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    Protection of property and prevention of theft have never been a priority for police. Even when they do show up hours after you've called to report a robbery, their response is generally, "well, what do you want me to do about it?"

    People talk about defunding the police like society will suddenly devolve into lawless chaos, but what exactly do cops do besides hand out tickets and escalate situations they're meant to defuse?

    For anyone who doesn't know what's going on in Canada right now (which, let's be real, is probably everyone who's not in Canada):

    This week, a mass grave was discovered at a former Indian Residential School, in Kamloops, BC. The grave contained the bodies of 215 Indigenous children.

    For people outside of North America, residential schools were places that Indigenous children were sent to, to have their language and culture stripped away from them. They were literally stolen from their families, and scattered across Canada, to ensure that they would be surrounded by children who didn't speak their language. They were given Christian names and forced to speak English. They were horrendously abused, and the survivors have been traumatized.

    Hundreds of children never returned. The assumption has always been that they died. This has now been confirmed.

    The school in Kamloops closed in 1978. They are now trying to identify bodies to inform family members. The last residential school closed in the 1990s. There is growing demand to search all of them, but the government hasn't responded to that, as of yet. Ottawa JUST gave in to pressure to fly the Canada flag at half mast. They weren't even going to do that.

    This is the reality if anti-Indigenous racism in Canada. The residential schools may be closed, but that hasn't stopped the abduction of Indigenous children, let alone the hundreds of missing and murdered Indigenous women.


    I hate to talk about something so extremely severe but I just need to say it. I know the whole “why is nobody talking about this” thing is annoying but I really am starting to feel like I’m going insane over the fact that Tennessee recently passed a law (PASSED IT, not suggested it, not considering it, it’s FINALIZED) stating that businesses have to put up a WARNING SIGN if they are supportive of transgender people. A public warning sign stating that they allow trans people to use their facilities. And I’ve seen almost basically mainstream acknowledgment of it at all, anywhere. Just other trans people expressing their fear and anger. Can we maybe acknowledge that for like, how deeply horrifying that actually is.


    Something really has to be done. Over this year we have seen a record amount of anti-LGBT laws passed since all of American history. Yes, all American history. What’s happening in Tennessee is horrifying, and the anti-trans homelessness bill was horrifying, and the Florida trans student-athlete bill is horrifying, and it is integral that we keep track of these things because it does not look like these politicians plan on stopping any time soon. The pandemic has given Republican lawmakers a distraction from the human rights violations they’re committing and they’re running full-force with it.

    ESPECIALLY if you’re cis, you should be sharing this stuff. It’s no surprise that more than half of surveyed trans youth have contemplated suicide in the last year, partially due to the targeted policies against trans people.

    I know you’re all tired of hearing this but WRITE TO YOUR LAW MAKERS. PLAN PROTESTS. It doesn’t have to be huge, guys. A group of 3-5 people with signs is enough to make an impact. Things aren’t going to get better until we actually go out there and show that there is pushback.

    Yesterday, Israel bombed one of the biggest bookshops in Gaza. The Samir Mansour bookshop was one of the few publishing houses in Gaza as well. I saw a video of the owner of the bookshop fighting tears and talking about how much this bookshop meant to him and how he used to skip meals to be able to save money to get this bookshop going. This bookshop was part of the Kahil building which had various stores and offices.

    In another video that was circulating, a guy from Gaza was explaining why Israel targets these buildings and towers. Every day you hear about a building targeted and leveled. He explains that these towers have been the main destination for the youth of Gaza as they usually contain coffee shops, bookshops, restaurants, educational and learning centres. So by destroying them, Israel is destroying memories and any potential for communal relationships. 

    This is what we mean when we say Israel is not only committing a full blown genocide as we have been witnessing publicly for days now, with over 200 deaths in the span of a week (as of May 19, 2021), but also this other form of incremental genocide that has been ongoing for decades; even when Israel isn’t bombing Gaza on a daily basis, there has always been an effort to erase Palestinian history and culture, from appropriating tatreez and the Palestinian cuisine to destroying literary works.

    Highly recommend watching The Great Book Robbery documentary for more on that as it goes into the details about Israel’s appropriation of Palestinian books during the Nakba.

    Erasing culture is an essential component of settler-colonialism, and what Israel is targeting in Gaza right now is by no means coincidental or “accidental”.