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    The only major chain retail store that I know of that allows their cashiers to sit is the Aldi grocery store, a German chain. Their starting pay is also $12 an hour chain-wide.

    The interior of the store looks like this so they save money on the annoying shelf restocking. Products remain in their boxes until being removed by customers.  No unboxing and putting stuff on shelves, and constantly having to rearrange it. Also, the boxes make inventory a breeze as a sealed box has a defined number of items in it. 

    Typical American grocery stores have shelves like this

    Every item has to be unboxed and neatly stacked on the shelves. If they get messed up by the customers, everything has to be rearranged back to specific rigid order. When you have to verify the inventory, every item has to be removed from the shelves to be counted and put back. Aldi’s also do not have plastic bags. You can buy reusable bags or simply use the empty cardboard boxes that are available.

    Last is the carts. Most grocery stores have their carts strewn across the parking lots, rolling around and hitting cars until a store employee is sent out to collect them, after being yelled at by the manager when they were told to do other tasks in the meantime. Aldi’s chains those carts together and you have to put a Quarter in to release it. When you are done, you plug the chain back in and get your Quarter back. If others are lazy, you can collect and return the loose carts and collect the Quarters. 

    It stops this…

    Then the employees have to do this


    reblogging this because I love Alidis


    With the exception of the shelf stacking, all of this is totally normal in every single supermarket chain in the UK… what the heck America


    Same for Germany… why would you make it any more complicated than that. Just. Why not let them sit??


    They’re not normal for no reason. The right to sit during work seems normal for most retail workers in these countries because they are it is part of the labor rights that have been won by unions. Sometimes the right to sit was won in an agreement with the store and sometimes it was put down in national laws.

    For example, in the UK your employer legally has to provide you with a comfortable seat if you do work that can be done while seating. In the Netherlands you have to be provided a seat if you work at a cash register for more than 4 hours a day or for more than 1 hour uninterrupted.



    i have spent literal years working jobs where i could not sit while on the clock (cashier, convenience store clerk) and…. wow why do i live here seriously.


    I ❤ Aldi. Good and affordable food!

    This Is New York City

    As I embarked on the 2 train, I see to my right someone wrapped in blankets stretched out across the long bank seats close to the doors separating the cars. In front of me is a lady leaning on the pole who is wearing Givenchy slides (see picture). She loudly professed that, "I've been leaning on this pole since before y'all came on the train." Mind you, the train is packed.

    I positioned myself near the doors. The individual (they looked like a woman) woke up and stretched them went back to sleep. As the train arrived at 116th St, I saw a man with a big stroller about to embark so I decided to move and stand against the doors separating the train cars.

    Moments later, I felt the doors open so I step aside for the man to enter our car. He stopped and proceeded to lean against the doors (the same doors I was against). Thankfully, a young lady gave me her seat. Interestingly, the three of us (seat reliever, friend, and me) watched the guy intensely because he acted erratically standing over her body.

    I'm not arguing with someone with Givenchy slides.

    This is New York City.


    Beyoncé is Thanos.


    1. Beyonce (2009)


    2. Beyonce - Single Ladies (also featured in Dr.Strange)


    3. Beyonce with Scott Lang performing Single Ladies.


    4. Beyonce Pepsi Ad - Grown Woman (2013)



    5. “Beyoncé exists in the MCU, as she was name-dropped in Doctor Strange. And Wong is a part of the Beyhive, canonically.”


    6. Beyonce after getting a new infinity stone


    7. “The end is near. When I’m done, half of Destinys Child will still exist. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be. I hope they remember you.” - Beythanos


    8. *snap*


    Good frigging night....🤣🤣🤣🤣


    group meeting before they fight thanos

    tony: not naming names but if Some People, [looks pointedly at the guardians of the galaxy] Actually did their JOB, thanos wouldnt even have gotten to earth

    gamora: well if Some People [looks pointedly at thor] didnt let their little brother steal an infinity stone and wreak havok, thanos wouldnt have even have cared about earth

    everyone: [incomprehensible yelling]

    steve: GUYS Stop! youre All forgetting something……….Tony also put an infinity stone in his stupid ass robot

    I love going into a new year in full awareness of the previous one. It gives me a sense of focus - a better idea of what needs restructuring, way more attention, less of my energy, etc. Have you taken some time out for yourself and assessed 2017 in preparation for a stronger 2018?

    Whip out a piece of paper, your notes app, a journal (whatever works best) and start by asking yourself:

    - What’s the biggest life lesson you learned in 2017?

    - What’s the biggest lesson you learned about yourself?

    - What’s something you accomplished this year that you’re really proud of?

    - What’s something you didn’t accomplish this year that you’re going to focus more energy on next year?

    - What are changes you made in 2017 that made 2016 a stronger year?

    - Were you kind to yourself? And to those around you?

    - Overall, was 2017 good to you? And were you good to it?

    “Step into the fire of self-discovery. This fire will not burn you, it will only burn what you are not.” - Mooji

    Sending all of you so much love. Happy Holidays!

    - Fran


    at the end of the day Ashley, Richonne is just fantasy, it's lame how all you negros are desperate for white dick. today you still resemble a cockroach with buggy eyes, you look like drunk Bob with a wig. if you catch a white man, it won't be good looking, it will be a 60+ redneck with saggy balls. but it's ok because you only care for the white dick, right?

    That’s right! 😬


    @cake-by-thepound I’m reblogging this for the White Dick™ even though it’s like my seventeenth favourite thing in the world hahahahaha


    hmm funny how it was andys back that got all flushed during that makeout scene, not ricks. funny how it was andy praising the fuck out of michonne and danai. such fiction wow. much fantasy.


    white male cast members 

    can NEVER

    keep their hands

    off of her.

    probably bc of her white skin and blue eyes and straight blonde hair right? bc what could be more attractive than that?

    oh wait lmao!

    her beautiful dark skin and black features can bitch




    There's so much R&B to be found, no excuses (pt. 2):

  • Sampha
  • Bibi Bourelly
  • Guordan Banks
  • Ari Lennox
  • Vanessa White
  • Justine Skye
  • NAO
  • Noname
  • Roy Woods
  • June’s Diary
  • PJ
  • Eryn Allen Kane
  • Jamila Woods
  • Kehlani
  • Gallant
  • H.E.R.
  • Anderson .Paak
  • Gabriel Garzon-Montano
  • D.R.A.M.
  • Raury
  • Ambre Perkins
  • Samaria
  • Sinead Harnett
  • Ella Mai
  • Paloma Ford
  • “As a black American man you’re taught that you have to be the most imposing, the most physical, that much better than your counterparts—and being homosexual is perceived as the inverse of that. But finding Chiron’s character, for me, had very little to do with [his] sexuality, because I feel like you fall in love with the mental aspect of people, not the physical. If I’d been born loving men, I’d love them the same way I love women. For me, it was really more about learning to hate myself, because Chiron hates himself. I had to allow myself to feel this disdain towards other people because I couldn’t accept myself. I really didn’t know I wanted to be an actor until this role. [Acting] always felt like pretending. But with this character, I felt as far removed from myself as I could be—and I loved this person. I cried for him.”  -  Trevante Rhodes about his role in Moonlight


    so my brother was telling me about this human resources certification he attended a while ago. in a panel, the panelist asked a bunch of people in attendance, “who here knows if an applicant for a job is right for it in under 60 seconds?”

    hands shot up around the room, people smug about their ability to “weed out the riff-raff” when it came to hiring for their fortune 500.

    “you should all be fired and probably in jail,” they said, waiting for the whole room to get uncomfortable, then continued, “because the only things you can really learn about a human being in under 60 seconds are all things that are fueled by prejudices and biases covered by american law. so now, i will teach you how to stop being racist, sexist, judgmental assholes and hire people that will better your company of employ.”


    I need this to be force taught at all companies

    On This Day, A Year Later

    Only me, only the subway A recently released hospital patient (he still had his wristband) gave me a Forever 21 dress with the security tag (He said I can go to any barber shop to cut the tag) This is after he told me that: 1.) Nobody better try to steal his stuff; 2.) He has a daughter in Philly who will give him money when he asks; 3.) He showed me how much cash he has; 4.) He's a rolling stone like the song; 5.) He offered me an orange apron and a grey sweater; 6.) "Nobody can take your s--t either" I gave him back the dress after another man on the train said that "my husband would be upset if I came home with a dress from another man." Why me?

    No Thanks! (The Amazon Position is NOT My Thing)

    I’m walking to the train station this morning. My pace is quick and my demeanor connotes FOCUS. I see a stroller outside of an apartment building and a man is lying down next to it. My first thought is “Why is this guy lying down on the ground next to a stroller?” My eyes quickly meet his. He proceeds to catcall me, “Mommy! Hey!” Suddenly, he throws up his legs in the air. His legs are spread wide open as he yells at me to get my attention. I walk past him and think, “Why me, Lord?” (Google Amazon position, #NSFW) #catcalling #nowomanever