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    Anon Request Part 3/3

    Vergil x Reader

    47. Staying up half the night to finish a game with them.


    “How are you still not finished this?” You perked up from your seat when you heard Vergil’s surprised tone.  

    “Oh you’re back!” You casually replied, eyes on the TV screen as you navigated your controller to block an incoming attack from the enemy. 

    Vergil moved from where he stood to sit next to you on the sofa. He still hadn’t let go of his gaze on you. “Have you even stop to eat?”

    “I did.” Feeling his gaze boring into your skull, you paused the game and turned to look at him. “Vergil, I did. I made chicken sandwiches for dinner, even made one for you too.” You gestured your head to the kitchen counter, and Vergil followed your gaze. He left out a grumble when he saw the sandwich on top of it. “See. It’s not like I’ve been gaming all the time to the point of not eating. Come on. You know I always stuff myself with food when I’m hungry.”

    He rolled his eyes when he heard that, accepting your explanation as he took a book. You scooted closer to him to greet him fully. You didn’t even expected to see him back so soon.

    “Since you’re back: Have you had your dinner?”

    At that question, Vergil’s body tensed a bit. This time, it was your turn to roll your eyes at him. 

    “And here you are lecturing me about food.”

    “I can go on without food just fine unlike you” He countered.

    “I know but you still have to eat, hybrid or not, your human part needs the nourishment too. Now, go eat!” You lectured him back and when he was about to reply, you quickly added: “I already made it for you too. Don’t make it go to waste!”

    “Fine” he begrudgingly stood and made his way to the kitchen. Smirking to yourself, you continued playing the game. You were currently in stealth mission before Vergil arrived and you had to pause your game, so you had to go through the objectives again in order to refresh your mind. 

    When Vergil came back with a plate of chicken sandwich and two glasses of water, you were already in the killing zone, using your sword to parry and attack the enemies that were trying to invade your homeland.

    Vergil, having watched prologue of the game before, asked you the progress of the story, the plot and your current objectives. You happily obliged and answered all of his questions. During one of the cutscenes before the fight, you sneaked a glance at him, and saw Vergil very much engrossed with the whole confrontation scene, that his sandwich appeared to be momentarily forgotten. You smiled as you focused back on screen to prepare for the battle.


    “You clicked the button too fast. You should have parried it first before you strike with your combo” Vergil commented. The screen showed the image of your character being killed before it loaded back to the previous checkpoint.

    “Aaaaaaaa. I know!! But I was panicking and that guy moves so fast! My fingers can’t keep up!” You whine, fingers hurt from the constant button smashing.

    You let out a frustrated sigh as you had been repeating this duel for more than 10 times.  Every time you thought you were about to win, the enemy managed to recover and instantly killed you. And here you thought your character was stronger than the rest after completing part 2 of the main storyline. 

    “I believe you should rest now and continue the duel tomorrow. It’s already late now.” Vergil suggested.

    “Crap, really?!” You looked up at the clock. “Shit it’s 2 in the morning. How did I not realise-”

    “You were too focused on the game.” Vergil took the controller from your hand, and clicked on the menu screen to save the game before exiting. “And the plot was too interesting to stop halfway.” You realised those words was meant for himself, who didn’t even deny that he liked the game you are playing. 

    He switched off the PS4 and put the controller down on the rack. He then pulled you up from the sofa. “That’s enough for tonight. You need to sleep.”

    “Alright.” You lazily said as he guided you to your shared bedroom. “I continue it tomorrow”

    He paused and you looked up to him, confused. Vergil was contemplating for a bit. “If you don’t mind,” he began, “May I try playing it during the duel?”

    “Of course!” you laughed as his words finally sunk. Apparently the game had intrigued him so much that it made him want to try it. “Show me your skill you huge samurai dork!”