do not use betterhelp. do not support betterhelp. do not believe betterhelp.


    -do not vet their therapists

    -forcefully shut down negative commentary

    -lie to therapists

    -lie to consumers

    -trap therapists in exploitative contracts

    -sells users data



    Since I know a lot of my followers are also LGBTQ+: Pride Counseling is operated by the same company as Better Help, so don’t use them either.


    from personal expirence, i am begging yall to completely avoid betterhelp. they specifically push christian therapists onto patients who ask for non-christian help. they did it to me and theyve done it to others. the therapists will consistently pressure you into using a camera or doing audio calls, even if you request against it. the therapists are actively homophobic and transphobic and will spread that rhetoric during your sessions.

    do not use betterhelp. do not even give them the time of day.


    I have colleagues who have found public-facing profiles FOR THEMSELVES that are being run by Better Help despite being completely unaffiliated with the company. In at least one case, the profile was riddled with inaccuracies and bad info and the way my colleague FOUND OUT IT EXISTED was by being issued an initial warning by their fucking licensing board about it. You are reading that correctly, she was sanctioned by her licensing board for a public facing profofessional profile page she hadNO PART IN CREATING AND DID NOT KNOW EXISTED because A COMPANY SHE DID NOT WORK FOR decided to make shit up for it.

    Better Help is incredibly unethical and should not be allowed to continue existing given its current business practices.