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    I hate the whole backlash like ‘you say touch starved but you actually just mean horny’ NO I mean when I was getting my hair cut there was a moment where the hairdresser tilted my head to the side and the top of my head brushed his chest and my brain short circuited with endorphins because it thought I was being held


    Because casual, platonic affection is so taboo in our society that whenever anyone wants to hold a friend’s hand or snuggle on the couch, it is automatically assumed they must be after sex.  This is especially true if the person in question was socialized as a man. 


    relating all physical affection to sex really messes with people’s need for physical contact with others. it teaches us to isolate ourselves and deny ourselves critical interactions lest we be mistaken for pursuing sex. this is really isolating for people who are sex-indifferent, sex-repulsed, or asexual, but it affects everyone.


    An hour earlier she’d sighed and in a deceptively innocent voice mentioned, “I have to practice my poor shibari skills on someone.”

    Ever since their paths had first crossed he’d found himself enamored with this woman yet he could never find the time nor the words to make his feelings known. Okay, so maybe this was an unconventional opening, but it was an opening nonetheless.

    Summoning up his courage he replied, “Uhh, what about me?”

    Her eyes sparkled with intrigue. “Yes? What about you?,” her voice now playful and mischievous.

    “You could, you know, practice on me. I mean, if you wanted.”


    With each coil of rope bring looped and secured around him he could feel his freedom slowly slipping away. His arms… his legs… slowly but surely he was being rendered helpless, immobilized by her surprisingly skilled ropework.

    To his dismay though, his body was betraying him, wanting to convey his dark secret of how he longed to be under this woman’s control.

    At her mercy.

    All that spared him from his secret being revealed to her was that at least for the moment his traitorous, stiffening cock was hidden from her view, pinned uncomfortably beneath him.

    That was about to change though.

    The sight of this man being gradually transformed in to a trembling masterpiece of erotic art had her purring and alive with lust of her own. When she was finally satisfied she softly murmured, “There…. now, let’s turn you over.”

    His eyes closed in embarrassment but his body could offer no resistance as she turned the bound man over to his back. She smirked with delight when her gaze couldn’t help but go to his cock, already hard and aroused, twitching with anticipation and need for her.

    “Can you get free, baby? Can you get out of the ropes?,” she asked softly, her hands lightly roaming and grazing across his body.

    Shaking his head, he replied, “No.”

    “Try,” she urged.

    Her arousal mounted even more as she watched him pull futilely against the ropes, his muscles straining in a useless attempt to escape.

    After a moment he exhaled deeply, assuring her, “I can’t…. I promise.”

    “Mmmm,” she purred seductively. “Perfect.”

    Her fingers drifted lower, teasing and tracing maddeningly close to his cock which was stiffening even more, solely from the nearness of her touch. Looking down at him, she murmured, “Want to know something else I love to do? Besides my shibari hobby?”

    Swallowing hard, he nodded. “S-Sure.”

    Her voice dropped even softer, her eyes smoldering as she purred, “I love…. to tease men’s cocks.”

    “Oh…. my…. god….,” he whispered, a wave of dizziness passing through him.

    “I love to see how hard I can make them…. how long I can keep them that way….”, her voice low and wickedly seductive.

    She smirked at his whimper, adding, “…. I love to get a man’s cock to the point that it’s absolutely ready to burst… make him so desperate to cum he’d do absolutely anything for me….”

    “Oh god…..,” he groaned, his mind reeling.

    “… but, I don’t let him. I make him wait. I make him ache. I make him…. suffer.”

    “I can’t believe this…,” he whispered in a daze.

    Smirking down at him she taunted, “So then, what about you? Is that something you’d be willing to let me practice on you as well?”

    With his heart pounding and his body trembling, he nodded. “Y-yes, it is,” he managed to reply, his voice quivering.

    Gazing down at him with predatory lust, she purred, “Good boy,” and her lips began to slowly descend down his chest toward her defenseless target.

    Your impact on other people is bigger than you think. Someone still giggles when they think of that funny thing you said. Someone still smiles when they think of the compliment you gave them. Someone silently admires you. The advice you give has made a difference for people. The support and love you've offered others has made someone's day. Your input and opinions have made someone think twice. You're not insignificant and forgotten. Your existence makes a positive difference, whether you see it or not.