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    Endeavour: Shouto, we need to talk.

    Todoroki: *sighs* What is it?

    Endeavour: *frowns* It's about your...friend.

    Todoroki: *quirks a brow* I know Midoriya can be quite unsettling when he begins to mumble, but I don't think that-

    Endeavour: Not him. The blond one. His behavior is unacceptable! Does he have no respect for his elders?!

    Endeavour: He is the rudest child I have ever come across!

    Endeavour: You have your moments, but that boy is out of control! *crosses arms* You have to talk to him!

    Endeavour: I mean just look at him! *points over to Bakugou who is sitting silently in a chair* I've never felt so disrespected in my life!


    Todoroki: But...he's just sitting there. He hasn't said a word to you all day.



    Todoroki: *looks over to Bakugou who has now crossed his legs*

    Endeavour: *points* SEE?! DO YOU SEE THE WAY HE IS LOOKING DOWN ON ME, SHOUTO?!?!?!


    Bakugou: *blinks slowly*


    Todoroki: *slowly backing away out of the room*

    Midoriya: Oh! There you are, Todoroki! Have you seen Kacchan-?

    Todoroki: *quickly drags Midoriya down the hall* He's having a conversation with my father. We shouldn't interrupt.

    Bakugou: *yawns into his hand*

    Endeavour: *screeches*

    Midoriya: *worried* A-Are you sure we should leave him alone with your dad? He sounds kind of upset...Kacchan isn't the most...respectful guy around.

    Todoroki: *completely unbothered* I'm sure everything will be fine.


    Todoroki: Hey, do you think it's too soon to ask Bakugou to marry me?

    Midoriya: *chokes on air*


    The 3 big fans of All Might in Endeavor's agency... Oh please.

    I LOVE the idea, but I don't think It will come true.

    I think Midoriya want but he will find someone to help him... I don't see how he can develop his new skills with Endeavor.

    And Bakugou... I don't feel like he likes Endeavor, and more important... He doesn't want to feel like he owes one to half and half. BUT, he won't have alternative, and Todoroki will be like... "Oh, so you have decided to come".


    wow the new chapter was great on so many accounts

    i’ll just leave you with this:

    maybe “you also have two quirks” can be the new “are you all might’s secret love child or something”

    i better start making ‘two quirks’ jokes now

    the funniest thing is he again buys deku’s explanation without question like how much do you have to trust him to do that

    Bakugou nailed it here: Todoroki’s guesses are always half-accurate, half-really-off. Todoroki himself is half-majestic-powerful and half-total-meme. He half-wants-to-text-Endeavor and half-doesn’t 

    Save a Horse || Chapter 9

    TodoBaku // Ongoing // 6100 words // NSFW

    “Hey, read this line to me,” Bakugou asks, holding his finger under a quote that Todoroki is already familiar with. One that stuck with him after he was long done with his dabble in religion. He almost laughs at the relevance of it.

    “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” Todoroki reads aloud, leaning into Bakugou so he can quote accurately in the dim light. “In due time their foot will slip; their day of disaster is near and their doom rushes upon them.”

    “Everyone will repent at the hands of God?”

    “Eventually.” Todoroki nods.

    “And if God is too busy with all the millions of other sinners damming this hell of a country?”

    “Then I guess we take matters into our own hands.” 

    Bakugou’s Original name was NOT “BAKUGOU”!!!!


    Inside volume 3 cover, revealed the original, the real beta version of whom we all know and love as Bakugou Katsuki, written as 爆豪 勝己 Met Gougou Katsuki, written 轟郷  勝己 

    The note on the right is as follow: 

    “When I had to think of an image and costume design for “Katsuki”, this was what I came up with. He’s like the ‘original’. As you can see, his costume is kind of plain isn’t it? That’s why from this image, we redesigned him around 3~4 times until Katsuki became who he is in the manga today”. 

    Gougou does not really hold much meaning and I believed it to be quite random. THe name literally means “loud/rumbling/thundering hometown/countryside” 

    This is just confusing and I’m glad they change his name. *phew*

    Extra note: 

    轟郷 = gougou 

    轟 = todoroki;  焦凍  = shouto 

    Originally, Bakugou had the same kanji in his name as Todoroki. We’d have known they were siblings! (lol) 


    If you combine Bakugou’s “Baku” (爆) and Todoroki ( 轟), you get this word

    爆轟 —–  This is read as “bakugou”, not “bakutodo”! YES! SURPRISE!!! 

    This is alternative writing to the Bakugou’s family name. The meaning is to “detonate” or “detonation”! 


    i never talk about these things but i can’t remain silent.

    i know tumblr doesn’t give a SHIT when things happen in countries outside the “most popular ones” (such as the usa & england). it’s true, don’t lie to me. y’all don’t give A FUCK. not every issue and problem in said countries gets the appropriate exposure but in general shit shows up on the news WORLD FREAKING  WIDE. you set up donations, you help out, your spread the word, you say “pray for x”……

    southern europe is burning.

    my country is burning.

    people are dying - at home, on the road, trying to run away, in their cars.

    yesterday my country had 300 active fires.

    people are losing EVERYTHING they own.

    i have a friend that is on a train right now passing through places that have been burnt to the ground and she says the smoke is so intense it’s getting inside the train and she can barely breathe.

    and yet, even though several people (myself included) have been trying to bring awareness to what has been happening in southern europe… what we get from most of you, those not part of the countries suffering, is silence. we don’t ask for money, we don’t ask for shit other than a reblog to spread awareness… something you can delete in 24/48hrs if you wish. 

    i don’t know what to tell you. i’m angry. i’m frustrated. i’m disappointed. i feel like i’m screaming into the void. “a reblog does nothing” - you know that’s a damn lie, you know exposure always helps, you know people start paying attention when posts on social media become popular. my country in particular is a small one, we get ZERO exposure. y’all are only starting to figure out we even fucking exist bc of the shit we’ve been winning lately. 

    but hell, if the EU doesn’t give a shit, why should some user on tumblr dot com?

    again, i don’t know what to tell you so i’ll let the images speak for themselves: 


    An image captured by a Nasa satellite shows a thick plume of smoke blowing southward from the Greek island of Chios over the island of Crete


    Torneros de Jamuz, Spain


    Duca, Croatia


    A helicopter from Italy’s civil protection service drops water on a fire near the railway between Venice and Trieste


    Residents take refuge on the beach as a wildfire burns on the mountain next to the village of Lithi, on the Greek island of Chios


    Men gather cattle during a forest fire in Vieira de Leiria, Marinha Grande, Portugal.


    Charred trees are seen on the hills above the Cloister of Thivaidas on Mount Athos, a World Heritage Site in Greece




    This is fucking important. I am glad someone fucking spoke about this and said what they had to say. The damage is terrible, and all the evergreen, stone, even the ground is black. I was fucking terrified when Croatia was burning. The fire was near a village where I like and I thought it will burn down. I thought the church will burn down. I thought the cemetery where my grandpa is buried will burn. I still remember the smell of smoke, and when I went to check how bad is fire, my clothes and hair and skin all stunk of smoke. It didn’t go away for weeks.

    This is NASA’s picture of Croatia and Montenegro burning. My fucking country was burning. Fucking reblog this. I don’t care that it isn’t UK or US, or that it doesn’t go with your blog, fucking. Reblog. It.


    Not my blog type, I dont care.


    God please stay safe everyone, take care


    A perfect example what is wrong with the media. I can’t recall hearing about it in the German news.


    I had nightmares like this when I was little.


    Dear gods this is horrible!


    The world is on fire, literally and metaphorically.


    Hello please don’t blame individuals for their country’s news outlets refusing to cover things. This is awful and we do care, we just need to be told it’s happening.


    This shit is happening and our “news” outlets deign to report on such inconsequential things as the shenanigans of celebrities instead, and it is INFURIATING.


    even countries like sweden are struggling with forest fires rn its literally so hot and dry atm and not supposed to change for at least another week so pretty much all of continental europe is preparing for the worst


    Fire is one of the worst disasters that exist. It is unstoppable.

    I have experienced it first hand in my own village less than a year ago, here in Spain. I fought with my neighbors to control the flames, because turning them off was impossible.

    You can't breathe and the air burns. Now the ashes contaminate the water. The damage to the ecosystem lasts for many years.

    Here, unfortunately, 4 people died. But fortunately it could be much worse.

    EU gave us money. Okay. Money. To replant the lands. But what? These fires were provoked. For money of course. If they didn’t give us money and help us with other things (workforce, materials, tools ...) I’m sure that many fires wouldn’t happen. But to give money is easier.

    Our own media barely talked about it (it was more important to talk about politics as always). I was very angry then. However, they are paying attention to Greece now.

    Those who are still fighting the flames, be careful and stay safe.

    Remember that your life is the most important thing.

    After the Moon, There’s now a star name Bakugou Katsuki

    Not long ago, the fandom of My Hero Academia celebrated the event as part of the land of the moon named after Bakugou Katsuki. Now, someone has officially named a star Bakugou Katsuki, with official coordinate from the Online Star Register. 


    See it for yourself here

    Who bought it? Of course it’s a Japanese fan. They tweeted on Twitter 



    Bakugou’s fan, Japanese fans especially, is OUT OF THIS WORLD. 

    Literally. First the moon, now a star. (I can’t be anymore happy)

    What do you think about this? Please be respectful in the comment!