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The slutty side of Star Trek

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    I have a theory that when Lorca says to Stamets “how do you want to be remembered in history? Alongside the Wright Brothers, Elon Musk, Zefram Cochrane, or as a failed fungus expert?” it’s a sign that he’s from the Mirrorverse. Because Elon Musk sucks, and his work and views don’t actually jive with the ideals of the 23rd century and Starfleet. However, in the Mirrorverse, he’d be the shit. So the reason why Stamets looks so angry is not only that Lorca is being a dick, but because he’s thinking ‘who the fuck is Elon Musk?’ 


    I hate Elon Musk with my whole heart. This is a good explanation for something that filled me with rage 

    ds9 bowling teams, in order of worst to best

    -quark & odo: the trash squad. clumsy. only working together because no one else would take them. bowl with the bumpers up and still can’t knock over a pin. lots of shouting, screeching, and slipping over the foul line. after a while their arguments turn into good-natured self-deprecation and they end up having fun, though they’d never admit it

    -miles & ke
    iko: the chief injures his shoulder right away, so keiko has to carry the team. she’s never bowled before so it’s a learning process, but she’s just out there having a great time and being thankful she’s not in last place. she brought snacks for everyone

    isko & jake: not too shabby, but they’re far more concerned with goofing off than actual bowling. the captain tries to be cool but the ball flies backward from his hand and takes out miles’ other shoulder. their uniforms might be furniture upholstery; no one is certain

    -garak & bashir: the dream team. masters of skill and coordination. exemplars of elegant athleticism. definitely could do better if they didn’t spend the evening adorably flirting and trying to show off for each other. garak made their uniforms. julian’s is a smidge on the tight side

    -dax & kira: listen, they didn’t come here to tarry. turns out curzon had a shrine of championship trophies and jadzia isn’t about to give up that title. nerys has no idea how the game works but enjoys lifting the ball over her head and hurling it at the pins. worf bellows from the sidelines every time they get a strike, which is often. unfortunately, they fall just below the winner…

    -weyoun: the room goes hush each time he makes the approach. everyone’s sure he couldn’t have bowled before, yet he makes no errors. no one remembers inviting him. everyone is confused and vaguely disturbed, but too impressed to make him leave. he bowls a 300. seriously, what is he doing there

    In my head Discovery doesnt take place in the Prime or TNG, OR DS9 universe/timeline.

    Cause if it did, Geordi, my favorite engineer would've been talking about dem spores.

    I'm sure The Traveler would say something about that and not just tell Picard that Wesley is special.

    Wait. If they had spore drives, they couldve mushroomed themselves out of that situation instead of having to nearly kill The Traveler 😅

    Plus the technology in Discovery is more advanced than the shows that take place 200 years later.


    Guys ballpark how old is Garak during the show?


    Personally I think like... surprisingly young. He started working for the order at a really young age, and by the start of the show he's like early 30s but has lived a Life. Also, it's advantageous for everyone to think he's past his prime, looks less dangerous if they think he's on the other side of middle aged.

    Plus he has that line about advanced age being something to be respected on Cardassia