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    We’ve commented before on how the rich and fashionable have taken to haveing very young slaves as “gardener’s boys” in the pleasure grounds near the house.  They work, of course - keeping the weeds down, tidying up, emptying the grass boxes from the giant mowers pulled by the other slaves, and so on.  But as we can see here, they can double as interesting ornaments when their owners are entertaining and taking guests on a stroll around the grounds in the interval between luncheon and tea.


    I started edging last night, and when I finally came, my dick fucking exploded. Cum got everywhere. I don’t think I’ve ever came that much in my life. It was a fantastic experience. I’ve edged before, but something about last night was special.

    Yeah. It happens... Glad you enjoyed it. 


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    Hanging the fag so that it’s mouth is at the Man’s cock level makes it convenient for party goers to grab it by the hair and relieve themselves. Later it can be used as a pinata.


    The gay man’s version of that scene in Hostel 2, where the sadistic mistress tormented that young lady just before enjoying a warm bath. Let’s torment this boy a bit longer... using the sickle to remove the loincloth. 


    Waiting for @alexropedoriginals again:

    As always, make sure the door isn’t dead-bolted and just locked. Put your clothes, wallet, and other belongings (other than phone) in the box and leave it on the table. Keep your phone close by you. I want you in one of my chastity devices instead of yours. So, remove yours and replace with a holy trainer which is laid out for you. You’ll find a key vault open and ready for you to put the keys in once you’re locked. Do so and close the key vault. I’ll keep you locked if/until I decide you should be let out.

    Next rubber up. There’s silicon lube to use on your body and inside the rubber suit. Seal yourself up. After which, you should put the electro plug in your hole and leave the wire trailing out the rear access. If it’s too big for you to get in, then use the anal hook instead.

    Padlock on the ankle restraints. Put on the knee pads. Keep the remaining gear close by. Get on your knees and reach behind you and connect the ankle cuffs to the spreader bar with the large padlocks. Open the bar - one click from each end - doesn’t need to be too wide… you might be waiting like this for a while.

    Text me and let me know you’re at this point.

    Next. put on the rubber hod. You’ll be able to easily breathe through both the mouth and nose holes. Don’t over tighten it around the neck. I’ll tighten up anything that needs to be tightened. Make sure you’re in a position that you can maintain for up to thirty minutes.

    Finally, cuff your hands behind your back. I’ll be up when I’m ready for you.

    My knees were starting to shake by the time he came up. The first thing he does? Make my position more stressful.


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