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    One late night as you were on your way home after a tiring day of work and school, you were on the bus home

    You tireslessly walked up to the upper deck of the bus and saw Tess sitting right at the back alone, away on her phone texting.

    She looked so perfect as the moonlight shone onto her body and onto the round tites that showed against her tight tank top.

    You licked your lips at the sight of her and a tent had arose in your pants.

    You approached and sat infront of her. You wipped your phone out and tired your very best to sneakily take pics of Tess and what she had.

    You purposely dropped your wallet to take a sneak pic of her sexy legs that hung across one another and her pink panties that showed.

    As you got folders upon folders of Tess already taken in your phone, the bus jerked to a stop and it flung Tess right into the back of your chair.

    She was torn aback and was shocked to see you still taking pics of her. She hit your phone and took it straight out of your hands.

    You stood up, and looked into her eyes and demanded your phone to be given back.

    She shook her head and sternly said “NO” as she saw all the photos you took.

    You tired giving excuses and said it was all an accident as you slowly took at sit beside Tess.

    Her jaw dropped at all the explicit content you had on your phone and especially the pictures of her panties.

    As you placed your hand on her sexy thick tighs you tried to grab your phone back, but she pulled it away as she continued scrolling.

    You tapped her tighs and stormed your hand up and down as you begged your phone to be given back.

    She turned and looked into your eyes and as she bit her lower lip she said “noooo”.

    Cheeky little girl. You thought.

    You started intentionally stroking tigh and squeezing them as you wanted to get her attention.

    She looked into your eyes and leaned in close to your face and said “no”.

    At that moment, you quickly squeezed her boob and shocked her as she squealed and leaned herself against the bus wall.

    She stared into your eyes as you slowly leaned in. You placed your hand on her tigh, and moved it up against her vagina and squeezed it

    Your hand slowly ran up her chest as your squeezed them both and leaned in to kiss them both and said “wow, beautiful!” You passed your hand behind her neck and said “come.”

    Upon that command, she followed your hand as u pulled your pants down which revealed your dick that slapped her as it showed itself.

    Her jaw dropped wider and as you slowly pushed her head into your dick, her saliva made a layer that flowed over it continuously.

    She spat, she licked and she squeezed your balls as she sucked it long and hard. Your hands traced down her shirt and pulled down her bra as you played with her boobs and made them hard to the touch.

    As she finally finished tasting your dick and filled it with all her saliva. She got up her sit and threw her hands slowly over your shoulders and sat on your lap.

    As you pulled her panties and pants down, she stroked your dick with her hands, her fingers wrapped nicely around it as she tickled the tip of your dick and gave you a handjob.

    With her panties finally off, it exposed her pink, dripping pussy. You looked at her, straight into her eyes, you placed your hand onto her pussy as you began furiously rubbing it, she instantly began feeling a sensation run all over her body as she let out little squeals.

    You took your dick off her hand and placed it at the entrance of her vagina. You began slapping and rubbing it at the entace of it, making her feel more satisfied and begged you to stop already. 😩

    You slowly inserted your dick into her, it was instantly filled with warmth and comfort. She leaned in closer to you, to fully immerse your dick inside of her.

    She looked into your eyes and sticked out her tongue as she placed both her hands over your shoulder and began moving herself up and down your dick.

    You hugged her and pulled her close. You grabbed both her ass cheeks with your hands and squeezed them tight.

    She began smiling and licked your lips. You tightened your grip on her ass and slapping and smashing her ass and herself onto your dick.

    Her body was overwhelmed as she began squealing and arching her back. She looked so hot from this position. You began thrusting your hips into her as she bounced off faster each time.

    She back began aching deeper and deeper and she let out little sqeauls and moans that she was trying really hard to hold back.

    As you stood up, you asked her to place both her hands on the chair as you looked back on the bus to see if anyone was coming.

    You slapped her ass really hard and she screamed, at that moment you instantly pushed yourself into her and cover her moth with your hands as she screamed and moaned loudly into it.

    The vibrations of her moans fuelled your spirit, you got faster and slapped her ass as if you were riding a horse.

    “Don’t stop baby” she said.

    She turned to you and pushed you back to the chair as she pulled herself out and teased you.

    She placed her vagina just at tip of your dick and said “do you want this??”

    You nodded and licked your lips. She giggled and pushed herself and began twerking and slapping your balls against herself.

    Her ass bounced and rebounded so sexily you could watch it all day.

    The walls of her vagina began closing as her moans began getting louder and louder.

    You grabbed both her breast and turned her to face you.

    You pulled her in and said “lemme do it.” You hugged her and looked down on your dick as your pushed and thrusted faster and faster into her.

    “I’m gonna cum” you said.

    She ignored you and began crying and trying to keep her moans as soft as she could.

    The walls of her vagina were closing and tightening so fast that it got harder to push yourself into her.

    You used all your remaining force and thrusted the hardest and fastest your could into her.

    You finally gave in as you released your load into her and said “mummy” she looked into your eyes, pleased and said “you’re the first person to ever make me cum”

    “You cummed too?” She shyly nodded.

    She began slowling bouncing on your dick as it softened and grabbed your phone.

    She typed in her number and took photos.

    Photos of herself, naked and pleasured filled your photo album. She took individual selfies of herself, her breasts and her dick.

    Any photo you could imagine, she gave it to you.

    She sat herself down, dressed herself up and said “text me baby” and gave you a quick kiss as the bus reached its final stop and both of you got off, holding each other’s hand and private part as you walked out of the bus.

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    You definitely had a sexual attraction towards Carol. Given how short she rolls her shirt and how revealing she gets around you, you definitely get hard around her. Both of you were friends, and had a little attraction towards each other with occasional hints of sexual jokes during conversations. But it often led to nothing.

    One day after cca, you and Carol were called out to go to the CCA room to help pack it before heading home.

    You were definitely tired, but Super happy to help of cos 😉.

    As you headed down, you and Carol had great laughs as you talked about your day.

    Wow, the CCA room was definitely messy.... it was gonna be a really really long night. As you guys started keeping all the equipment, you couldn’t stop resisting the urge to stare at Carol’s round sexy ass she bent forward to pick up the balls.

    Only if they were mine, you thought...

    She turned and caught you staring and threw a tennis ball to your forehead and shouted “NAUGHTY BOY!”

    You laughed and turned around, imagining how you would love to have them between your hands.

    “AH!” Carol screamed as the cage rattled. “I’m stuck!” She yelled. You turned and looked as you saw her ass bulging out of her shorts and her boobs hanging down from her shirt.

    Already erected, you stood behind her and felt tempted. You leaned down, and tried to pull her up, but she was really tightly stuck.

    “You need to come closer” she said.

    You tripped forward and banged your dick against her back. Your dick against her ass, it felt like the perfect fit.

    You rubbed your dick slowly around, up and down, left and right, in circles around her ass and what was deeper.

    You leaned in and pushed yourself onto her back as you grabbed her by her boobs and pulled her up.

    You feel onto your back with Carol sitted on you.

    She stood up and stared at you as she grabbed some rope and tied your hands to 2 separate poles.

    She stared into your eyes, licked her lips and played with her breasts as your dick stood erect. She slowly bent onto her knees and pulled your shorts down, revealing a hard, long erect dick that stood upright, ready to be used.

    She stood up again and stared at your dick and you. She moved side to side, as she turned around and started twerking for you.

    Fuck, her ass bounced and rippled so perfectly.

    She slowly took off her shirt and threw it onto your dick which revealed melons that you just wanted to suck.

    She leaned and grabbed a Floorball stick and started sucking it, “Please, Me!” You said.

    She knelt down and leaned forward and started slapping and hitting your cock with the stick.

    She giggled each time she did it. You couldn’t stop staring at her cheast as they were pulled downwards as she leaned in.

    She threw the stick aside and said “I only want this stick today” she grabbed your dick between her hands and held it, and stared at it.

    She licked the tip and began working. She sucked and she sucked as she went deeper and deeper down into your dick and gagged each time.

    You thrusted your hips into her throat and forced her again and again to deepthroat it. Her sexy little squeals made you leak at little but she licked it all away clean.

    She crawled onto your chest and pulled her panties down and ran it across your nose to smell her damp, lavender smelling like panties as she hung it on your shoulder and leaned in close to your face.

    She bit her lips and rolled her eyes back as she stripped off her top teasly, exposing her breast held by nothing but her chest.

    Your dick was definitely ready for her. She stretched her legs and dripped her juices onto your body. She sat her wet pussy on your face as you began licking and tasting every inch of her insides.

    She moaned and begged for more as your got faster and more intense in your eating as your bit onto her vagina and she squealed.

    Without wasting much time, she grabbed your dick with both her hands and slowly pushed it inside of her warm, leaking pussy.

    You moaned in pleasure, finally being able to be inside of a hot sexy babe like her. She looked into your eyes and placed her hands on your chest and bounced, going in and out of you.

    You couldn’t decide where to look. Her sexy breast that were bouncing repeatedly or her glistening eyes.

    You wanted your hands all over her and ride her like a bad bitch, but too bad your tied up. As she saw you struggle to break the knots she slapped you and said, “Naughty boy you are”

    She turned and twerked on your dick and it only tempted you to wanna have your hands on them to squeeze them and slap them.

    “Babe, how Isit?” She asked.

    “I love it, I love you” you said

    She giggled and bent forward as she let you suck the gallons of milk out of her jugs.

    She moaned in pleasure. You thrusted your hips into her and got her by shock as she screamed.

    Your bit her breast held her by your teeth as you thrusted your best into her as she started moaning and sqeauling in the pleasure she was being filled with.

    “Daddy!” She said

    She leaned onto you and hugged you tightly as you looked as her sexy ass as it rippled and as you forced yourself faster and faster into her.

    She began moaning and yelling your name for more.

    “I’m gonna cum” you said.

    “Me too” she said.

    As she said that, the walls of her vagina began to close and you felt the rush to finish her off.

    You left nth back and put in all you got as she began to release all cum all onto your dick. And at that moment you relaxed and shot your litres of load into her abused pussy.

    She giggled as she saw your sexy, sweaty face and body.

    She got up and grabbed her panties and drenched it with all the goodness that was flowing out.

    She said “I hate you!” She took her drenched panties and held it against your mouth and nose as your suffocated and passed out.

    The moment you woke up, the Pe room was clean, her panties was on your still erected dick with a note that said “tomorrow!”

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