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2020-05-11 19:41:32

    One of the most important things in my life when it comes to making it, keeping it going.. I was thinking about it the other day, is recommitment. And everyone talks about commitment. We’re very on & off about it. We try to commit to a diet, we try to commit to a thing, & then we give up, or we have a bad day & we go “Ahh, I blew all that!” But the key, my friends, is recommitment. So, even if you were great all week in something, if you were writing a book, or you were working on a diet, or whatever the thing is. Then Saturday & Sunday, you slip & you go “Eh, I screwed that up.” Nope! You still have 5 good days out of 7. You recommit on a Monday, you catch 5 more. So, you go 5 steps forward, 2 steps back. Sometimes, you go 7 steps forward & 4 steps back. But, you still have the 3. And if you keep building like that, with recommitment, that’s how you travel. A jellyfish goes like this (back & forth, back & forth) & if you go forward more than you go back, you’re going forward. So, whatever it is you’re doing, & this comes at the right time because this is around the time where new year’s resolutions start to fail completely. Whatever your new year’s resolution was, just recommit. It’s very easy to do. I’m sure you probably had two weeks of something before you gave it up. Those two weeks are still there. Build off of those, & keep going & going.

    — John Mayer talking about recommitment on his Sunday night livestream, Current Mood

    You know what? I let myself down. Every time I want to do something, commit to something, make someone happy, be a good guy; it's always me that ruins all these. Always in the blood. A horrible life ahead, no matter how beautiful people surround me with.

    Yes, I feel like giving up tonight.