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    Fandom: Our Flag Means Death (TV)
    Rating: Explicit
    Relationships: Blackbeard | Edward Teach/Stede Bonnet/Israel Hands, Blackbeard | Edward Teach/Israel Hands, Blackbeard | Edward Teach/Stede Bonnet, Stede Bonnet/Israel Hands

    “Stede Bonnet,” Ed says, “there’s someone I’d like you to meet.”

    “Isabelle,” comes her raspy reply. “You can call me Isabelle.”

    Stede’s smile widens even further. “A beautiful name for a beautiful woman. Pleasure to make your acquaintance, Miss Isabelle,” Stede says, taking her hand so softly in his own before bringing it to his lips. It’s tender, barely a whisper of a kiss, but when Stede’s eyes flick up to catch her own, there’s a knowing fire burning there that is the furthest thing from gentlemanly.

    In which the best fuckery of all is a good old-fashioned gender fuckery.

    “I have graded more than 500 undergraduate papers about why Plato is an idiot and no one would ever behave in the Republic the way he has the people behave in the Republic. I have graded maybe 15 brilliant undergraduate papers about why Plato thought people would behave that way in the Republic, and the differences between Plato’s worldview and Plato’s psychology and our own, and why he thinks this thing that to us seems wrong.

    That to me is the much harder kind of critical thinking, the empathetic kind of critical thinking that doesn’t criticize but reads carefully, critically, prudently and with empathy and connection to try to understand the other side, which I think is something that doesn’t just apply to the academic world, doesn’t just apply to how we write a paper in a class. It applies to how we read a blog post, how we judge a New York Times article, how we evaluate when someone has posted something on Twitter that they want us to hate or like to hate, as Twitter often is, whether the empathetic reading, which is the really challenging critical element, is there.”

    – Ada Palmer [x]

    i told my best friend that i was worried people who saw me── really, really saw me── wouldn't see someone who was worth loving. and he told me of all the love he has in his heart for me. for as long as i am alive, he said, there will be someone who loves you. i think all of us always fear being seen. we think the crooked noses and the anger we try and fail to swallow make us unlovable. the truth is, seeing the chip in your teeth will not make them love you less. it will make them love you more. when you you let people see all the bloody knuckles and clenched jaws, you give them a map of places to love you. i wish i had known sooner. wish i hadn't wasted years carving myself into a caricature to make myself desirable. but i will unclench my jaw. and i will open my eyes. and maybe now i will see the love people have had for me.

    @nosebleedclub prompt: chipped tooth

    Just a bunch of useful websites

    12ft – Hate paywalls? Try this site out.

    My Fridge Food – No idea what to make? Tell this site what ingredients you have on hand and it will give you recipes to cook.

    Project Gutenberg – Always ends up on these type of lists and for very good reason. All works that are copyright free in one place.

    Ninite – New PC? Install all of your programs in one go with no bloat or unnecessary crap.

    Unchecky – Tired of software trying to install additional unwanted programs? This will stop it completely by unchecking the necessary boxes when you install.

    Sci-Hub – Research papers galore! Check here before shelling out money. And if it’s not here, try the next link in our list.

    LibGen – Lots of free PDFs relate primarily to the sciences.

    Zotero – A free and easy to use program to collect, organize, cite and share research.

    Car Complaints – Buying a used car? Check out what other owners of the same model have to say about it first.

    CamelCamelCamel – Check the historical prices of items on Amazon and set alerts for when prices drop.

    Have I Been Pawned – Still the king when it comes to checking if your online accounts have been released in a data breach. Also able to sign up for email alerts if you’ve ever a victim of a breach.

    Radio Garden – Think Google Earth but wherever you zoom, you get the radio station of that place.

    Just The Recipe – Paste in the url and get just the recipe as a result. No life story or adverts.

    Tineye – An Amazing reverse image search tool.

    My 90s TV – Simulates 90’s TV using YouTube videos. Also has My80sTV, My70sTV, My60sTV and for the younger ones out there, My00sTV. Lose yourself in nostalgia.

    Foto Forensics – Free image analysis tools.

    Old Games Download – A repository of games from the 90’s and early 2000’s. Get your fix of nostalgia here.

    Online OCR – Convert pictures of text into actual text and output it in the format you need.

    Remove Background – An amazingly quick and accurate way to remove backgrounds from your pictures.

    Twoseven – Allows you to sync videos from providers such as Netflix, Youtube, Disney+ etc and watch them with your friends. Ad free and also has the ability to do real time video and text chat.

    Terms of Service, Didn’t Read – Get a quick summary of Terms of service plus a privacy rating.

    Coolors – Struggling to get a good combination of colors? This site will generate color palettes for you.

    This To That – Need to glue two things together? This’ll help.

    Photopea – A free online alternative to Adobe Photoshop. Does everything in your browser.

    BitWarden – Free open source password manager.

    Atlas Obscura – Travelling to a new place? Find out the hidden treasures you should go to with Atlas Obscura.

    ID Ransomware – Ever get ransomware on your computer? Use this to see if the virus infecting your pc has been cracked yet or not. Potentially saving you money. You can also sign up for email notifications if your particular problem hasn’t been cracked yet.

    Way Back Machine – The Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites and loads more.

    Rome2Rio – Directions from anywhere to anywhere by bus, train, plane, car and ferry.

    Splitter – Seperate different audio tracks audio. Allowing you to split out music from the words for example.

    myNoise – Gives you beautiful noises to match your mood. Increase your productivity, calm down and need help sleeping? All here for you.

    DeepL – Best language translation tool on the web.

    Forvo – Alternatively, if you need to hear a local speaking a word, this is the site for you.

    just thought about. they need a woman for some kind of rogue type thievery or spying or whatever. so ed calls for izzy. obviously.

    izzy, in his 'can't i just send the boys' voice: "oh, edward, we have other people who can do that now."

    ed just says, "no."

    izzy says, "what do you MEAN 'no'?!"

    ed says, "i want it to be you."

    izzy, infuriated, says, "oh, YOU WANT-" he cuts himself off, adds, "you are a fuCKING-" cuts off again, growls, "when."

    ed describes the job, the time frame, everything.

    izzy asks, "how... much of a woman...?" gesturing vaguely at his chest and et cetera. ed grins.

    he says, "you know i always wanna see your tits."

    izzy snaps, "are you the fucking mark?"

    ed says, "guess that depends on if you want something outta me."

    izzy bares his teeth and forces the MOST disingenuous laugh ever heard on earth. because doesn't everything he fucking does depend on if he wants something out of edward. doesn't he always want something.

    so izzy needs help with the shave. since it's apparently going to be a full body ordeal.

    @blackhannetandco @second-hand-heaven relevant to your interests


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