"I'm so glad you came round."

    "After what you said yesterday, I couldn't sleep last night. I had to come and find out if you meant those things."

    "I meant them and more... I want you, I want to kiss you, to make love to you, I want to cherish... to ravish your body. I want you in my bed."

    "Oh my God.... I'm shaking."

    It had been thrilling at first for Karen, seducing Cynthia, the straight-laced office manager, and making her so willing to attend to her every sexual demand. But now the woman had become boring, it was too easy.... the thrill had gone, Karen craved fresh, more exciting, meat.

    It wasn’t Janice's fault!

    …that those emails were discovered by Carol, her PA…

    It wasn’t her fault!

    …the emails were not what they seemed… they had to be planted in her account.  They just  had to be!

    It wasn’t her fault!

    That Carol ignored her protests of innocence as she ruthlessly blackmailed her..

    It wasn’t her fault!

    That since then. Carol was compelling her to carry out increasingly humiliating and degrading tasks.  Often at the detriment of her responsibilities as MD of marketing.

    It wasn’t her fault!

    That today. Carol made her have a full ‘make over’. Hair style and clothes chosen by Carol. Carol booking her makeover for the afternoon leading to a further unexplained non-appearance at a full board meeting.

    It wasn’t her fault!

    Her career which she had sacrificed so much for was now fast disappearing!

    It wasn’t her fault!

    She was waiting for her ‘date’, Carol’s butch lesbian aunt, Beryl.  Waiting for Beryl in her new bimbo hair style, startling short LBD and vertiginous high heels. How she wished she hadn’t overlooked those emails planted in her account.

    It wasn’t her fault!

    Carol told Janice that she would be Beryl's arm candy for the evening then she was to spend the rest of the night with her.  That she wasn’t a lesbian didn’t matter.  Carol had instructed her that she was to do anything Beryl demanded of her. ‘…and I do mean anything.  Or else!’ …

    It wouldn’t be her fault!

    Janice would discover that spending all night between Beryl's thighs licking, kissing and tonguing pussy would, once again, make her arrive late at office.  It would be the straw that broke the camel’s back and Janice Smith, MBA and once high flying corporate executive, would be dismissed.

    Whenever Jenny rang from the suppliers, Nell ended up having a long chat with her, that often got increasingly intimate. And if Nell was alone in the office, she could get off on the conversation.... one day they'd meet up, but until then the phone sex was something to look forward to.

    "I heard you two last night... you're right above me and the bed springs were twanging right through the ceiling. When he's gone, come back to me and I'll show you what real lovemaking is like, you sexy minx.... I'll show you what you've been missing."