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    “She openly has a crush. It’s all being hinted for them to end up together. There’s nothing wrong with two girls liking each other”.

    “They’re just friends. Stop overlooking stuff. You’re sexualizing children!”


    this just gives you a taste of how different fandoms can be :(


    reblogging this w all @shippochimipare​’s ideas bc it might be hard to read it in the comments. *this is all their writing, none of it is mine*

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    This is odd not because of the hand holding but because on multiple occasion and in character ash would 100% first hug pikachu and then focus on gou but he didn't he completely ignored pikachu odd isn't it some would even say Oddish but puns out of the way maybe the animators are trying to tell us something

    "LET ME IN!!! LET ME IN!!!!"
    Guz be so kind and let El through the door she just wants to have a Pinap juice

    Guzma has to sit out the current comic arc and I already miss him
    A LOT, so I really felt like drawing him and El in some kind of goofy
    slice-of-life situation :D It was a fun challenge to draw these poses and a nice break from work! I sure miss these two being dorks ;w;


    Are you SURE about that Jessie? At the moment the only thing they can't seem to resist is looking at each other... 😍

    Surely James, you can see they're in their own little world... they're not even talking; they're just staring at each other as they walk... or are you just afraid of telling Jessie her plan isn't gonna work...? 😆

    Told you.

    (Also, I know it's hard for the boys to stop looking into each other's eyes for even just a moment, but please look both ways before crossing the street, you two! 🥺)

    This is date number... I don't even know anymore. 😅 And Team Rocket doesn't need to be shushing Morpeko here... the boys are a little distracted at the moment (err... the moment? I feel like it's been longer than that at this point...). 🥰

    Oh c'mon Jessie... you of all people here should know, so why even ask? The brat boys are too busy noticing each other because that's what happens when... say it with me now: you're in love!



    The longing stares ❤️💙

    A new comic! And this is only the first part. I decided to make a graphic representation of one scene of my most popular SatoGou fanfic that has its first anniversary this month! Last month I did a full revision and remade the story to be more on par with my current AU guidelines. The Destiny Knot scene is pretty much unchanged. ^^

    Expect Ash to pay back the gesture some years in the future on part 2! ;D Happy Pride Month!! 

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    Ash, Goh, Pikachu and Scorbunny © Nintendo/TPC

    While I do agree that Gou could probably go more episodes at a time without catching any pokemon for the sake of pacing, I really don't understand why people are so mad that he catches them easily most of the time?

    Like, yes, the anime usually made a point to have a big fight and/or character arc with a pokemon before anyone caught them, but can you imagine how tedious and repetitive it would be if we had that for every single pokemon Gou ever caught??

    Catching pokemon was really special in previous seasons because each character was only going to have about six of them at most; the specific bond they had with each of them was important. Not to mention, there was usually a decent time gap between each capture so it felt like a momentous occasion. And that's good! It worked really well for previous seasons!

    But it literally can't work for Gou, because he's trying to catch every kind of pokemon there is. Wouldn't it feel really forced and unbelievable if they made him out to have a deep bond with literal hundreds of pokemon? Can you imagine how much screen time would be wasted on that instead of focusing on the main characters or plot?

    And he doesn't even treat them badly??? I don't know where people keep getting these "Gou is immoral" takes from but he's literally one of the sweetest people ever, and not once has he ever forced a pokemon to stay with him if they didn't want to. He's caught several with the sole purpose of saving them from immediate danger, and always gave them the opportunity to be released afterwards.

    He keeps them in a spacious, well-funded park that seems to suit their individual needs just fine, personally feeds them (at least almost) every day, does his best to work out conflicts that arise between them... what about this is comparable to any villain in the series ever???

    Also the idea that he's overshadowing Ash is... maybe not inherently wrong but we've also had Ash as the focus for approximately 1000 episodes so I really don't see the problem here, especially since he's still a prominent character 99% of the time