can trust us

Hanta: *smirking* we’re the good guys, buddy

Mina: *sneakily taking a picture on her phone from her dressing robe pocket* yeah, we wouldn’t betray you like that

- bonus! -

Izuku: *sidling up inconspicuously next to Mina* *whispers* I’ll pay you for 3 physical and digital copies of those photos you just took of Kacchan and Todoroki *showing the money in his hand*

Mina: *eyes gleaming as she takes it* you got yourself a deal, Midoriya

Katsuki: *still cuddling Shouto* what are you two fuckers whispering about?

Mina and Izuku: nothing!