@sarahbeniel I hope you found some cool daily writing prompts. This is’s art prompt for June 1st and my bit of daily art. Always enjoyable. Have fun! 🤗😘


    @bethofaus I poked around a bit but didn’t find any prompt lists that spoke to me, writing or sketching, but I’ll keep looking. I may wind up just using a random word generator for writing prompts.

    That’s a very nice fish ☺️❤️ Do you paint every day?

    Another prompt from @bethofaus ..Thank you sweetie 😘

    (character: Thor; word: clothing)

    100 wds, rated G


    Drabble #4


    He knew it was a dream, because he was still a lad; still slight enough to get lost in the hanging sheaves of golden silks.

    Loki oft took refuge here from their father's wrath, but Thor was getting too old for such things: hiding in a lady's dressing room-- even a queen's-- unseemly for a young prince.

    He knew the sound of her step, her voice a conspiratorial whisper outside the armoire:

    "Come. I'll read to you."

    He cracked the door...


    And then he was sitting up-- awake-- in a man's body, the word exhaled into the empty air:




    Hello you! Wishing you well, and the prospect of better days soon.

    For your Thirsty Thursday prompt thing (and only if it calls to you, no worries at all if not): would you consider Nat and cello?

    Thanks for the prompt @alltheselovelywords 😊❤️😘

    (Bucky/Nat, rated G, 100 wds)

    Drabble #3



    Bucky recognized the music-- piano, cello, violin-- as soon as he walked in; knew what it meant.

    She was sitting there in the half-dark, face toward the window, a glass of amber liquid loose in her hand.

    He set his bag down, moving slowly.

    The set of her shoulders said it all: she knew he was there; nothing more required.


    He was still awake when she slid into the sheets; lifted his arm until she settled, cheek to his chest.

    She didn't say it aloud; didn't need to.

    His kiss, to her brow, was his quiet reply: "Always."


    Rachmaninoff: Trio élégiaque in D minor, Op.9


    when the story is just not working, but you keep writing anyway


    Current mood…


    Reminder that she actually wins that season, so keep your head up.


    Reminder that she constantly had trouble believing that she deserved to be there and her first few could best be described as ‘not the worst’.

    And she won. She stayed positive, cried when she needed to, and kept going.


    Once more:

    • Stay positive
    • Cry when you need to
    • Keep going

    Drabble #2

    @bethofaus gave me 3 prompts (thank you! ❤️🥰😘); here's one of them.

    This is more of a doodle than a drabble: not a story, but more like an establishing shot for a scene.

    (Character: Bucky; Word: soft-drink. 100 wds, rated G)


    "What can I get you, hon."

    It took him a second, but he came back to himself: broke the thousand-yard stare; felt the solidity of the diner's formica table, the cracked faux-leather bench seat beneath him.

    He licked his lips and looked up: the waitress was waiting, pen poised above her order pad.


    He'd meant to order a coffee-- but as he realigned himself in the wake of the brief flashback, he scrambled for the right thing to say; blurted the words out rough:

    "A Coke.... 'a Cola. Please." He cleared his throat, embarrassed, avoiding her eyes.



    I just saw your thirsty Thursday post, so have Darcy Lewis and selfie as a prompt 😘

    Thanks @ibelieveinturtles for the prompt. 😊

    This is my first-ever drabble; it's tough to tell a story in 100 words!

    (Nobody mentioned by name, but I had Bucky/Darcy in mind for this. Rated G.)

    Drabble #1


    After three days of false alarms-- "How you holding up?"... "Any news?"-- he was slow to pick up. Knew it wouldn't be her, telling him there'd been a mistake: that she hadn't been there at all.

    A woman's voice: tinny, unfamiliar.

    "I'm calling about the photo?"

    The selfie. He'd made copies; peppered the street with her smile.

    "We got a Jane Doe..."


    It was like stepping into the light when he rounded the curtain; saw her lying there like an angel who'd gone a few rounds in the ring.

    His voice broke, in the quiet of the room:

    "Hi, sweetheart."


    Do you ever go back and look at your Ao3 History? If you haven't, you ought to. It's interesting, lol... especially if you're like me and your memory is like swiss cheese and what you find comes as a bit of a surprise.

    I do remember that I started out on Ao3 reading a lot of Loki fics. A LOT. All kinds of pairings, too; everyone was up for grabs: Marvel characters, OCs, other figures from Norse mythology... before finally settling into Tasertricks for a while. I was so interested in that character (the MCU version, because of what Hiddleston brought to the role), and for a while I couldn't get enough.

    Every now and then I'd take a break from Loki to read some Shieldshock, apparently, which I don't remember at ALL. I thought my forays into Shieldshock came later, branching off from Wintershock... but I think, now that I'm remembering, it was more of a Steve thing... reading Loki/Steve (I don't even remember the name of that ship) and going from there. But I kept going back to Darcy.

    (BTW, if any of my Wintershock readers are like "oh no she's moved onto BuckyNat now and I don't like BuckyNat", you should know that I still have several Wintershock WIPs on the backburner that I intend to finish at some point. I've just been re-reading a shit-ton of comics during this latest prolonged depression, so my head has been in my comic ships instead of my MCU ones. I'm also still planning to re-post edited versions of some of my deleted fics; I just keep going back-and-forth on which ones.)

    Anyway... according to my history, the first Wintershock story I read was The Last Confession of Darcy Lewis, by @leftennant

    Maybe what drew me to it were the tags, which still make me lol:

    I must have been hooked, because my history definitely goes into a Wintershock deepdive after that. So I have @leftennant, and that fic to thank/blame for that. 🙏

    You know what I'm thirsty for?

    To get my groove back. My work ethic. My daily writing habit. Not just because creating content makes me feel good, and living in other worlds makes me feel good, but because the habit itself is therapeutic.

    Unfortunately for me, writing is like exercise. I'm good at maintaining a streak until something outside my control interrupts the streak, and then I have a very very hard time starting up again.

    Last month (I think?) I was talking to someone about maybe doing or running a bingo, or asking for prompts, or *something*... something external to give me a jump-start, since I'm having trouble doing it on my own. But then I said I was afraid to because a response of crickets might just make me feel worse. (They said they felt the same way).

    But now I feel like eh, so what. I haven't been able to find any current bingos or events that I can join, so prompt-asks it is. And if I get crickets, then damn it, I'll just come up with my own.

    I've never tried writing drabbles, but I think I will, especially on the days when I can't face my WIP.

    Send me a Marvel character (any character) and a single word, and I will try to create a drabble (in the strict sense: exactly 100 words) based on those 2 things, and post it here. Anon asks are fine, and until I say otherwise, this invitation is open and ongoing.

    A banner with a yelloe background and white script which reads Trivia Tuesday

    Both my last published ficlet and my current WIP feature Comics!Bucky, whom I ship with Nat (and only Nat). 

    In spite of my fierce devotion to Comics!BuckyNat, I don’t ship them in the MCU; not really sure why. Maybe because the MCU changed Bucky’s backstory so much that his entire complicated relationship with Nat was erased, which robbed the MCU characters of the delicious (but frustrating, because Marvel won’t let anyone be happy for long) chemistry, reunions, pining, and soulmate-level love that the comics characters share.  

    A comic-book panel of Natasha and Bucky in snowstorm, both of them looking serious

    If you’ve read my Wintershock, it’s pretty obvious that he’s MCU Bucky there: he and Steve grew up together in Brooklyn; he was made into the WS by Hydra; he looks like Sebastian Stan (blue eyes instead of brown, etc); and his history with Nat is minimal. She shows up in my Wintershock stories, but she and Bucky are either friends/colleagues without a history, or I hint at a history that is long, LONG over. I think for my own sanity I have to keep those two worlds (MCU vs Comics) firmly separate in my writing, because I adore their chemistry in the comics so much that shipping him with anyone else in a world where their comics history existed would just feel wrong.

    If you haven’t read the comics then there are some important differences which you should know about, if you plan to read any of my BuckyNat:

  • He’s not from Brooklyn, and he was still a teenager when he met and started working with Cap. This is why some characters, (esp. Nick Fury) persist in calling him “Kid” or “the kid” even when he’s a muscle-bound fully-grown man... which is kind of funny, but also kind of sad (because it’s a reminder of how young he was when he was taken, and how much was stolen from him.)
  • He was made into the WS by the Soviets, not Hydra. This is where he met Nat, trained with her briefly, and began a secret (until it wasn’t) relationship with her.
  • He isnot a super-soldier. He’s peak human, because of his training, natural skills, metal arm, etc., but he never got the super-soldier serum like he does in the MCU. He’s not invincible or super-powered like that. (He did get a dose of something called the Infinity Formula from Nick Fury, to save his life, and the long-term effects of that aren’t 100% crystal clear (little in comics ever is), but it didn’t make him super-powered in  any obvious way. That stuff was more like... life-preserving. It was keeping NF alive and youthful well beyond his years, and required booster shots to keep that going; when he gave Bucky his only remaining dose, his age caught up with him pretty quickly.)
  • There’s other stuff, too, but those are probably the most important. The fact that he’s not a super-soldier presents some challenges for me, as I’m used to writing him as someone who’s essentially invincible. I mean... comics being what they are, and Bucky being who he is, he routinely does stupid, certain-death things and somehow survives every time, but it’s a bit tough when I’m the one writing and playing devil’s advocate with myself about the plausibility of the situations he gets himself into.

    A set of four comic-book panels that depict Bucky lying in a hospital bed with Natasha at his bedside. He wakes up and asks her what happened.

    The suggestion for “Motivation Monday”, originally, was to “tag your favorite fandom participants and let them know how they motivate you to do what you do.”  

    It would be hard for me, off the top of my head, to list all the writers, artists, and readers, who either inspire me to put my own stuff out there, or to keep doing what I’m doing because I am reassured, through their kind words, that I’m not screaming into a void. I have had some unbelievably lovely comments on my stories that have made me cry, humbled me, made me feel proud, not alone, happy to be a human being and still here making things... I could go on. 

    I haven’t always been the kindest person to my readers; I can be very closed-off and awkward, too defensive when criticized (depending on my mood), and just downright shitty (deleting most of my library without warning). But even if I’m not always the greatest at expressing it, it means EVERYTHING to me and makes it all worth it, if I feel like I have brightened even one person’s day (or just made them FEEL something, other than whatever shitty stuff was going on in their own head, and needed a distraction from, on their lunch break.)

    One of my very favorite things about posting on Ao3, especially after a hiatus, is seeing people in the comments with whom I may not have ever interacted directly outside of Ao3, but who nevertheless feel like old friends, because I know their username, or their profile picture, or what-have-you, and it just feels so, so good to see that they’re still there, still enjoying fanworks, still being the wonderfully fun, or clever, or witty, or kind, or shy, or lurking, or whatever, people they are. I just love it so much. 

    I would love to tag some specific people-- not sure I feel comfortable with that, though. I don’t want to make anyone squirm.  And lists lead to unintended omissions, and I hate that. 

    To my readers and cheerleaders, please do know that I SEE you, and I appreciate you so, so much, and you have helped me more than you know. Thank you ❤️❤️