A collection of things I like. If you find it a confusing place then imagine how I feel 🤣 Straight 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 male with a wide range of kinks and peccadilloes. I love spanking, uniforms and age play. I have a sub sissy side that adores pretty dresses, frills and petticoats. I'm not interested in being anyone's slave, Findom or being insulted and abused.

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2021-07-26 17:38:41

    Our mother paused in my sister’s spanking to take a phone call. I delightedly pulled out my phone to take some photos in black and white mode.

    ‘What an image!’ I thought, smirking, as I clicked away. ‘Perfect Patricia with her skirt pulled up and her tights pulled down, over mum’s knee, having to wait for her hairbrush spanking to resume while mum takes a call from work! Positively artistic!’

    “I don’t know what you are smiling at!” Pat hissed at me. “I told mum everything! She said she’ll do you next while I’m doing corner time, only it will be longer and harder for you because you’re a boy!”

    The last word was said with considerable feeling. It certainly wiped the smile off my face and mum put down the receiver…


    I got my hands strapped at school but would have much preferred to bend over like this with my knickers down and get the strap on my bare bum!


    A kindred spirit 😁 … I too would have loved to have had to bend this way for my headmistress at school 😳 - sadly she only “strapped” or “caned” over knickers 🤭 …. however at home mum had different methods !

    Karen xx