A Nephew's Seduction
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2022-03-17 05:12:48

    It wasn’t uncommon for Aunt Cathy to make me sit through an hour of lingerie try on to select the right attire for her date. She would meet her date at the steakhouse and I would be waiting at home with my cock caged. Sometimes she would bring the date home and I would be on service duty, other times she would come home already fucked and filled leaving me on cleanup duty. I don’t know why but something inside me craved it all and my Aunt Cathy was just the type of woman to see that craving in me and give me what I need. Thank you 😘


    I’d do it every single time…


    Aunt Beth could see it in my eyes from the start. She knew I was blossoming into the dirtiest of men. She knew she could have her cake and I would eat it. I would clean up that hot messy slutty auntie cake with a smile on my face. She decided to invite me to stay with her at her lake house in New Hampshire which led to quite the interesting shift in my lifestyle. From high school jock to cuck boytoy nephew.


    Look no one can hear us out here. I fancy you and I see you looking at me. I dressed like this for you. I need someone to fuck me. No strings attached just sex. And I thought you might like to be my lover. I know I am your Aunt but you Mom will never know and Uncle Tim is away on business and you have your own apartment now. I have lots of money so we can go away for weekends if you like. You can fuck me anyway you want. I bet you I can suck your cock better that those college girls and if not well you can train me. Why don’t you come back to my place now and try me. I am really dirty.

    ‘’Dear oh dear nephew, you’re really in for it now.. you dirty boy. I found these under your pillow and I know exactly what you’ve been up to with them. There’s no use in feigning innocence with me, I know what horny adolescent boys like and you really like my pretty panties, don’t you nephew? Come here now. I’m going to put these on you. I want to see you in them and I especially want to see the effect my panties have on your cock. If you’re good for me and do as I say I might not tell anyone of your panty fetish, and we might even play a naughty game together’’


    Fuck! I couldn’t believe it.. I thought they would be gone all night partying in Vegas so I decided to stay in the hotel and raid my Aunts’ suitcases to sniff their panties and stroke my cock off the first night of our vacation. I was SO fucking embarrassed…

    To my surprise, although shocked, they were not angry. After a moment to comprehend the situation the three of them looked at each other, back at my cock and my panty covered face, walked into the hotel room and locked the door. It turns out they did not mind the fact that I was a pervert, nor the fact that I was their own nephew!! My dreams had been answered.

    Considering the blackmail they had, my mom’s three sisters used my cock, my face, and even my ass as their own personal fuck-toys; however and whenever they pleased. Long past the 3 nights we spent together in Vegas. Don’t get me wrong though!! I loved every single moment of it and continue to serve all three of my mistress aunties’ every needs as a good boytoy nephew should.