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    Her (v/o): Secretly, I knew I’d get a ton of attention showing off my belly at the beach like this—and I got super turned on by the thought. Getting admired...watched...as my belly glistened in the summer sunshine...sent a shiver down my spine...


    The trip was a little awkward, but you were proud of your Mother for standing up for her decision. She came back from the surf and asked you if you wanted to walk hand in hand down the shore. There were always a few curious girls.

    "This? Oh, this is my son's baby. It wasn't planned, but we just felt it was the right thing to do. My husband and I are very excited!"

    It usually raised a ton of eyebrows, but few really felt comfortable judging. They'd ask a few polite questions, but they really just wanted to touch the belly. Everyone loves to see a lady with a baby.

    ‘A’ came into the kitchen sat beside me and laid her head on my shoulder.

    “Hey babe.” She said.

    “Hey. Done for the day?.

    "Yep. So glad that’s over. Hubs seems be having a bad day though. Something is definitely not going his way.”

    “Uhoh.” I knew what this was about and knew that it meant something catastrophic for his project.

    “Ya. He’s been stressin pretty hard. I rubbed his back and shoulders. He’s pretty tight.”

    “Hungry? There’s lunch in the fridge. I’m gonna go check on him.”

    “Ya. He could use a distraction. I’ll eat and keep an eye on the kids.”

    I kissed her and she melted into me. I ran my hand up her thigh and found she had not put her panties on today. I slipped my fingers over mound. She was super wet. She moaned.

    “I love when you do that. I’ve missed kissing you”

    I smiled and slid a finger into her and kissed her neck. I’m sure I could feel Hubs seed in her from thier morning love making. She breath hissed as I teased her clit.

    “I’ve been leaking all morning. Fuu…”

    The back door suddenly opened. I leaned on her shoulder.

    “Whatcha need buddy?” She asked somewhat breathlessly.

    “Just getting a drink” and just a quickly he was gone.

    My fingers hadn’t stopped circling her clit the entire time. I dipped into her and covered my fingers in their mixed cum then massages the creamy substance all over her womanhood. It didn’t take another minute until she was cumming on my fingers. I kissed her until she came down and was able to relax.

    “I really missed that.”

    “Me too. Maybe we can find some more time for that later. I need go check on Hubs.”

    She kissed me again and I headed towards Hubs office.

    I opened the door slowly. Hubs was still on a call. I slid in the door and closed it behind me making sure to ease the lock in place. Hubs looked up and gave me a brief smile before looking back down to his screens. He was in full engineer mode and was discussing some process using terms I won’t even lie an say I understood. All I got was something wasn’t right, it didn’t make sense, and Hubs was grasping at straws. 

    I moved around his desk and pulled my gown up over my head. As soon as the discarded garment hit the floor I hear..

    “Uh..Mike. I gotta go. Call me later when you have an update.”

    He hung up the phone as I turned his chair towards me. 

    “Babe, what are you doing?”

    “A little birdie told me you were having a tough day and I thought I would come in here and do something about it.” I sat on the edge of his desk. 

    Hubs sat back and took in the view. I reached out my hand to him he sat forward and put his head in my hand. I rubbed his bald head and pulled him to my chest. His chair rolled closer to me and i put my legs up onto the arms of his chair. He kissed my sternum and up over my chest. I leaned into him as he kissed up my neck. His hands wrapped around my waist as I leaned over to kiss him. Our tongues danced in the familiar passion we’ve perfected after 24 years together. His moan enflames me still.

    He let me reach down and pull up his shirt. I broke our kiss to pull it over his head. He returned to me and pulled his head to my breasts. He quickly attached himself to my nipple and suckled hungrily. I sucked in my breathe. “I’ve missed you” I moaned into the top of his head. He slowly slid his mouth over to my other breast and repeated his suckling. I wrapped my legs around him and enjoyed his tongue as it swirled and wrapped around the sensitive nipple. I so miss feeding him.

    “I need you.” I moaned into the top of his head. 

    He broke the suction on my tits and kissed down my belly. He stopped and kissed some more around my c-section scars. I smiled “Your baby might be growing in there now” 

    He kissed some more. “Wouldn’t that be a wonder. A welcome and beautiful wonder” He kissed lower. I leaned back and opened my legs as his tongue dove into my womanhood. I held his head as he made out with my sex, lapping up the juices flowing freely from my core. I whimpered as he suckled gently as my swollen clit. I was on fire for him and was cumming on his tongue in no time. He held me as my legs squeezed his head and shook uncontrollably. 

    He let me regain my senses and I pushed him away from me. I stood on shaky unsteady legs and pulled him up out of his chair. I pulled his shorts down and he kicked them off as they pooled at his feet. My hand cupped his testicles and I rolled each large orb around in my fingers. My massive 6′5″ husband was stiff putty in my hands and the power of it is intoxicating. I stepped back and gently coaxed him to follow me. I released my hold on him and laid down on the carpet. I reached up for him as he knelt between my legs. His hardness bouncing obscenely. I could a see a stringy clear line drip down from the flared head onto my pussy. 

    He leaned over me and I pulled my legs up. His hard flesh slid up through the wet folds of my sex. I groaned as the thick ridge raked over my swollen clit. His hips slowly pumped sliding his skin against mine. 

    “I need you baby. I missed you.” 

    He leaned back and I put my feet on his chest. His cock slipped lower and I worked my hips to get him into position. Hubs leaned forward pushing my legs up against my chest. This caused my hips to rock back and his pressed into me. I reveled in the sensation as I opened around his manhood. I held my breath until I felt him “pop” into me. His groan was deep and joined my own as he slowly slid into my wet center. 

    Gently he pushed and shifted and pushed some more until he was seated inside me. I held his head as he began to pump into me slowly. Each downward thrust pressing my back and hips into the carpet. It wasn’t long until he began a steady rhythm. Each stroke pressing deeper into me.

    “That’s it baby. I’ve missed you so.“

    He seperated my legs and layer down between them. I locked my heels behind him and kissed him. His body rocking into mine slowed. He pressed deep, God so very deep, into me. I squealed against his lips as he kissed me. He slowly rocked his hips in slow circles. I could feel him stirring our fluids inside me. He pressed in an again and came hard. I slapped at the floor, his arms, and anything else in reach as my eyes rolled back into my head. He just pressed in and circled his hips agonizingly slow over and over. I came again. He just held me and fucked into me as I shook beneath him.

    He did stop long enough for me to catch my breathe before picking up his rhythm again. I moaned and squealed and pleaded for him to cum in me. He finally came explosively as he growled intensely. I felt each glorious pulse as his seed burst forth out of coating me in his heat.

    I held and kissed his drooped head as he breathed through his release. I love feeling his muscles tense and jerk as he deposits his seed in me.

    We held each other and smiled as both heard his cell phone buzzing on his desk. I had heard it a few times before too.

    "You should probably call them back. It might be good news.” I said kissing him softly.

    His body tensed and his shoulders drooped a bit. He didn’t want to go. I held him until he was ready.

    When he finally slipped out of me and stood he helped me get up off the floor and held me as my legs were a bit unsteady. I heard some soft foot steps pad away from the door.

    He sat is chair and slowly reached for his phone. I pulled my my gown on as he read through his messages. I kissed head and told him it would get better and headed for the door.

    I checked on the big kids finishing thier school work and headed into the kitchen. 'A’s red flush told me all I needed to know.

    She had listened to us make love too.

    Him (v/o): We had our shower re-done about a year ago. Helen really liked it when I would shower with her, but it just wasn’t big enough for the two of us. So we had it enlarged. She loved it when I would get her all soaped up and then take her from behind...

    Needless to say, Helen got pregnant about a month after we re-did the shower. And I’d say we have the perfect pregnancy shower. She might have an enormous belly, but there’s still plenty of room for both of us...I can soap up her belly, spoon her, give her a nice, long belly rub...and then take her hands and gently hold them as I slide her up against the wall as her butt nestles against me...

    requests #332

    1. A woman is made to carry a witch’s baby, being told to give birth to a healthy baby. Not believing the witch actually made her pregnant, the woman continues her clubbing lifestyle. Nine months later, the woman is fat and ready to pop but the witch notices that the baby is not healthy. The witch tells her to do is right this time and regresses the baby into a fertilized egg. The woman goes through the pregnancy again but with all the weight gain and changes from the first pregnancy.

    2. In this world, from the moment your water breaks, all the way until it is fully out, your baby grows one pound larger with every half hour that passes. A woman is struggling for hours until her baby is stuck crowning at 24 pounds, with a toddler sized head, her birth canal and womb stretched to the max. Now she must choose to try to finish at home, or drive herself to the ER for help. Bonus points if she’s having twins

    3. The world is over populated. Scientists are trying to find ways to curb the birthrate without entirely cutting off pregnancy. One scientist comes up with a chip that can be inserted in women to control their ovulation. Women can only ovulate once a year which mean all the women in the world fall pregnant at the same time. Only a certain number of babies can be born though and when that number has been reached the chip will stop the contractions and the women will continue being pregnant.

    4. Requesting a story about a male teacher (preferably married and around 30-40) impregnating his student (18+ of course.) and the student has to keep it a secret for as long as she can, the teacher making accommodations for her and boasting in his achievement. Bonus points of he is a health or biology teacher so he can use her as an example in his class.

    5. Could you do one about a goddess and her human girlfriend expecting their baby? Mostly fluffy but bonus points if the human woman becomes super fucking horny during her pregnancy and the goddess is happy to help out. More bonus points if the goddess and the baby both have wings and the human woman has to push a winged baby out.

    6. Could you do a female with an ovipositor putting eggs into a male partner during sex and he has to incubate the eggs inside him until just before they hatch? Maybe in the days before he has to lay them he can feel the eggs moving around inside him. Maybe one of the eggs hatches inside him and causes complications.

    7. How about a historical birth? Maybe where the woman (or non-specified first person POV) is on the frontier and there’s no one around to help when the time comes to give birth.

    8. A large animal or something chooses to nest by forcing itself into a woman’s uterus to lay its eggs. Once it’s done, it begins to painfully fight its way out again, leaving its eggs behind. (struggle, but no gore please)

    9. How about a story of how an unbirth goes but instead of doing a grown person who’s getting unbirthed and turning into a baby, how about a man gets shrunk down into a baby then gets Unbirthed and then a rapid gestation and comes out grown with a switched gender or something like that to give a reason in having to have a fully grown Unbirth, birth?

    10. Can you do a smug omega (male) in heat with his alpha (male) worshiping his curves and fucking him while telling him how much he wants to breed and fill his omega with pups? Cum inflation and rapid pregnancy too would be cool, the alpha adds more pups to his omega’s size with each fuck. 3rd person please

    11. Imagine you and your husband are scientists who specialize in hormone therapy and you do experiments on each other. This physically transforms you both into fertile breeders with a breeding mentality. With urges to breed over work, you and your husband retire to a farm in the countryside and you RP as a bull and cow-mare as your husband is in fact big and muscular and is packing while you have plump-curvy hips and udders, thanks to the hormones. Just imagine how much you’re going to lactate and procreate when your bull feeds you with his milk and yours and anything else you can eat while he fills you to the brim with his seed.

    12. There was this mini book I read about a guy who lived rent free as long as he got this lady’s 3 daughters pregnant and kept getting them pregnant. It didn’t really have any pregnancy content beyond saying one of the daughters was in labor. Hopefully someone here can fix that

    13. Request: a witch is on her way into a planned parenthood clinic to get a check up. She sees a group of old Christian women protesting outside in the parking lot. She’s annoyed by them so she casts a 45 minute spell on them. For 45 minutes they will have to carry a big fat pregnant belly full of up to 4 babies and in the last 5 minutes they’ll pop them out in a quick and gushy birth. The Christian women’s ages vary from 40 to 65 years. The older ones are weighed down by their guts.

    14. I’d love to see more stories of old ladies getting heavily pregnant and their adult children reacting to it. Maybe a 70 year old get pregnant with triplets and carries them to term.

    15. A story where the main character has gone through menopause but she somehow becomes heavily pregnant with multiples (that’s what it feels and looks like) but her grown children, family and friends don’t believe her and think she’s just getting fat. She goes into labor on thanksgiving in front of everyone proving them wrong.


    Young girl in early labor looks down at her belly as it hardens during a contraction.

    Photo by partner


    You grew up together, idealistic young teens with professor parents, who were going to leave their little mountain village to see the world!  You would become a world renowned poet, and reveal the horrors of your terrible government to the international community!  She was going to be a dancer in Paris for the national company, and bring your culture to audiences over the world.  

    You were all set to leave for medical school when the fighting started.  First as little rumors, then as skirmishes breaking out on TV, then shelling just outside of town.  When it came time to choose, you decided to fight.  You slipped away from your bedroom in the middle of the night, and said goodbye to your sweetheart before leaving for war.  

    She was in tears begging you to stay, but you were a man of principle, it was your duty to fight.  She understood, and let you go, but not before she got something very important from you.  It broke all of your culture’s taboos, but she needed to have your baby in case, in case…  You held a finger to her face, undressed her slender girlish body, and made love to her by moonlight, dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s.

    The fighting was quick and brutal.  A UN-brokered ceasfire had let you escape with your life, just before the government had you completely surrounded.  Everywhere you went was burned towns and scattered bodies.  You feared for the worst.  When you got home, little was left standing.  Your home had been hit by an airstrike, a passersby not sure if anyone survived.  You had lost hope when you saw her in the marketplace.  She was round with your child and carrying water with several small children.

    You dropped your bag and sprinted towards her.  She was weeping with joy.  You held her tight and broke down in her arms.  Her face was dirty, but it brought out the blue in her eyes.  You didn’t need Pushkin or Paris. She was pregnant with your child and safe in your arms. That was all that would ever matter to you ever again.