Auxilium Meum a Domino

36 years old man from midwest America. I am a fiercely independent, hard-working traditionalist.  I believe in self-sustainability, spiritual/menta/physical strength & resilience, and traditionalism.  I have no time, nor patience, for judging others' beliefs, lifestyles, or choices.  

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2021-12-05 23:27:58

    Hello! I was wondering, why do you capitalize the H in him when referring to a woman’s partner? Or the M in man? I don’t understand…

    Many people would say that capitalizing Male pronouns is a sign of respect to a Man. I don't agree with this view. Does this imply that women and female pronouns are not worthy of respect?

    To me, capitalization is a sign of recognition of healthy Masculinity. Masculine energy that embodies itself in strength, courage, uprightness, responsibility, honesty, and directness.

    The smaller hand I use for the feminine is to emphasize the soft, gentle, tender, sensuous, responsive, and giving identity of women.

    The juxtaposition of these together to me signify the yin and yang, the Dominant energy of a Man side by side with the loving submission of a woman. Neither is complete without the other.

    My journey to get here was a long and varied one. I grew up in a household that was broken. My parents never married. My father (if you could call him that) is a drunken man whore, still. My mom did her best raising my sister and I.

    I was pretty much raised by a single mother. She always taught us that we were capable anything we put our minds too. For all intents and purposes I was raised as a feminist.

    I was taught that I could do everything and anything a man is needed for. I believed that growing up since my dad was never around.

    Growing up how I did was fine but always left me wanting a normal family. I always felt in awe of the families on TV that were a nuclear family. I would kinda daydream of what my family life would be like when I was an adult.

    In my early 20s is when I really started to picture my family life. Married to a man who supported, protected, and loved me. I would make sure all of his needs were met, everything from cooking to sex to rearing children. He would give me the freedom to be myself while I made the house a home. I would make sure he was never stressed and he would never look at another woman for companionship. I would dress for him and only him. I would always respect him. We wouldn't argue or yell. Weekends were for family and friends. Spend time gardening together, hosting get together, or going on adventures as a family.

    That image would come and go over the last 15 years. Usually it would go away after I was damaged by another undeserving male. There was a long time when I was determined to make it on my own by myself but things change.

    I was coming out of another unhealthy relationship when someone mentioned Male Led Relationships or Taken in Hand. I had never heard of those terms before so I started down the path of research which I'm still doing.

    The research i have done so far has shown me that those wants and dreams of a nuclear family with a dominant man is what I have always wanted. I now had a name to what I always pictured in my head. Those wants and desires showed me that being my natural submissive state is wanted and cherished.

    I learned that even though I could do everything a man does, doesn't mean I was built for it. They do the manly things for a reason. They were built for a man to do not for a woman to do. The things built for women are simpler in nature. The cooking, the cleaning, the child rearing, the pleasing your man and only your man, the making a house a home without stress for everyone living there, the seeking guidance from the head of the household, the man.


    trads don’t make me mad to be clear. I’m not posting all this because I’m ‘triggered’ or whatever. Sub groups like their’s fascinate me because I studied sociology. I find them fascinating the same way I find hockey culture fascinating. I want to understand how they live and why. I do pity trad women because they have internalized self hatred


    We dont have self hatred we have different goals and values as what society says we should want/do .

    Traditional women arent brainwashed.

    The idea that a woman who is happy in traditional roles must be brainwashed is incredibly misogynistic. It essentially is saying that unless women conform to your ideal of womanhood then they are too stupid to think for themselves.

    It's the "women dont know what they actually want they need someone to decide that for them" bull shit yall pretend to be against

    Do better