valentine’s day asks!

    • do you have a crush on anyone?
    • what’s your favorite candy?
    • favorite love song?
    • what was your first kiss like?
    • what was your last kiss like?
    • sexual/romantic orientation?
    • do you prefer poems or love letters?
    • favorite fanfic trope?
    • have you ever been in love?
    • favorite milkshake flavor?
    • dinner dates or brunch dates?
    • favorite flowers?
    • favorite perfume/cologne?
    • favorite candle scent?
    • what’s your ideal first date?
    • favorite love story?
    • what’s the most attractive thing a person could wear?
    • chocolate, vanilla, or red velvet?
    • snow, rain, or sun?
    • sweetest romantic memory?
    • favorite dating sim (and favorite character)?
    • fictional crushes?
    • what’s your dream wedding like?
    • what makes you blush?
    • do you believe in love at first sight?
    • do you believe in soulmates?
    • denim jackets, leather jackets, or bomber jackets?
    • what’s your sign?
    • are you single?
    • do you prefer to charm, or be charmed?
    • guitar or piano?
    • favorite romcom (or any romantic movie)?
    • do you fall in love easily?
    • valentine’s decorations: yay or nay?
    • would you prefer to propose or be proposed to? what’s your dream proposal?
    • cloud gazing or star gazing?
    • do you like to dance?
    • what’s your OTP?
    • kittens or puppies?
    • coffee, hot chocolate, or tea?
    • favorite soda?
    • do you prefer gazing wistfully out the window or lying dramatically over the sofa?
    • favorite ABBA song?
    • fuck/marry/kill? (anons name 3 people of your choice)
    • favorite pajamas?
    • favorite liquor?
    • do you think about love a lot?
    • a walk in the park or a walk on the beach?
    • hand kisses or nose kisses?
    • what’s your dreamhouse?

    Rules and Punishments: Ideas

    These are just some ideas that I’ve seen around, people have mentioned, or I personally have for rules and punishments. They do not apply to everyone nor do you have to use any of the ones listed. You can change them to be as specific or as broad as you would like. (i.e. The duration of punishment, time of day when the rules or punishments take place, the level of severity of punishment per broken rule, ext.) Please remember that the rules and punishments are to be agreed upon by other parties. If you do not feel comfortable with a rule or punishment, please let your partner know. The term I used in this post can be replaced with what ever term you feel most comfortable with.
    (These are only SFW Rules and Punishments)

    ~Always ask permission before doing anything that could be dangerous
    ~Always ask permission before drinking any alcohol or soda
    ~Always ask permission before eating sweets/desserts/junk food
    ~Always listen to Caregiver
    ~Ask before having sweets
    ~Ask before buying toys/nonessentials
    ~Ask to stay up past your time
    ~Be careful when using the oven/stove
    ~Be honest when upset
    ~Bedtime is 10/11 pm
    ~Block anyone who is disrespectful/inappropriate/mean/rude to you
    ~Caregiver knows what is best for you (most of the time ;))
    ~Caregiver’s word is final
    ~Check in throughout the day even if you do not feel like it
    ~Clean the dishes
    ~Clean up any mess you make
    ~Clean your room when it gets messy
    ~Do laundry/fold and put away clothes
    ~Do not curse/keep it to a minimal
    ~Do not disobey Caregiver
    ~Do not ignore Caregiver even if you are upset
    ~Do not let anyone take advantage of you
    ~Do not lie to Caregiver
    ~Do not purposely start fights with others
    ~Do not roll your eyes at Caregiver
    ~Do not sass/back talk Caregiver
    ~Do not text and drive
    ~Do your chores daily
    ~Do your homework/work before doing fun things
    ~Drink about 64 ounces of water a day (about eight 8 oz glasses of water)
    ~Eat protein
    ~Eat fruits and veggies everyday
    ~Exercise daily
    ~Give Caregiver your full attention when they are speaking to you
    ~Get enough sleep
    ~Hold Caregiver’s hand when you are out and about and wen crossing the street
    ~If you are spending time with friends, tell Caregiver who they are and where you will be and what you will be doing
    ~If you hurt yourself in anyway, tell Caregiver right away
    ~Keep a food diary
    ~Look both ways before crossing the street
    ~Make sure bills are paid
    ~Make your bed daily
    ~No being grumpy
    ~No coffee after 7 PM
    ~No going to bed upset
    ~No harming self
    ~No purging after eating
    ~No sweets after 8 PM
    ~Little outfits are only for Caregiver
    ~Send Caregiver a daily photo of myself
    ~Set the table
    ~Show Caregiver crafts
    ~Show Caregiver what you’re wearing everyday/before you leave into the public
    ~Take care of Pets
    ~Take care of yourself (personal hygiene)
    ~Take meds every day
    ~Tell Caregiver everything
    ~Tell Caregiver if someone or something makes you scared/uncomfortable/worried/etc.
    ~Tell Caregiver if someone tries anything with you
    ~Tell Caregiver if you are having a bad day
    ~Tell Caregiver if you break a rule
    ~Tell Caregiver is anything happens
    ~Tell Caregiver when you are sick
    ~Tell Caregiver who you belong to, owns you, etc.
    ~Treat Caregiver with respect
    ~Treat yourself with respect
    ~Use your manners/being polite (Please, thank you, etc.)
    ~When Caregiver says no, they mean no

    ~A scolding
    ~Anything else Caregiver sees fit
    ~Being grounded
    ~Early bedtime
    ~Extra chores
    ~No bubbles or the toys when taking a bath
    ~No bedtime story
    ~No call/video
    ~No computer time
    ~No game app(s)
    ~No going out
    ~No photos of Caregiver
    ~No social media
    ~No sticker (for reward chart/general)
    ~No sweets/desserts
    ~No toy(s)
    ~No tv/movies/YouTube/etc.
    ~No video game(s)
    ~No wearing Caregiver’s clothes
    ~Not being able to talk for a certain period of time
    ~Writing an apology letter to Caregiver for what rule you broke
    ~Writing lines

    Punishments that are NEVER oka
    ~Anything nonconsensual
    ~Anything you or your little do not feel comfortable with
    ~Belittling your little’s feelings about ANYTHING
    ~Destroying your little’ confidence
    ~Forcing your little to do something they are uncomfortable with
    ~Giving your little the “silent treatment”
    ~Ignoring your little for ANY period of time
    ~Not letting your little take care of their necessary/basic needs (eating, going to the bathroom, sleeping, etc.)
    ~Punishing your little because you want to even if they did nothing wrong
    ~Telling your little you do not love them anymore/you do not want them anymore
    ~Using your little as an outlet for your anger (hitting or spanking them because you are angry at something else)


    Good list 😎

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    Subject Pronouns (Characters First)

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    Greetings and Times of Day (Pinyin First)

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    Les Directionnels (FRE - CHN)

    Mois de Fierté Vocabulaire (FRE - CHN)


    Lesson 1 - Basic Strokes


    Numbers (Characters First)

    Future Quizlet sets:

    Common Verbs (CHN - ENG - FRE) (approx july 4th)

    Emotions (CHN - ENG - FRE) (TBD)

    Phrases PT 1 (CHN - ENG - FRE) (approx July 10th)

    Lesson 2 for Writing (TBD, i need to find my writing workbook)

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    How to Memorize

    ~this guide is for language learners or future language learners, however, some of these tips/methods apply to memorization in general~

    Recently i’ve got many asks about memorization and since there are several methods i thought to make a post about them, (I might update this post in the future when i find out new ways of memorizing) 


    I think everyone heard of this method. You write on one side of the card your word and on the other side the translation. You can also make digital flashcards with Anki or Memrise. 


    (I actually forgot the name of the method so i improvised.) Similar with the flashcards method but you don’t waste so much paper. You write your words in a column and the translation on the other side, when you want to practice, you cover the translations and try to recall how you say the word in your target language.


    Many apps like Memrise offer sets of words already, all you have to do is to play. Some apps like this are: FunEasyLearn, Babadum, Lingo, 50languages but i think we can all agree that Memrise is the most popular.

    Contextual Learning

    It’s easier to learn in context and the easiest way to learn words in context is to either read or use an app. The most popular apps are Clozemaster, WordBrewery and Linguabee.

    For reading, you can upload your pdf on ReadLang and just click on the unknown words. The words will be saved so you can review them later. If you choose to read articles instead, then ReadLang extension or Linguarana are the best choice for this tast.

    Avoid learning 1 word

    It’s easier if you learn structures or sentences instead of individual words. However, many apps give you only 1 word so i know that this rule isn’t very easy to follow. So… let’s go to the next tip.


    When you learn a new word, try to make a sentence with it. Try to use more than 3 words though because “Anne has apples” isn’t a very complex sentence so you might forget it. Choose something that’s unforgettable to you when you make up examples.


    If you’re a bit more advanced, make a story with your words. Choose 5-10 words and try to include them in your text.

    Grab the dragon by its tail

    (I forgot the name again, okay?) This method is used for tongue twisters usually but it works on difficult words to remember too. Basically, you write the word down but you start with it’s end and you keep adding 1 new letter after you learned the previous form. 

    e.g. dragon => on - gon - agon - ragon - dragon

    Listen to songs for kids

    There are many songs on Youtube and they are made to be catchy. You can learn several new words at once if you learn a bit of the song.


    I’ve read recently about this method. Basically, you focus on the main syllable and when you need to remember the word, that syllable will help you remember the whole word.

    Replace it

    A very interesting method is writing in a language and then replacing the mot. (word) You’ll have an entire sentence in a sprog (language) except 1 word.

    Use as many senses as you can

    You can write the word, pronounce it and look at it in a dictionary. At the same time, if you repead this a couple of times, you will remember the word in no time.

    Sticky notes

    You just write the name on a sticky note and stick it to the object. This method is good because it’s like immersion, you associate the word with the object and no translation is in the way.

    Be forgetful

    You probably know that moment when you have to remember something so you just write on your wrist what you have to remember, you can do this, and at the end of the day, you can wash away those words. (however, if you don’t like people paying attention to you or talking about you, avoid this method, your hands will be full of words, everyone will notice, eventually)

    Be talkative

    If you talk to someone in your target language, you’ll more likely remember the new words or just post a text to be corrected. You have the perfect amount of stress and so, your memory pays more attention.

    Memory palace

    I disn’t use this one but i do know that Sherlock Homes uses it in the series and many people at the memory championships use it so i’ll include it in this list. Here you’ll find more informations about this technique.


    You choose a word/phrase to remind you of something else.

    e.g. afslutte = to end, to conclude, to finish
    mnemonic: If you don’t study, youll end up as a slut.

    Here you can read more about mnemonics.

    Write them weirdly

    No, i don’t mean to use a funny font but to write them with your non-dominant hand. If your right handed, use your left hand to write. You’ll focus more on your word and you’ll learn it. 

    Mind maps

    If you’re a visual person, it’s easier to make a mind map because you learn while you make it and you can even color every word with a certain color that you think it will match.

    Be dramatic

    Ever wondered how you can memorize lines from movies? (or am i the only one who knew lines from 3 seasons of Merlin?) Those actors make you associate the words with an action, they are dramatic or funny. When you learn words, try to imagine that you’re an actor and make funny voices and faces. In the end, you’ll either remember the funny voice, your feelings or the actions you’ve done but they will all make you remember the words you learn.

    Try to hand write the words

    You’ll remember the words better/faster if you write them down than if you type them.

    Languages Lovers 💜

    Hiii, i want to try to do something, I know some of you here want to learn languages and one of the most effective way to learn a language is to speak with a native speaker ! So I thought about something, if you want to learn a language and find a native speaker, send me a message with your name, country, age, hobbies, and the language(s) you want to learn ! If you want to help people who want to learn your language send me the same message telling me you want to help too :) then I’ll try to find you the perfect match ! Almost a tinder for languages lover 😂

    If you’re interesting or know people who’d be interested, tell them, reblog, like, share!

    I need your help 💜


    Pass the happy! 💐When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and send this to the last 10 people in your notifications.

    5 things that make me happy: My family and friends 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Writing and reading ✍️ Looking at the stars 💫 Watching the sun rise or the sunset 🌅 Listening to the rain and thunder ⚡️

    “11 questions tag”

    Okay soooo this is “11 questions tag”, thank you @cyclicstudies, for tagging me 🌸 Btw I am sorry for the mistakes I’ll made, I am French so that’s why 🌙

    Let’s start 💙

    Have you ever met a celebrity? If so, how’d it go?

    I don’t think so but the 30st of March I’ll meet Shawn Mendes at his concert 😇 And I would love to meet Elon Musk or Michelle Obama, they are such inspirational person for me ✨

    What do you think of gap years?

    I would love to do a gap year, probably in another country to do a humanitarian service perhaps in children education in a poor country 👼🏾

    Do you have any tattoos? Would you want any?

    I don’t have any yet but I’ll love to do this one on my ankle or wrist 🔽

    Do you attend college away from your hometown (and for those who aren’t in college, would you want to leave home)?

    I am going in college but it’s just one hour from home 🏡 In two years I’ll probably be 4 hours away and maybe even abroad, and I am so excited guys 😍

    Do you know how to drive?

    I just got my licence a week ago so I assume yes I know how to drive 🚘

    How many piercings do you have?

    One on each ear👂

    What’s your favorite holiday?

    Christmas, because who doesn’t love Christmas 🎄 but I love every holidays haha 🍁

    What’s your pet peeve?

    Those who make noise while eating ...

    What are you good at?

    I love to write and to draw but I am not really good at drawing ✍️ and I love taking pictures, I don’t know if I am good but I love it so it doesn’t matter 📸

    Which fictional character would you want to meet in real life?

    Alice from Twilight, I don’t know why but she looks so cool 👀

    What’s your favorite Disney movie?

    I have so many, I love Belle and Snow-White and Pinocchio 😍🤗

    My Questions

    What are 3 things you want to do in life ?

    What’s you favorite flower ?

    How would you name your children ? Boy and girl 👼

    What’s your favorite book ?

    What would you like to do in the future ?

    What is your favorite thing in life ?

    If you have to travel to one country, just one, which one would it be ?

    Who inspire you in life ?

    What’s your favorite cocktail ?

    What languages can you speak ?

    What’s your favorite word ? Why ?

    Rules: answer 11 questions, write another 11, and tag 11 people

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