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    Queen Hetepheres II
    Old Kingdom, 4th Dynasty, c. 2723 to 2563 B.C.

    “Queen Hetepheres II may have been one of the longest-lived members of the royal family of the Fourth dynasty of Egypt, which lasted from ca. 2723 to 2563 BC. She was a daughter of Khufu and was either born during the reign of her grandfather Sneferu or during the early years of her father’s reign. She was named after her grandmother, Hetepheres I and she had an aunt named Hetepheres A. A fragmentary titulature found in the tomb of Meritites I may indicate that she was the mother of Hetepheres II.”
                                                                                         - Wikipedia

    The University of Michigan published new research that is said to be the most comprehensive study of US residential greenhouse gas emissions (GGE) and the first to deliver nationwide rankings by zip code and to find an interrelationship between affluence, residential floor space, and GGE. The researchers’ findings show that…


    Concept drawing and construction of the Eiffel Tower. Many Parisians, artists mostly, considered it an atrocity, but took solace in the promise that it was to be dismantled after twenty years, in 1909. By then however, the Tower had become too commercially valuable to be torn down.

    The first time I became aware of the Eiffel Tower was when A VIEW TO A KILL came out. I thought Roger Moore and Grace Jones were really brave, chasing each other through those narrow pathways so high up. I’ve visited the Tower myself many times after that, but never went all the way to the top: I have a habit of admiring things from the ground, or at least from a safe distance.