Why I love face down tickling...

  • Because if the ler is in a good enough position, you won't be able to see what spot they are going to attack next, or what tool they are holding.
  • It's harder to pull your arms down, leaving more spots vulnerable and exposed.
  • It just makes neck tickling even more cute than it already is.
  • The ler will have full access to your back, which for some people, is an extremely bad spot. (Haha this totally does not apply to me 😙✌🏻)
  • It's easier for the ler to trap your feet when they are face down, meaning more ruthless tickles.
  • It's harder for us to squirm. If we were face up, we could buck our hips, or try sitting up, but when you are face down, you can't do that.
  • So in conclusion...face down tickles are the meanest but I love them 🤍✨😙



  • how ticklish they are
  • how adorable they are
  • how helpless and/or vulnerable they are
  • how much they love the tickles
  • how much they love the teasing
  • how obvious it is that they love the tickling and teasing
  • how they're not even fighting back
  • how hard they are fighting back even though it's pointless
  • how they're trying just so hard to not fight back, but they're just too ticklish
  • their hilarious and precious reactions
  • how little you have to do to get them worked up
  • how short long you think they'll last
  • anything they've said or done or posted in the past
  • how bad something is going to tickle
  • how much something is affecting them
  • how easy it is to tickle/fluster/overpower them
  • feel free to add uwu


    oui oui I agree 🍄✨🌼


    You think you have it all figured out, don’t you? Teasing me until you got me all flustered. Showing off skin here. Giggling and sighing there. Making me chase you to the bedroom. You’ve got me wrapped around your finger, huh?

    But let’s see where all of that got you…

    You’re stretched out on the bed. All your spots are vulnerable. I have a plethora of tools at my disposal to torment you. And, guess who has control of the vibrator.

    Are you satisfied with your so-called “victory”, my dear? I’ll make sure you are by the time we’re done.

    One of my biggest fantasies 🙊💕

    I dream about you taking me to a fancy restaurant, you’re all dressed up in tights and heels.

    Heels I hear sliding off of your sexy little feet once we’re at a little table right in the middle of the whole place, draped with a long red tablecloth…then you smirk at me, giggle, and let your toes run up the inside of my legs.

    I jump in shock and you grab my hands, pinning them to the table shooshing me…letting your nails trail over my ticklish wrists and you start to baby talk and tickle talk me as I stiffen and try to hold back my whimpers and giggles as you reach my sweet spot.

    You use one set of toes to scrunch and slide over my hard trapped cock and the other to wiggle and tickle under my balls as I squirm in my seat.

    You raise an eyebrow and ask “what’s wrong baby?”

    Then giggle to yourself before teasing me about how ticklish I am and how silky your nylons make your sweet little feet.

    You tell me to be a good boy and behave myself if I want to be tied down and tickled when we get home.

    Obviously I do.

    Then you drop your fork…and with a cute little “oopsie” and a cheeky smirk you slip under the table without anyone noticing. I’m bright ready and practically shaking…terrified of what you’re going to put me through next…

    You take a second to scribble all ten tickly nails over my encased cock and balls just to tease me a little before carefully releasing them from my pants, smiling at how hard and wet I am already you gently and lazily run those nails up my inner thigh right up to the sensitive spot where it meets my crotch and lick from the bottom of my balls to the tip of my throbbing cock.

    I finally fail to hold back a whimper and you whisper telling me to stay quiet or you’ll stop playing with your desperate little pet. I bite hard on my bottom lip and grip the table cloth as you take my cock between your lips. Swirling your wonderful tongue around my swollen head making me buck and squirm…then attacking my sweet spot with all ten terrifyingly sexy nails as you hum around my weeping cock…fuck those nails are just too deliciously tickly!

    You feel me shake and know I can’t possibly last much longer.

    But you’re not through having fun just yet…you grab hold of my wet slippery member and take five nails right to the tip…fucking me with them…letting all five tickly tips slide soo slowly over my head, teasing around and under my ridge then back over to the very tip for what feels like hours of absolutely delicious tickle torture…each touch growing more electric than the last.

    Then you give my sweet spot one last tease, kiss under my tip and return to your seat with a smile; proud of your work.

    “found it” you announce, flashing your fork and a devilish smile at your little tickle slut.

    I’m dripping with sweat, bright red and practically begging you with my eyes…you left my aching cock hanging out; soaked and slippery…covered with precum and your saliva.

    “Tell me baby”, you ask so seductively it’s just not fair….

    “do you want me to make you cum right here…right now?

    Can you keep quiet?

    Can my ticklish toy behave himself as I milk and tease him?”

    I can’t look you straight in the eye. Still biting my lip…I want to say no…but I don’t mean it…

    You take my cock between both silky nylon covered soles…

    “hmm…your cocks throbbing under my feet my sweet little sub…he’s telling me yes…won’t you beg for your mistress to milk you?”

    I whimper the softest ever “please miss” imaginable and you giggle…telling me what a good boy I’ve been. Letting me know how well I’m doing; then you strike.

    Five tickly toes wiggling and tickling under my balls…teasing my sweet spot the way you know I crave…the other five scrunching over my tip making me buck and squirm against your nylon, fuck it’s driving me crazy.

    I’m too ticklish.

    Too sensitive.

    Too tingly and slippery to take any more.

    “That’s it baby.”

    “Coochie coochie coo.”

    “Cum for me, cum all over my teasy little nylon covered toes.”


    I let out a huge giggly whimper and spray my hot load into the stems of your tormenting toes.

    I expect you to stop, but I don’t know why I’d be so silly as to think you wouldn’t tease me just a little more…you run the length of you sole from heel to toe across my head as you watch me shake…then attack with all ten toes digging into my inner thighs…asking me how much I liked it as I fight back my laughter.

    “Such a good boy.”