Family Thanksgiving

    I sit on the floor playing with toys with James as my family sits around me talking. One big family gathering at my grandparents for thanksgiving. I keep playing with my toys as James stands up and announces to everyone “ I have to pee pee” and run offs to the bathroom.

    Everyone chuckles at this as I just sit on the floor blushing. I looked down at my spread legs seeing my puffed out white diaper sitting between my legs.

    “How’s my baby boys diaper” Alex says looking at me.

    I blush again knowing full well that it’s soaked and the grumbling in my stomach that my thanksgiving meal would soon be joining it. I look back up at my beautiful mommy. “It’s fine mommy”

    She smiles back at me and goes back to talking with my mother, aunts and cousins. I sat there thinking. This time last year I was sitting on the couch talking with family. But over the past last year mommy found my deep desire to be a baby again and with her new job it made it so I wouldn’t have to work.

    So mommy made me her baby again. Back into diapers I went. At first she keep it quiet then she figured that since I couldn’t go all day in a dirty diaper that I needed a babysitter. So her friend who needed some place to stay moved in. Alex told my whole family at my 25th birthday party when she had the whole family in the living room she stood me up and pulled my pants down showing off my soaked diaper covered by my babyish onesie. Since then I was the baby nothing more.

    I would still do things around the house like a normal man. I still fixed things up and changed oil in the cars. Just now I normal didn’t have pants on or a nice onesie with snap crouch pants on when it got colder out. I went to bed with a fleece sleeper on and was normal feed my dinner like a toddler when in the house by mommy Alex or Auntie Brook. The house took on a more babyish look with a oversized playpen in the living room. An adult sized high chair in the Kitchen. When I misbehaved they took no time in pulling my pants down and spanking my bottom red.

    James came back from the bathroom and started to play again. I reached forward to grab a car near him and froze. I had lifted my butt just enough off the floor that my poopy had pushed its way into my diaper. Mommy always gives me a bottle after I eat with a medication to make be use my diapers. I feel the large mushy mess feel the seat of my diaper in seconds and with out a single though about what I had just done I sit right back down pushing the mushy mess up both ways in my pants.

    I’ve lost counts of the times I’ve filled my pants in front of family, friends or even public. The worst time was at build a bear. When I filled them so much it came out the top of my diapee so everyone could see.

    Soon I could see mommy’s nose winkle as the smell of a dirty diaper hits her.

    “Little man did you make a boom boom in your pants again?” mommy said.

    The whole room went quiet waiting for me to respond.

    “No mommy no poopy poo here” I said wiggling and grinding my poopy diaper into the floor feeling my mushy mess.

    “Well..ok..little man if yo say so I will trust you” mommy said back and we all went back to what we were doing.

    Soon my mother said “I smell a poopy diaper. Alex are you sure he didn’t fill them”

    “Nope” she said as she stood up and kneeled down behind me.

    “Lean forwards baby so mommy can look” she said as she pulled the waist band of my diaper back to expose the mushy mess that awaited her. She waved her hand in front of her face.

    “Wow my little man has some stinky pants, I think we need to fix that right now follow me little man” mommy said.

    Alex stood up and walked down the hallway as I put my cars down and starting crawling behind her. My bulging brown stained diaper swaying between my legs as I moved.

    I blushed deep red as Tay says over everyone “damn Jay your one smelly baby. I’m glad my James has learned how to use the potty at 5. Pretty sure in 20 years he won’t be in diapers like a baby would be”

    Tears start to form as we reach the back bedroom and I sit back on my legs as mommy pulls my fire truck changing mat out of my diaper bag and lays it on the floor. She pulls a fresh diaper and wipes out.

    “Come here little boy and lay down” Alex said

    I crawl over to the changing mat and plop down on my messy diaper. I lay down and put my knees up to give mommy room to be at my feet.

    Suddenly I let out a wet fart into my diaper followed quickly by more mush pushing my already bulging diaper out more.

    “Well my my you finish up little man I will wait a minute. Don’t want to spoil a clean diaper to fast do we...why don’t you give it one good push baby!” Mommy says

    I scrunch my face and grunt giving one big push nothing comes out. I open my eyes to see mommy resting her hand on my diaper and smiling a big smile at me.

    “All done?” She says.

    I just shake my head yes and she reaches into the diaper bag and pulls out a pacifier and puts it in my mouth. She undid the diapers tapes and pulled it open to see the damage. I looked up at mommy as she looked into my stinky diaper. She looked up at me and gave a big smile. She took the diaper and used it as a wipe to remove the poopy from my bottom. She then had me left my bottom up so she could wipe it clean.

    After my bottom was clean she pulled the diaper out and folded it up. Setting it aside. She put the new diaper under me and pulling it up between my legs. She reached behind her and grabbed the baby powder and sprinkled it on my crouch and in the diaper before pulling it tight and taping it shut. She grabbed my hands and pulled me up sitting.

    Mommy pulled out a baby blue onesie with little teddy bears on it. She pulled it over my head and pushed me back onto my back to finish pulling it. She snapped the crouch snaps and helped me up sitting.

    “Ok little boy I have a BIG task for you. Can you be mommy big boy and take your dirty diaper to the trash outside for mommy. This way we don’t have to smell your dirty diaper the rest of the day. You can walk to the trash also baby but you will crawl as soon as you get back in the house. Mommy wants to see your diapered butt giggle!” mommy said.

    I shook my head yes and took the diaper in hand and walked out of the bedroom holding my diaper. As I came back into the house I heard mommy telling everyone how my big of a mess I made in my pants could have filled the a hole back in.

    I crawl in back into the living room as everyone laughs.

    “Oh look how cutie he looks” my aunt says.

    Mommy smacks my diapered butt as I crawl by. “Yep still clean” she announced to everyone. I blush deep red as I sit there in front of everyone again playing with the toy cars on the floor as I feel warmth fill the front of my diaper. There I sit 25 years old wetting myself like an infant wearing a baby style onesie sucking on a pacifier. Knowing we still have mommy’s family’s thanksgiving to go to!


    With Thanksgiving tomorrow here is a little throw back to family thanksgiving.

    A perfect evening

    All characters in this story are consenting adults well over the age of 18.

    I’m in the bedroom with my LittleOne. The door is closed because baby boys are curious and I don’t want to be chasing him all over the house tonight. There’s a playmat on the floor with some stuffies and legos and other toys. My BabyBoy is playing quietly with his legos and it gives me a chance to do some ‘Mommy stuff’. I’m on the bed planning out the week on my iPad. As I start to fill in LittleOne’s chore chart I get a whiff of something stinky. Just a hint of it and it isn’t even enough to be sure what I smelled so I take another sniff of the air. Oh yes, I definitely smell poopies. Hoping I didn’t miss the whole show, I subtly glance over at my Babyboy. I can’t help but smile when I see him squatting and leaning on one of his toys for balance as he scrunches his face. It looks like this is quite a pushie and I make a mental note to make sure my littleguy eats some more fiber at his next meal. He is grunting and straining and struggling. Finally I see his diaper start bulging downward as I hear a big sigh. He takes in another big breath and bares down again. That’s when he notices me and catches my eye. Blushing, he diverts his gaze to the floor.

    “Such a good boy” I coo wanting him to know this is what I want too.

    He shyly smiles at me as he finishes his poopie with a big groan. He turns and goes back to playing. I can’t help but feel bad. My poor baby must have had quite the tummy ache. He looks like he feels so much better. Maybe I need to be pushing more water sippys throughout the day along with his fiber.

    “Hey sweetie? Can you please come here?”

    “But I’m trying to build my castle mommy.” He whines.

    “What did Mommy just ask?” I say, so he knows there is no getting out of this.

    Immediately he comes over looking at the floor. I stand up from the bed and motion for him to turn around. I cup the bulge in the back of his diaper and give it a firm squeeze up agains his bum and his head instinctively falls backwards, his mouth open. I love how much he loves that.

    I turn him around facing me and run my hand over the bulge in the front of his diaper before sliding my hand between his legs and reaching around again to his bum to press his messy bulge forward towards his balls. He whines about getting messy.

    “Honey, you don’t need to worry about that. Mommy is here and I’m the one cleaning your messy bottom. Mommy wants a very messy boy to clean.” I whisper in his ear and I see his apprehensions disappear as he lets himself truly experience his desires.

    I turn him around once more and give him a firm smack right on his poopy bulge as he lets out an involuntary moan. I lay him on the bed on top of the changing mat. It takes every ounce of self control I have to not rip off the diaper and mount his cock but I want to do this right.

    I slowly untape the diaper and peel off the front. But my desire gets the best of me. Seeing my man so regressed and allowing me to take care of such an intimate moment of his makes me so wet and wild. His cock is standing straight up practically pulsing.

    “Babyboy, do you want mommy to ride your chubby?”

    “Oh yes Mommy, please.” He begs

    I climb on top of him and guide his thick cock into my dripping pussy. He may be my little boy but, he has the most perfectly exquisite cock of any man I have ever been with.

    “That’s my boy.” I say as I ease down on his cock. God he feels so good.

    “Does it feel good being in mommy’s kitty? You make mommy feel so good baby boy. You did such a good job making a poopy for mommy in your diapers.”

    When I feel both me and him getting close I can’t help myself and the words spill out of my mouth. “Does it feel good fucking mommy on top of your diaper with your big poopy pressing up against your bottom? You are mommy’s dirty dirty boy. Mommy loves how naughty you are.”

    “Mommy I can’t…I’m gonna”

    “Cum in your poopies for mommy Baby”

    And with that my man erupts into me and I explode in a furry of pleasure.

    We catch our breath and I hop off him grabbing the wipes and cleaning myself before tending to him.

    I make sure to tell him what a good boy he is and how happy he made me by using his diapers while I clean and wipe down every inch, crack, and crevice. I roll up the dirty diaper and put a clean one under him sprinkling powder and taping him up.

    “How bout some cuddles?” I say “grab a stuffie while I put this in the trash and wash my hands”

    I discard the dirty diaper in the pail and wash my hands. When I return my baby has his favorite bear stuffie and is waiting for me on the bed, sucking his thumb.

    “That’s my SweetBoy. Come here” I say as he cuddles close. I take out my breast so he can nurse and I know we will both fall asleep this way shortly.

    “I love you StinkyBoy” I say as I kiss his head. And my baby instinctively squeezes my breast as he falls into dreamland.