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2021-02-27 10:39:15

    So, Elon Musk is talking about how to colonise Mars, and suggesting that, for those who couldn’t afford the fortune it would normally cost to make a space voyage, loans could be offered… and people could, y’know, just pay them back with labour upon their arrival…

    … all at the same time that the viral hit song is a sea shanty about being a worker transported to an inhospitable place to work for a big corporation, which then pays you shit so you can never afford the passage home.

    It’s like, sometimes our past speaks to us.  And sometimes it jumps up and down, screaming and waving lit sparklers.


    it’s time we start oppressing ppl that use the word “hubby”


    sorry but “Hubble Space Telescope” takes too long to say


    LOL yep that’s the day job! I started last year after graduating, working on the NASA side of things with the mission doing social media/outreach, so I’m going to do my obligatory HUBBY LINK DROP: insta, twitter, fb


    Shortstaffing should be illegall


    "But what if I can't afford to hire more employees?"

    If you have more customers than your employees can handle and you're still not making enough, then you need to sort out your finances. Raise prices if necessary.

    Your overhead isn't worth more than your workers' health.


    “And if that’s not enough, then just buy more money!”


    Listen. If you cannot afford to pay all your employees a living wage and employ a number of people equal to the workload, then you are bad at business management and should consider exploring other career paths. Such as being a cashier.


    y’all might be thinking that small businesses would get the short end here. but the thing is, all the small businesses i’ve ever worked for or been involved with, when they didn’t have enough employees to cover the time, the owner worked it themselves, or they closed early/opened late.

    the places that consistently shortstaff are big franchises, especially fast food chains. they prey on desperate workers who can’t afford to say no, and use them up like they’re disposable. it’s disgusting and it should be as illegal as hiring 9 year olds or holding paychecks hostage.


    I’m out with surgery. Two coworkers are on vacation time bc its no longer rollover. Another transfers to another department Tuesday leaving two coworkers manning an office for a uni of 4,000. Then one of them left early with a stress related migraine. Can’t imagine why.