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    “Nobody wants to work” yet im over here filling out 3945867483293064359469 applications on 500 different job hunting sites, each application demanding i take a 30 minute-test to PROVE that me and my paltry resume are worth a multi-million company giving me 16 whole dollars an hour. Nobody wants to work yet 97 of the 100 applications you fill out just ghost you (because when a Boss does it, that’s just how it is. But if you ghost? Unprofessional.) or give you some pointless runaround for 3 weeks until telling you you’re not a good fit because you only have 3 years of dick-sucking experience and they want 5. Nobody wants to work? Nobody wants to invest in employees. Nobody wants to hire, nobody wants to train, nobody wants to teach anyone new skills. Nobody wants to accept that YES, some people DO work to collect a paycheck and thats FINE, not all of us are born with a passion to be a Starbucks Manager. We’re all passionate about living and supporting ourselves and I wish bosses would stop being so lazy and rude and give my friends jobs for $20000 an hour