Diaper Boy
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2023-03-31 01:09:21

    Diaper check cucky! Btw I’ve been LOVING your patreon updates, your lil bib and baby bonnet?? Too cute 😘

    Oh, make this check a video of you squishing your needy pussy through your pampers, and let all your followers know how long it’s been since daddy decided to touch you. Now, cuck.

    Sorry for the late reply 😣 here’s me rubbing over my squishy diaper, don’t tell daddy 😇

    I can’t honestly remember when he last touched me, probably not at all this month, except to tease me around my diapers 😣😣😣


    You’re such a naughty little baby, but we can take care of that


    Lots of little babies that want/need their adulthood taken away need a lot of care and security. A lot of them are easily vulnerable and fearful to the point where they might have spikes of anxiety that can push them out of their comfort… whether it is due to realizing that they are losing more and more of their control and abilities or that they are thinking way too far ahead of their own good for what might come next. 

    The first thing needed is to make sure that they get touched and smothered a lot. Caressing, cuddles, hugs, cradling, tickles, kisses, rubs… whatever is needed to make sure that she isn’t alone and that she knows that someone is there for her, to make sure that there is someone there to give her as much warmth and care. It especially helps when it continues during feedings, changes, playing, and tucking them in for naptime. Constant touching and insurance for little ones to know that someone is there to make them feel extra special, whilst also causing whatever icky feelings they have to be replaced with ones that cause them to giggle and smile a lot. Anything that smothers them to the point where their head feels fuzzy and soft, making them nearly sleepy all the time is the best outcome for your little one. 

    That and means to make sure that they don’t hurt themselves is the best course of action. Don’t want them to run around or go to places she isn’t? Baby bouncers, baby walkers, and an assortment of lock-in contraptions for the little one to be secure in whilst they watch teletubbies, peppa the pig, and an assortment of shows meant for newborns to toddlers. Locking mittens and/or locking plastic panties to make sure that they have very little grasp of what adults can do and also can’t take off their much needed panties. Straps for changing tables and high chairs are needed for little ones that need to loosen their adult ‘responsibilities and capabilities’ from their mind until they become completely relaxed and docile, until the only fussy element that remains is a little baby that just wants to play more and more. Whatever means to make sure that they are safe and know that they are completely dependent and needing of someone to care for them as their adult independence is chipped away over and over until such things of ‘independence’ are gone. 

    Making sure that your baby is safe and happy is the best step of making sure that your little one is safe and happy in her new infantile life permanently. Might take patience, but the reward of a little baby that squeals and drools over herself as you walk towards her with her baba or toys is a reward for both caretaker and baby alike.