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2021-03-07 11:47:47

    Hello everyone!

    A few years ago, I wrote a little kagehina story. I decided to rewrite it. It was my first time writing, and I think I can do better now. Also, I’m doing some drawings to accompany the story.

    I'm also thinking of adding something at the end because some readers asked for a continuation lol

    Meanwhile, if you want to read "Camino a casa" you can find it at this link. The language is Spanish.

    Today’s Third Years (x) 

    The theme is: Connect.

    The video opens with Ken-chan telling Justin, “Justin!  We’ll come see you, we will!”  Justin then announces that this will be the final “today’s third-years” video with these members.  Ken-chan says that he had planned not to cry, but Hiroki chimes in that they’ll definitely cry.  They start counting how many total Engeki Haikyuu performances they’d done, and Ken-chan thinks of all the many times they’ve cheered each other on, high-fived each other, hugged each other… and how he’ll never forget this experience for the rest of his life.   Justin says that the three of them will always be a third-year team, but that he’ll be continuing on a little bit further, doing his best to make up for the two that are leaving.   Ken-chan tells Justin to continue the “Today’s Third-Year” video tradition!  And then they say goodbye.