Proper White Femboy Étiquette To Treat Hung Black Boys

    As a white femboy your relationship with black men is that you’re their white bitch. Any time their strong hard masculine black cocks are deep in your ass, it reminds you who the superior race of males is and your place is beneath him with his dick balls deep in you, and every cum load that you feel him gushing inside of you proves he’s the dominant male and you’re a submissive girlie white boy. You are a black man’s sex toy. As you feel his cock fucking you, you know that you will forever be a white fuck slut in panties and heels chasing black cock. You can be friends and even decide a little if you want him fucking you. He doesn’t have to be a friend or even like you though. Maybe he doesn’t like you at all, but just wants to use you for a white sex bitch. He has sexual needs and you’re his to use, to be fucked and seeded when he wants to. Basically white bitch, just drop you panties like the white slut that you are supposed to be. 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You want to make him want to fuck you anytime he sees you. 3: You need a Queen of Spades tattoo or pendant. The Spades symbol with a Q in it and maybe even BBC. It lets some black boys know that you fuck black cock and encourages them to hit on you. Black boys that think with their dicks are who you want. No romance, just a lot of hard fucking. 4: You must mount your boy’s black cock bare always. If not you don’t deserve having his big dick in your ass. You must pleasure him and accept his cum inside you. You’re his cum dumpster and having his black seed in you is your way to acknowledge that you are his conquest to fuck when he pleases. Be a good bitch and take all his cum inside you. 5: Any day your black boys want to fuck, you have to seriously try to make time for fucking him that day. You’re his bitch and it’s expected and it’s just not polite to say no to him. When his dick is hard, you make the time to be fucked. He does have to give you girl time to freshen up, douche, dress and primp. 6: If your boys want to mount you somewhere in public, you should try your best to allow it. Mini skirts and a g-string allow fucking without undressing or even dropping panties. You may want to offer him a fucking position that conceals your coupling more. Maybe sitting on his dick with a skirt that will cover your mating without anyone seeing his black shaft in your ass. You have to ride his cock as best you can in awkward places and positions and coax him to cum in you before too long. Your ass grinding his crotch will get noticed at some point. Good for you if you don’t care who sees you grinding on him. Also see rule 7 and 8. 7: Mini skirts and a small g-string or panties split open in back are best for going out with your black boy. It’ll hold your boy clit from showing under your tiny skirts and make fucking convenient for him. 8: When your black boy unloads in your ass, never wipe away his cum as it’s dripping between your legs. It’s very unbecoming for a slut to wipe away her boy’s creampie. The further his cum runs down your legs is a sign of how much he appreciates you. And don’t worry that someone will notice the cum glistening on your inner thighs, or see some cum where you where sitting. It’s very unlikely. Plus the cum scent is just the best. 9: What if your boy shoots his load on your dress or face? Follow rule 6. Leave his cum where he put it slut. You never touch any cum he squirts on you unless you want to taste it. 10: Should you dedicate yourself to one boy? If he’s fucking you at least a couple times a week, it may be best to devote yourself to him. If he fucks you less than that, and you’ve found one or two other gorgeous black cocks aching to go balls deep in your ass, then bend over and ride them. Just keep track of your fuck sessions. It’s nice to have a few big black cocks pounding you every week, but you don’t want to have mix ups in your fuck date schedule. 11: What if your boy has black boy friends over and they want to fuck you? Be a gracious hostess. Drop your panties, pull up your skirt, bend over presenting your ass and let them all mount you at least once. It’s what the well mannered femboy would do. You’re the hostess and must please his friends. Remember that you have to fuck them all bareback and take all the cum they flood into you. Take pride in every new black cock that busts nut in your ass. 12: Always fuck on the first and make sure he cums in you. It makes the best impression. Your new black boy is more likely to come back. I hope these rules show you the great purpose that you have being a femboy of spades fuck doll. Not that you can have any more status than the number of black cocks that have pumped jizz into you. Black cocks are the finest breeders that there are and deserve to be satisfied every time one is buried deep in you. You should take great pride every time a black boy puts his hot sperm inside you. It’s his unspoken way of saying that you’re his sex doll and he has a good time using you when his balls are full and really needs a girl to put his load into. Remember that when he’s not putting his cum in you, he maybe impregnating white girls. You keep him in training for that and keep his fertile black seed flowing.