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    Dear fellow Americans:

    The use of tear gas is a violation of the Geneva convention. Your police have gassed every major city.

    False surrender is a violation of the Geneva convention. Your police have kneeled to draw protesters within range of tear gas.

    Destroying and contaminating water is a violation of the Geneva convention. Your police have been destroying stocks of water used for the protestors.

    Destroying medical tents and supplies is a violation of the Geneva convention. Your police have destroyed medical tents and attacked medics in various cities.

    Attacking journalists is a violation of the Geneva convention. Your police have targeted and attacked journalists both native and foreign in multiple cities.

    Your police are worse than war criminals, this isn’t even a war and they’ve managed to violate major international codes. 

    You truly believe “looting” or staying out past curfew is a valid excuse for actual war crimes to be committed against civilians? 

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    Charlie, a highly-strung, openly gay over-thinker, and Nick, a cheerful, soft-hearted rugby player, meet at a British all-boys grammar school. Friendship blooms quickly, but could there be something more…?

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    the only valid naruto meta is the single use clothing sasuke theory my flatmates came up with after a drunken binge of the chuunin exams

    “Single Use Clothing Sasuke” is a complex, multi-layered theory borne of the complex, multi-layered minds of my flatmates. It essentially boils down to the idea that Every Single Thing sasuke wears from the day of the uchiha massacre to the day he leaves the village are entirely different yet identical versions of the same two outfits. He only wears them once and then throws them out.

    The idea behind this is based on the implications that a) sasuke lives alone in the uchiha compound which is intended to be lived in by hundreds of people, b) he was not cared or provided for in any way by the village adults after the massacre, and c) there are entire city blocks of empty uchiha houses full of free shit just sitting there, ESPECIALLY clothing.

    Theory is as follows: sasuke, clearly unable to do his own laundry because he’s 12 and a moron, spends four years of his life using the abandoned clothes that previously belonged to the children in the uchiha clan as disposable clothing and there’s a landfill in Konoha somewhere just full of black playsuits.

    Companion theory “One-Shirt Uzumaki” where naruto owns exactly one (1) set of clothing that he furiously hand washes every night at 1am.

    you know what this is pretty plausible actually all things considered

    remember when tumblr used to have the format for reblogged additions on posts be indented instead of vertical and if the post had enough additions to it (which happened frequently because no one on tumblr can shut their fucking mouth) it would just push all the text off the side of the post completely and it became unreadable. it would get so far pushed over that it would just be exactly one character per line and you had to read the post like that. that was a real thing that happened