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    In other news, ActiBlizz CEO Bobby Kotick and other corporate executives have been subpoenaed by the federal government, so there's that.


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    So apparently Post+ was not totally abandoned by the Tumblr group and is now on our radar

    Let me remind you that you cannot profit from fan fiction!!!!!! You cannot charge for characters that are under copyright protection. 

    Tumblr will not protect you if the giant mouse decides to come after you or if Netflix decides to make an example of you. You will be liable. 

    Please, please, do no put yourself behind a paywall and open yourself up to litigation. A lot of our doings are overlooked because we are not profiting from them. That paywall will change that. 


    In the data of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, a number of unused items are found. Almost all of them either have properly localized names, or are named “Invalid Item”, except for this one, which is called a fn0ów. The fn0ów is called a 星の石, or “Star Stone”, in the Japanese version of the game, but appears with this name in all other versions.

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    Item: fn0ów; 0g00T0U0D0~0Y0 á0 0>>0ü0 0o00K0 0g00T0U0D0!0Y0


    Literally anyone who’s read the results of any other time this experiment has been tried. Why are we still trying to prove the concept?


    Here’s the link if anyone wants it!



    We’re still trying to prove the concept because in the West, Big Business and their owners, The 1%, are screaming at the thought of having to give up a little money so everyone can get universal income that supports life - meaning jobs either have to pay you to put up with the literal shit or people can walk away from them without becoming homeless.


    Our entire system is basically based on people being so afraid of homelessness and starvation that they’ll accept any shit job for shit pay.


    Past experiments have shown that UBI:

    Increases high school graduation rates


    Domestic violence


    Emergency room visits related to mental health

    Road traffic accidents.

    All while not disincentivizing employment for most groups (the exceptions being high school students, who were able to focus on their studies, and new mothers…who were using it as maternity leave!)

    People, for the most part, want to work.

    UBI would allow us to expand the definition of “work.” If somebody can live off of UBI, then they can devote themselves to things which we don’t currently value financially such as the arts, raising children well, etc.

    And if somebody wants to stay home and play video games all day…then so be it. Not that many will.,..and of those who do most will probably find some way to make that into their “work,” whether by providing play throughs and tutorials or competing seriously.


    If somebody stops working all together as soon as they get UBI and stays home to play video games, they probably desperately needed a break.

    There are so many people who are struggling with mental and physical illnesses, and chronic pain, who are still breaking themselves working because they don’t have another option - because it can take years to get on disability, and it’s not enough to survive on, so people keep going as long as they possibly can.

    Even if it’s not a matter of disability, as such … people get burned out?

    We’re not really built to do school and work with minimal breaks to the extent that we do.

    Despite what our puritanical culture says, there’s no shame in needing a break.


    I’m disabled.

    If UBI was a thing, I would actually be able to work. There is probably a job out there I could do for a few hours a week, but because of SSDI’s draconian income limits, I would basically lose half my wages, meaning a minimum wage job would actually pay me HALF minimum wage.

    If UBI were a thing, I could go to school to learn a marketable skill. Right now, I can’t. They yank your benefits if you go to school too much because if you go to school, they think you can work. Even if you can only do it one class a semester, over years. As I understand it, the limit is over your lifetime. I can never get a degree in something like graphic design which would allow me to work in a field I love FROM HOME.

    If UBI were a thing, I could get married without losing my benefits. Also, right now, I am not even allowed to save up enough to pay for rings or a wedding, even if I do it over literal years.

    When you are disabled, the government forces you into a cramped, hopeless, mean little life. God forbid UBI be awarded to someone who doesn’t “deserve” it, though. We can’t have THAT. Lazy people are a crime worse than letting people struggle and starve.

    So yeah, fuck the United States.