Sarah Thomas

Teased most of my life as a freckled redhead - I've become aware now that some people are really into this :)

Last update
2019-04-28 18:21:16

    Hey all! Ok so my life has calmed down and I have some time to play, so I’m getting back into posting videos! PornHub will be my spot, videos will be mostly free with a few paid sprinkled in when I show a little too much and I want to somewhat control the views 😀 Thank you all for the kind messages and support, I’m still so flattered that so many enjoy seeing a slightly thick redhead mommy with a zillion freckles! Love you!

    Would you... ?

    Soooo obviously I haven’t been in a while and Tumblr made me take down all the adult content, so as some of you have found out I’ve taken to Reddit and Pornhub to fulfill my exhibitionist desires :) Recently I’ve had soooo many requests to either do custom videos or show my face and I’m starting to think - maybe I’d do it especially if I could earn a little reward from the risk and do paid videos on Pornhub or something... I truly hate the thought of paying, but I would put alot into this (pun intended) and risk sharing my most personal moments :)

    Just curious, are there really THAT many people out there who would be willing to pay a fair price for amazing or custom videos that show my face?