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    Hello everyone!

    A few years ago, I wrote a little kagehina story. I decided to rewrite it. It was my first time writing, and I think I can do better now. Also, I’m doing some drawings to accompany the story.

    I'm also thinking of adding something at the end because some readers asked for a continuation lol

    Meanwhile, if you want to read "Camino a casa" you can find it at this link. The language is Spanish.


    woman yelling at cat meme but make it ancient greek red figure pottery


    From ancient to abstract, this one sure got around.

    Japanese one made no sense to me until I finally saw the “sale sale/sasa lele” version. セール セール。 But then it’s a meme so it has to be misspelled?  🤷‍♂️



    Shouto liked Katsuki.
    Everyone knew it. Katsuki knew it.
    It was a secret to no one. Except for Shouto himself.

    He really didn't know what he was feeling. He just knew that he wanted to talk to Katsuki more, hold his hand...

    And then it happened, during the New Year's Eve party with his UA friends.
    He just wanted to have a little chat with Katsuki. Be the object of his voice once again.
    He called and the blond answered.
    What should he say? Maybe ask if he would let him touch his hair, or fix his crooked shirt , or...

    I like you?

    His mind went blank. He heard his own words come out of his mouth without his permission, and he didn’t know that disconcert him anymore, the meaning of them or that they had been a question.

    He had no more time to start a thought when Katsuki jumped into his arms and began kissing him.

    ~~ HAPPY NEW YEAR ~~

    - during (yet another) 2am fire alarm at the dorms -

    Class 1a: *all standing outside in their pyjamas*

    Denki: ope, there he goes again, looking for something soft to use as a pillow *watching Shouto sleepily walk around their little group*

    Hanta: *snickering as he begins to walk towards Katsuki, eyes falling shut*

    Katsuki: what the- get the fuck away from me, Halfie *attempting to push the teen away from him*

    Shouto: *eyes still shut as he bats his hands away easily and presses his face into Katsuki’s chest*

    Katsuki: *freezes*

    Denki: huh, looks like someone thinks your boobs are soft and good for sleeping on

    Class 1a: *quietly laughing through their exhaustion*

    Katsuki: THEY’RE NOT BOOBS-

    Mina: shhh!! You’ll wake the baby!

    Katsuki: what fucking baby-

    Shouto: *softly snoring and nuzzling deeper into Katsuki’s chest*

    Katsuki: *freezes again, lowering his hands cautiously*

    Hanta: you might wanna keep him warm

    Katsuki: *glaring and hissing* he’s got a fucking fire quirk I don’t need to do-

    Shouto: *mumbling something in his sleep and turning his head, messing up his hair cutely*


    Katsuki: *slowly wraps his arms around him*

    Shouto: *stops mumbling and hums contentedly at the warmth surrounding his body*

    Katsuki: *looking up and glaring daggers at the three* tell him I did this when he wakes up and you’re all roadkill

    Denki: *putting his hands up in surrender* hey, no, you can trust us

    Hanta: *smirking* we’re the good guys, buddy

    Mina: *sneakily taking a picture on her phone from her dressing robe pocket* yeah, we wouldn’t betray you like that

    - bonus! -

    Izuku: *sidling up inconspicuously next to Mina* *whispers* I’ll pay you for 3 physical and digital copies of those photos you just took of Kacchan and Todoroki *showing the money in his hand*

    Mina: *eyes gleaming as she takes it* you got yourself a deal, Midoriya

    Katsuki: *still cuddling Shouto* what are you two fuckers whispering about?

    Mina and Izuku: nothing!

    Crooked Wings - Chapter 2

    Here the first pages of the second part of my comic.

    I’m not able to define the brushes and my drawing style well ... so you will see style changes ... sorry :(

    I have more pages drawn on paper, but I don't have much time to do them in digital ... it seems that this will be a slow job xD

    Please, enjoy it!

    Part 2



    Lo perdido nunca jamás vuelve, pero quiz… (on Wattpad) https://my.w.tt/TZlzd86Bg1 Para evadirse de la dura realidad que vive su familia, Hinata acude a su lugar especial en medio de la naturaleza. Allí conoce a un extraño chico. Su primer encuentro es brusco y poco amistoso, pero las cosas cambiarán para mejor, tanto en la vida de Hinata, como en la nueva relación.

    Nuevo capítulo!