ledé gloves !

    inspired by the gloves kiana ledé wears in this vevo live performance! i tried to recreate them but i was already having a hard enough time as it is so i went for loosely inspired instead, lol.

    special thanks to @cookiesandcrumbs and @zeussim for their advice on using existing game clothing items for the frills (from this wip post) and @teanmoon for their help with the weights!!! thank you guys so so much!!!

    download & info @ patreon, 4 free!


    These gloves weren’t showing up in-game but I’ve fixed them so if you want to redownload them, the file is updated!!

    SERAPHIM: a Heroes of the Storm Tyrael head wing conversion by Valhallan

  • 5 seperate .packages or 1 merged package containing: small, medium and large wings for Teen - Elder, one for children and one for toddlers
  • Enabled for all genders
  • Found under Hats
  • Each version has all 75 swatches from @wildlyminiaturesandwich’ Sandwich Palette, plus the original swatch
  • Disabled for random, enabled for all occult (vampires, aliens, mermaids and spellcasters)
  • All custom thumbnails, correctly color flagged for easy finding
  • Credits: Blizzard for the original mesh, extracted from the game Heroes of the Storm. Model was extracted from the game by lezisell on deviantArt. I edited all of the textures and edited the 3D model itself to make it fit into the Sims 4. Made with the Sims 4 Studio.

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    🌟Aster, a 4 items set 🌟

    Did you thought I wouldn´t post anymore? You were WRONG!

    I am so in love with this set I made, specially with the bra 💖 I even made a special image for it 💖 Hope you guys enjoy it too!

    Base game compatible;

    👚 Celia Bra has 2 versions:

    an accessory version in Gloves;

    a top version in Tops;

    👚The Eloisa Top does not come with the bra underneath, you have to add the bra on the gloves category.

    👚 Every item contains 14 swatches;

    Make sure to tag me on your pictures so I can see all the amazing creations with my content!

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    inspo 1 / inspo 2






  • 45 SWATCH COLORS -18 plain colors by ea and 27 from my Candy Color Palette

  • 50 SWATCH COLORS - 30 solid colors and 20 patterns
  • If you use my cc in a lookbook tag me at #candysims4 or mention me at @candysims4, I’ll love to see your sim using my cc and of course I’ll reblog your post and add to my “lookbook with my cc” page.

    All the photos are taken in-game, without HQ mod.

    Recolors please read my T.O.U. first.


    PUBLIC RELEASE 05/10 (05th October)

    Two download options, Simfileshare or The Sims Resouce.

    Are not you a Patron? Become one HERE! In addition to the early access (from 1 to 3 weeks) you can download all my items without ads, support my work, download complete collections on a single link and more.

    Thanks to all cc creators that i used in the pic.
    And thanks for@maxismatchccworld, @love4sims4, @cchunters and everybody who reblog this post! With your help more people are able to know my work! <3

    Vroni Dress

    Hey everyone!

    Today I bring you the Vroni dress. The top (from a dress by the wonderful @sifix, linked below) reminded me of traditional-ish dresses, so I gave my edit a traditional name. It mostly functions as a day dress, but it might work as a walking dress in the summer.

  • 35 swatches
  • BGC
  • High-ish poly
  • Contains parts from @sifix's Mathea dress


  • Please do NOT claim as yours.
  • Do NOT put behind paywalls.
  • Do NOT reupload.
  • DO recolor (without the mesh please!)
  • DO use for mesh edits
  • PLEASE give proper credit
  • HAVE a good time
  • cc: @maxismatchccworld @mmoutfitters @maxismatch ♥

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    [Lonelyboy] TS4 1920s Party Fashion Set 01

    —————- —————- —————- —————-

    Included contents :

  • lonelyboy_ts4_1920s Evening Dress_06 (Outfit, 11 swatches, For female)
  • lonelyboy_ts4_1920s Headwear 01 (Hat, 11 swatches, For female)
  • lonelyboy_ts4_1920s Party Fur Coat 01 (Ring, 6 swatches, For female)
  • —————- —————- —————- —————-



    ┖ (EARLY ACCESS  ~ Become public on May 9. KST)

    —————- —————- —————- —————-

    !※! T.O.U

  • Recoloring my CC is OKAY. But do not include my mesh. And I’ll appreciate if you tag me on your recolor CC post.
  • Do not Re-upload. DO NOT STEAL MY CC.
  • 1896 puffy spring dress

    Hi everyone!

    The moment I saw this beautiful dress from May 1896 I knew that as soon as May arrives, I’ll have to make it. I feel like I still didn’t do those sleeves justice - they are too extra to replicate them properly! Still, I think those are the biggest sleeves I’ve ever seen on a TS4 outfit, so mission at least partially accomplished.

    I started off with striped swatches, per original picture, but got bored with them quickly and switched to floral patterns instead. Therefore, watch out: the dress comes in two standalone, separate packages! I had to split them, as both designs needed slightly different uv maps to look any good. Keep that in mind if you want to recolour!

    The striped package comes in 13 swatches, the patterned one - in 20:

    Also, the colours of the stripes have been chosen especially to go well with Ruffle hat by @acanthus-sims​ and 1890s hat by @simsfromthepast​. The patterns are just me having fun with pretty stuff ;). I guess most of them come from Annett’s page?

  • polycount: ca. 7K for LOD0
  • Base Game compatible
  • HQ mod compatible (pictures taken with the mod - I highly advise using it, especially for the patterned version!)
  • all LODs
  • custom thumbnail, bump and specular maps, shine on (almost) everything
  • tagged as everyday and hot weather
  • found under long dress subcategory
  • colour tagged
  • allowed for random
  • PDNs for recolours included - you don’t need them for the mesh to work. Let me know if you’d rather have the PSD files!
  • Known problems: stripes can become blurry in game, depending on the camera angle and distance. I have no idea why it’s happening - patterns don’t come with this problem and they use exactly the same mesh (and only slightly edited uv map). I guess TS4 hates stripes in general? I had it happen to me already with some earlier pieces, with some border deco stripes. Other than that, nothing!

    I hope this dress will help your sims enjoy the warmer days in style :). Enjoy!

    DOWNLOAD (free on Patreon, no ads)


    Terms of Use

    Don’t: claim it’s yours or monetise in any way

    Do: convert, recolour, include the mesh, edit the mesh to create something amazing - just please tag me once you publish it, so that I could also see it!

    Because the Janky Palette only has one hair I gotta expand… and yes, this one is also compatible with the ombre acc from last post because I have a problem when it comes to ombres (like both sims here are using ombres hnnnn)

    → Mafuyu Hair - Intentionally for females but it works so well as unisex, therefore it that. - Based on Mafuyu from… Judge Eyes? Judgement? I still can’t find a determined name for that game, it’s a Yakuza game spinoff blargh. - EA Colors contains mesh, Janky Palette is an extra.

    Hair (EA): Simfileshare / Dropbox
    Hair (Janky): Simfileshare / Dropbox

    Hot Sim Disguise Clutter Set

    This set was created for reaching my 200 patron goal! Without my wonderful, amazing patrons this set would have never have been made. So thank you thank you to all my patrons!

    I know this is not the most innovative set I have ever made, but if you haven’t noticed my sets tend to lack clutter. Before I created CC and played, clutter was my fave. I loveddd cluttering up all my sims spaces to make them look lived in. As a creator, I really love doing new things, pushing boundaries, and challenging myself so I tend to get a little bored making clutter. I always plan to make some and end up not doing it cause I get so excited to start my next project. So this was an act of true devotion and love by making up a clutter set for my patrons, even though its not as unique as some of my other sets ;)

    This set has 20 clutter items with a focus on bathroom/makeup. Although I grouped some items in the preview image, almost all come separated. The caddies have tonsss of deco slots to fill to your heart’s desire! 

    I made two caddy versions - with and without the loofa/sponge/soap. I also split these off as their own items. I tried making most of these items compatible with the pegboard set, but some I couldn’t get the spacing quite right.

    This set is available now for my patrons who get early access! It will be available, for free & for everyone, one week from today!!

    Hope you all enjoy!!

    Download Here


    A 67 piece custom content stuff pack for all your tiny peoples by @felixandresims & @harrie-cc

    After the success of both the KICHEN & BAFROOM, it was time to tackle another room in the house that needed much love & attention… kids rooms. 

    This set contains items suitable for kids of all ages; including a new bassinet for babies, cute toddler beds, through to new toys and furniture pieces for your children. This set may be aimed at kids, but you will be able to use many of the pieces all over your Sims’ homes. Of course as always with our sets, there are a truck load of swatches & matching wood tones!!!

    Please note that the bassinet is available as a default override & as a decorative object. All items in this set are Base Game compatible.

    Now go forth & build your dream family home!

    Early Access now available on Patreon

    Public release to follow on 8th June