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2020-03-07 06:43:37

    Pokemon 2019 Press Conference

    - Detective Pikachu game from the 3DS has a sequel announced for the Nintendo Switch. No release date announced.

    -Pokemon Home announced. Similar to Pokemon Bank, it shares Pokemon with 3DS, Switch, Pokemon Go app, and the Pokemon Bank as well. It will also have a trade feature on phones. It will be released sometime 2020.

    -No information on Pokemon Sword and Shield, but it will have more info on June 5th.

    -Pokemon Sleep announced for 2020 and being developed by Niantic. Not much information about game play, other than it will interact with a players sleep habits. It will interact with a new device called the Pokemon Go Plus +, it works similar to Pokemon Go Plus by signaling you when you are near a Pokemon and can track your sleep. Snorlax will appear in Pokemon Go to celebrate Pokemon Sleep.

    -DeNA new game Pokemon Masters, features all past and present Pokemon Trainers, such as Blue, Cynthia, Steven, Brock, and Misty. It will be released sometime in 2019. More information will be released this June.

    -Pokemon Shirt line has the original 151 Pokemon. You can mix and match designs to create an unique design. This online store will soon expand to Europe and North America.