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    Redeeming Vader AU - Masterpost

    set about five years after the end of RoTS; in which anakin/vader was somewhat less incapacitated and dependent on the suit than canon

    status: ongoing (as of may 12, 2021: hiatus, please don’t ask me whether im gonna continue it, i definitely am)

    comic installments:

    one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten

    eleven (in progress)

    side artworks:

    petit prince

    anakin doodle



    Boba: Oh! Look! Luke Skywalker!

    Din (looking around): Where? Where?!

    Boba: Hahaha... you believed it!! Hahaha!


    Boba: Sorry, it's just so funny when you thirst after that blonde twink.

    Din: Get out! I thought that he was here to tell me something bad happened to Grogu.

    Boba: Mando, Grogu's in your arms right now. He's on his Jedi school spring break since last week.

    Din: Yeah, I thought you wouldn't notice. But let me tell you I DON'T THIRST AFTER THAT KRIFFING JEDI TWINK!

    Luke: Uh... Hello Mand'alor...

    Boba: Oh, right! Remember when I told you Luke Skywalker was here? Yeah, that wasn't a joke.

    Thought it’d be fun to design cover art for some of my fave multi-chapter Dinluke fics!

    I don’t have any plans beyond the sketches, I hope the authors like them as they are;;

    Where Hope is Persevering by @thewriterowl

    “Then what are you? They were looking for a Jedi.” The blaster remained locked on his face.

    “I…” Don’t know. He wasn’t a Sith, his eyes never turned and he found fighting out of anger and hate towards another life something that wasn’t in him. But he wasn’t a Jedi either. He wasn’t anything.

    Luke has been living in Vader and the Emperor’s hands for years until a call in the Force pushes him to escape and find a special child and his magnetic father who has a call from destiny of his own.

    The Father the Son and the Exile by @sushiburritonoms

    Din looked at the figure on the monitor for a moment and then opened his mouth to ask someone to open the doors--but then the Jedi moved first. It turned off its sword and returned it to its side. It stood there, facing the doors, its cloak bobbing up and down with its breaths. For a second, Din thought it was about to use its abilities to force the doors open.

    Then the Jedi abruptly turned and stalked away, back up the hallway and towards the elevator.

    An alternate universe tale where Force visions warn Luke about Ben Solo several decades earlier but the consequences still force him to go on the run, this time directly into the path of Din Djarin.

    A Closed Book by @aureutr

    “Luke Skywalker,” He paused a beat, then his smile became absolutely blinding , “You’ve never heard of me?”

    “No.” Nor was Din interested.

    Canon divergence. There was no Seeing Stone on Tython and Din never met Luke on Gideon’s ship but circumstances still brought them together.

    Lost & Found by @jofngve

    Luke is not entirely sure how he is supposed to handle a situation like this.

    "Uh," the Mandalorian says, it fizzles through the modulator. The small girl he is holding in his arms looks up from where she has hidden her face in his neck. "Yeah, so this is Rey."

    Contents include: ideologically different pining idiots, space-travel-detective-work, and child-cloning-conspiracies.