Shouto liked Katsuki.
Everyone knew it. Katsuki knew it.
It was a secret to no one. Except for Shouto himself.

He really didn't know what he was feeling. He just knew that he wanted to talk to Katsuki more, hold his hand...

And then it happened, during the New Year's Eve party with his UA friends.
He just wanted to have a little chat with Katsuki. Be the object of his voice once again.
He called and the blond answered.
What should he say? Maybe ask if he would let him touch his hair, or fix his crooked shirt , or...

I like you?

His mind went blank. He heard his own words come out of his mouth without his permission, and he didn’t know that disconcert him anymore, the meaning of them or that they had been a question.

He had no more time to start a thought when Katsuki jumped into his arms and began kissing him.