(1449) Megan Is Answering:

    • How old are you? 26
    • What’s your sexual orientation? Pansexual
    • Your pubic hair? Trimmed
    • Are you virgin? No
    • How old were you when you first masturbated? 13
    • How did you discover masturbation? An older boy at school was talking about masturbating and I was curious, so I googled it when I got home from school. I stumbled onto a porn site and it made me feel funny, so I tried to mimic what I saw in the videos and, well. Needless to say, it worked.
    • How old were you when you had your first orgasm? 15
    • Can you tell us more about your first orgasm? How did it happen? So I’d been masturbating for almost two years but I’d never orgasmed. I touched myself until I was wet and then I felt like I needed to pee so I would stop. I didn’t realize that “need to pee” feeling was actually the edge of an orgasm. So I was basically edging myself for two years without ever orgasming, and I had no idea what was wrong other than that it was incredibly frustrating. One day I was lying in bed touching myself thinking about my crush at the time when I felt that need to pee and I almost cried when I stopped because I was so frustrated. I went into the bathroom, stripped naked, and straddled the toilet. I figured I would keep touching myself and feeling good, and if I ended up peeing that was fine because I was on the toilet already. Well, I kept masturbating, felt the need to pee, and just kept going. I tipped over the edge very quickly and it was the best thing I’d ever felt in my life. Electric tingles that started in my clit and spiraled out in pulsing waves over my whole body. It lasted maybe thirty seconds but felt like a lot longer. It was incredible, and I was so happy to finally understand what a real orgasm was.
    • How often do you masturbate? Usually every day unless I’m very busy. If I’m horny enough on my days off, I’ll masturbate three or four times.
    • When was the last time you masturbated? Yesterday morning before work.
    • Do you masturbate to any stimulus? Sometimes. Visual porn can be great, written erotica is my favorite, but usually my imagination is enough.
    • What do you think about? I will usually think about things that I’ve done in the past, scenes or kinks my partner and I have enjoyed, or things that my partner and I have talked about doing in the future. That’s usually more than enough to get me going, but I have to admit my mind sometimes gets a bit darker and I will end up thinking about fantasies or scenes that are amazing to masturbate to but that I would probably be a little scared to actually do in real life.
    • What’s the last thing you thought of or masturbated to? A couple weeks ago, my partner tied me down, fucked me repeatedly, and edged me over and over again for four hours until I was sobbing. Then she refused to let me come and had me eat her out until she came three times. It was an incredible experience and I think about it now every time I masturbate.
    • Have you ever walked in on or caught someone masturbating? (If yes, please tell us a little more about it) Yes, quite a few times. I tried to surprise my first boyfriend at his apartment and walked in on him masturbating. We were both a little embarrassed but eventually laughed it off and I ended up helping him finish. One of my other boyfriends was quite the exhibitionist and actually enjoyed getting caught in the act, so he would masturbate with the door unlocked or he’d do it in the living room when he knew I was coming home soon. That took a while to get used to, but we had a lot of fun with it. On a less sexy note, I walked in on my sister masturbating when we were teenagers and shared a room. We were both embarrassed and couldn’t look each other in the eye for weeks afterward.
    • Have someone ever walked in on or caught you masturbating? (If yes, please tell us a little more about it) Sometimes, but I’m usually really paranoid about getting caught. I’ve had roommates walk in my bedroom while I was masturbating but I was under the covers and could usually play it off or pretend I hadn’t been. I make sure I’m alone or I lock the door if I’m going to masturbate more openly or for a long time. I do have a higher sex drive than my partner does, so I masturbate frankly a hell of a lot despite our fantastic sex life. She knows I do it and she loves how horny I get all the time, so I’m not shy about masturbating and will do it whenever and wherever I like. She walks in on me all the time but it doesn’t feel like “getting caught” because we both enjoy it. I’m not ashamed and she likes watching even if she’s not in the mood herself, so that happens a lot.
    • Have you ever had cyber sex? Does sexting count? If so, yes.
    • Have you ever had phone sex? Kind of. I feel very silly whenever I try to talk sexy, but my partner enjoys talking me through masturbating and orgasming over the phone/skype whenever we’re apart for more than few days.
    • Have you ever had a wet dream? Yes, and I love them. I love going to sleep normally and then waking up a wet, desperate mess.
    • What’s your favorite method of masturbation? (i.e. Hands/Toys/Lotion/etc.) I like teasing myself so usually my hands are the best way to do that. I do have quite a few toys I enjoy as well, and I get so wet that lotion is useless.
    • Are you loud or quiet when you masturbate? Quiet. I grew up with three siblings and both parents in a tiny two bedroom house, so I learned very quickly how to be absolutely silent. I never grew out of the habit.
    • Has anyone ever watched you masturbate live online? No.
    • Has anyone ever watched you masturbate in person? Yes, pretty much all of my sexual partners ever. I love masturbating and I’m not shy about it.
    • Have you ever watched someone masturbate live online? No.
    • Have you ever watched someone masturbate in person? Yes, most of my sexual partners.
    • Have you ever masturbated with someone? (Mutual masturbation) Yes, it’s a lot of fun!
    • Do you enjoy watching others masturbate? Yes, girls and boys
    • Do you enjoy being watched while masturbating? Yes
    • Who do you like to think about when you masturbate? My current sexual partner. Sometimes if I’ve just watched a movie or show with an incredibly attractive actor in it, I’ll think about them too.
    • Have you ever told them you think about them while you masturbate? Yes, she loves hearing about it.
    • Does anyone know you masturbate? How did they find out? Well, all my sexual partners past and present know. Most of my closest friends also know, because the topic has come up a few times (usually when we’re drinking) and I’m not ashamed to tell them about it. Unfortunately, my parents know because my dad stumbled upon my sex toy collection when they were visiting a few months ago, and when I tried to explain it away they admitted that they knew I used to masturbate when I still lived with them as a teenager. That was embarrassing.
    • Have you masturbated because your partner wasn’t around to help? Where were they? Yes. My partner used to travel for work and would be gone for up to two weeks at a time every few months. I’d masturbate regularly and then tell her about it over text or skype.
    • What’s your most embarrassing masturbation story? Once I had a job interview get moved up from 11:00 to 8:30 and I didn’t find out about it til twenty minutes before I was supposed to be there. I had been masturbating that morning and didn’t have time to shower away the evidence, so I went to the interview still dripping wet down there. I thought I’d be fine since my khaki interview pants were pretty thick, but by the end of the interview I had a huge wet spot on the seat of my pants and spreading almost halfway down my thighs (I get VERY very wet) and the interviewer saw it for sure. I was so embarrassed I left as soon as I noticed and I was relieved when I didn’t get a call back. I still turn red just thinking about it.
    • What’s your funniest masturbation story? I’m not sure if this is very funny to most people, but my partner and I still laugh about it to this day. So I was supposed to have several windows replaced in my house last year and the workmen showed up four hours earlier than we had scheduled. I was in the middle of masturbating when they knocked on the door, so I leapt up, pulled on the first pair of pants I could find, and answered the door like that. I had no panties on, I had a vibrating butt plug in my ass, and I had a rapidly spreading wet patch on the back of my thankfully black yoga pants. I managed to turn the plug off so no one could hear it but I didn’t have a chance to take it out or get properly dressed the entire time the workmen were there, almost six hours. It was kind of embarrassing but my partner thought it was hilarious and kept teasing me the whole time, and I don’t think the workmen ever figured out what was wrong with me so I thought it was funny eventually too.
    • Have you ever masturbated in unique or strange places? I would be mortified if I ever actually got caught masturbating somewhere weird, but the idea of that risk is very hot. So yes, I’ve masturbated in my car, in public bathrooms, at movie theaters, in the middle of the woods while camping, on the beach, at rest stops, and once at work when I had to stay late and there were only five people in the whole building. It might not be unique, I know a lot of people do stuff like that, but it’s definitely more exciting than just my bedroom.
    • Have you ever used something unique or strange to masturbate? Not really. I figured out how to order sex toys online as soon as I turned 18, so I never needed to get creative. I think the strangest thing I’ve ever done was masturbate by humping my computer chair, which has an arm rest at exactly the right height and curves in the perfect place to rub against.
    • Is it easy for you to orgasm or do you have to work for it? It’s ridiculously easy for me to orgasm, which is a curse if you ask me. I love edging and orgasm denial so the fact that I can go from not turned on at all to orgasming in less than five minutes can be frustrating. If I’m already mentally turned on, I can orgasm in less than a minute. I have to really work to hold my orgasm back so I can edge or masturbate for a longer period of time and really enjoy it.
    • What’s the easiest way for you to get off? Lying on my back, legs up and spread, with my left hand rubbing light circles around my clit. I enjoy a variety of positions and methods, but that’s the quickest, surefire way to do it. Being tied up or restrained usually gets me halfway to orgasm all by itself, so if I can I’ll do that too.
    • Is there only one way you can get off? (i.e. Vaginal/Clitoral/Toy Use) Nope, I’m pretty versatile. Clitoral is the easiest, but vaginal orgasms or using a toy means my orgasms are way more intense and last longer. I do have to work a lot harder for vaginal orgasms, they can take like an hour to work up to and it’s not guaranteed but when they do happen it’s completely worth it.
    • Are you able to achieve orgasm through only non-conventional or indirect methods? (Breast Play/Hands-Free/Anal) I can edge with anal play, but I’ve never been able to tip over and orgasm without also touching my clit or vagina. Sadly my breasts are very insensitive and don’t do much for me.
    • Do you ever double penetrate while you masturbate? If you mean both anal and vaginal penetration or two at once in my vagina, then yes I have, but oddly enough all that sensation and the extreme feeling of fullness is usually so overwhelming that I’m incapable of orgasming while double penetrated. It’s fun, but I have to pull one or the other out before I can orgasm.
    • Do you ever suck on a dildo while you masturbate? I have if that act lines up with what I’m fantasizing about, but it usually just feels kind of weird otherwise. I do love being gagged and I have a cock gag that I use frequently, but that’s a little different than actively sucking.
    • Do you edge when you masturbate? (Get to the point of orgasm and stop repeatedly to enhance the experience) Yes, all the time. I edge repeatedly every single time and will sometimes deny myself an orgasm entirely so the next time I masturbate it’s even more intense.
    • What position do you typically masturbate in? Either on my back with my legs spread or on my hands and knees with my head down.
    • Describe a typical masturbation session. My favorite masturbation sessions are when I have a couple of hours to play. I will start out on my back, naked, playing with myself with just a hand between my legs. Then I escalate however I feel like at the time. I love being gagged, I love anal play and will almost always put a plug in at some point, I love restraining either my ankles and legs or one of my hands. Sometimes I’ll restrain both my hands (we have a bondage system set up on the bed so I can safely do this by myself) and then masturbate by rubbing against a pillow. Whatever extras I add, I always start with very light, teasing touches until I’ve edged several times and can feel myself getting desperate. Then I edge myself several times very quickly with hard, forceful rubbing until I feel like even a breath of air would tip me over. At this point I will run my hands over my whole body, avoiding my groin but just enjoying the feeling of being that turned on and so close to orgasming. When I feel that it’s safe again, I’ll go back to the light, teasing touches that drive me nuts and I can keep going like that for hours. Then I usually make a decision, if I want to orgasm that day or not. Sometimes I’ll tease the orgasm out of myself, slowly and at length so it feels like molten lava slowly rolling through my body and it lasts for minutes at a time and my stomach is still shaking and cramping with the aftershocks twenty minutes later. Sometimes I’ll tease until the last second then go fast and hard and force it through like fireworks and keep it going until my vision goes blurry and my legs are shaking so badly I can’t stand up. And sometimes, I decide not to orgasm. I tease myself right up to the very edge, literally two seconds away from absolute bliss—and then I stop. I hold it as long as I can and then let the tension drain away. I’m left feeling warm and kind of gooey, muscles all turned to jelly and my brain buzzing for hours or days on how amazing it felt. If I don’t orgasm, I get turned on at the drop of a hat and feel kind of soft and submissive for days afterward. As incredible as orgasms are, nothing beats orgasm denial, even when it’s self-imposed.
    • How long do you usually last? On average, I like masturbating for about an hour. If I have stuff to do that day, I’ll only spend about twenty minutes on it or if I have nothing important to do sometimes I’ll spend two or three hours at a time masturbating. But usually about an hour on normal days.
    • What’s the quickest you’ve ever been brought to orgasm? About 45 seconds. I was already mentally turned on, my partner had been teasing me and flirting all day, telling me everything she wanted to do to me that night but she wouldn’t let me touch myself all day. When we finally started playing that night, it took literally 45 seconds of touching before I orgasmed.
    • What’s the longest masturbation session you’ve had? I feel like such a slut admitting this, but I once masturbated for fourteen hours straight. I was 18 and had just discovered the absolute joy of edging and orgasm denial and I just couldn’t make myself stop. I masturbated and edged over and over again for 14 hours. I finally had to stop because I was so sore and was getting dehydrated.
    • What’s the most amount of times you’ve cum in a day? 16, over the course of about eight hours. My partner wanted to see how many times I could come. The last few were painful but still fun, and I don’t think I’ll ever beat that record.
    • How wet do you get? Do you leak fluids when you orgasm? (If yes, please describe) I get incredibly wet. Wetter than anybody else I’ve ever met. As I described above, if I don’t shower and clean myself out after masturbating it will leak through all my clothes, down my legs. It doesn’t take much either. About thirty seconds of touching myself and I feel wet. After three minutes, I’m literally dripping, and anything longer than ten minutes and I’ve soaked through any blankets or sheets I’m lying on. I don’t squirt when I orgasm, I’ve never managed that, but I do continue to leak for up to an hour after orgasming.
    • If you are older than 35, how has masturbation changed for you over the years? Sorry, I’m only 26.
    • Do you want to tell us something more about your masturbation experiences? I think I’ve already told you everything I possibly could, lol. Sorry for talking your ear off, but I love masturbating and could happily talk about it all day long.
    • Are you sexually aroused taking this survey? YES, thank you for that.

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    masterpost of tumblr alternatives

    this post will be updated as I find more websites to add! please check with the original before reblogging to see if there’s an updated version, and message me with corrections or more suggestions if you have them!!

    websites in red have explicitly forbidden the posting of NSFW content. websites in orange allow certain types of NSFW content or have questionable / unclear guidelines.

    for general use

  • - built on myspace, great blog customization
  • - added for completeness, but has a huge alt-right + racism issue
  • - basically like if twitter and discord had a child??
  • - privacy-focused, has groups and private messages
  • - allows you to exchange traffic for being promoted (??)
  • - yes, it still exists, i’m just as surprised as you
  • - similar to tumblr with reblogs / likes / customizing of blogs
  • - easy sharing and collecting, but has many issues with theft
  • - an exact tumblr clone down to the default images (??)
  • - allows posting both text and photos in sets, allows retweets
  • geared towards writers and bloggers

  • - specializes in hosting fic, excellent tagging system
  • - a blogging site similar to livejournal or wordpress
  • - another big name in fanfic posting
  • - technically an option, likely unsafe for LGBTQ peeps
  • - for creative writers, centered around community feedback
  • - decent website for original / fan fic and fandom quizzes
  • - hosts webnovels and other fanfic, nice dark theme
  • - modern pretty fic site with direct links to irl publishers
  • - old and well-established, often considered the default
  • geared towards artists and photographers

  • - excellent website for posting professional art portfolios
  • - meant for professionals posting various visual media types
  • - huge community, allows posting art + sorting into folders
  • - great community for photographers, can join groups
  • - similar to DA but for furries, easy to display commish info
  • - very similar to pixiv, with imo better tagging
  • - photo and video posts, excellent tag search
  • - an oldie but a goodie, allows a ton of media types
  • - allows both streaming and posting art / photosets to a gallery
  • - huge anime art community, allows livestreaming
  • - app only, similar to insta but with MUCH more privacy control
  • chat or forum based

  • - community-based, has blogs + chat, custom themes
  • - great chat app, text + voice, can join infinite servers
  • - literally a community for everything, SO MANY CAT PHOTOS
  • 18+ only

  • - microblogging + social media for people into kink
  • - a tumblr clone created specifically for sharing porn
  • - considered one of the biggest kink communities online
  • - beautiful + modern site for posting irl nsfw and kink stuff
  • - for posting of erotic stories, replaces bdsmlibrary
  • paid platforms

  • - subscription-based access to many diff types of content
  • - similar to wordpress but with reblogging and a dash
  • up-and-coming platforms

  • - closed beta. should function almost identically to tumblr but with many many improvements
  • - development alpha. gorgeous website for artists to post art AND track comms
  • this one’s still early in development but looks incredibly promising as a platform and super pretty to look at!! go snap up a username before all the good ones are taken! favouritism what’s that
  • - pre-alpha. 18+ only. plans to be a kink-oriented replacement for tumblr.
  • defunct platforms

    (so people will stop telling me i forgot them)

  • - shut down in 2014 due to lack of funds
  • - now redirects to someone’s personal blog
  • - more or less closed down this year due to GDPR issues
  • ways to save your current tumblr posts

  • use the wayback machine! you do have to archive each page of your blog individually but once you do all the content, including media, will be saved exactly as it was at the moment you archived it.
  • wordpress allows you to directly import whole tumblr blogs, and if i recall correctly it’s something both dreamwidth and pillowfort have said they are working on.
  • tumblthree is a great tool with a ton of functions including downloading whole blogs, only posts tagged with a certain tag, all the posts you’ve liked, etc. etc. along with being able to download every type of media hosted on tumblr (pictures, videos, audio, everything). it also has a proper GUI so no computer knowledge required beyond downloading and running programs!
  • if you have some knowledge of computers you can try this github solution which uses a python script to download your whole blog to your computer. even if you don’t know anything about programming or the command line they give a very good beginners tutorial on how to use it so you should still give it a shot!
  • if that’s still a little daunting you can try soarcodes’ tumblr post that also has a decent tutorial!
  • here’s another python script that should allow you to archive all the images from your blog or your likes, though it requires some knowledge of python and the command line or very very good google skills.
  • some notes

    edit: please stop commenting on this post to self-promote your porn accounts on other sites. those replies / reblogs will be deleted or hidden.

    please note that every site on this list will have pros and cons, and i haven’t listed them here since this post would be a mile long otherwise. please do your research before moving completely over to another site in case they have policies you disagree with.

    also, because I see a lot of misinformed people ranting about this: deviantart does not own the art you post. some years ago hot topic stole a ton of art from DA and sold it on merchandise and people assumed that DA gave them permission to do it despite there being literally zero evidence for that claim. DA explictly states in their TOS that you retain copyright and sole license of the art you post.

    and related, mastodon does not allow or condone CP or pedophilia. the people spreading this info are misinformed about what mastodon is. it is not an exact twitter clone; anyone anywhere can host a mastodon instance using their personal computer as a server, which means mastodon as a company can’t do jack shit to moderate them. what they DO is permanently block all users from every other instance from viewing or interacting with that instance, and add that instance to a publicly viewable list along with the reason for the block. please give their post about anti-abuse measures a read before making snap judgements.

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    Excellent work 😊


    A great post of Tumblr alternatives. Please Reblog !


    How to stay in touch with me

    After the great Pornpocalypse of December 17, here’s how you can remain in touch with me:

    set up a new website with the main goal of educating people about spanking and associated activities. It won’t have (much) in the way of spanking pictures, videos, etc. but it will be educational and will also have my main blog. Please bookmark, visit, comment, etc.

    For everything that needs to remain private, there’s this email address. Feel free to send messages there, send naughty pics, etc.

    Wire is a secure collaboration and messaging platform. It offers end to end encryption and chat clients for most devices for free. Search for @spankingnl
    You may also send your naughty pics there. ;-)

    You can find me on Twitter too:

    I am currently looking at Sharesome (beta) to continue blogging pictures and such. Sharesome is a social media platform created specifically for sharing adult content.

    I have almost 16.000 followers here. I appreciate all of you, even if we’ve never exchanged a single message. Please don’t be a stranger and reach out to me!


    PLEASE NOTE: I still see new people following me. While that is flattering, please remember that due to Tumblr’s new policy (i.e. zero tolerance) on adult content which will go into effect on December 17, this blog is no longer updated with material. Please see above for ways to continue following me or getting in touch. I forgot to add my account on SpankingTube, by the way.





    Chat: I’m also on Kik now as Look for me there!

    Goodbye Tumblr

    It’s been fun right?

    Here is what I’m doing, you should too (Please Share):

    Windows App to download my blog (can also download all the content from some of your favorites as well) Instructions are pretty clear if you need help, feel free to Message me here on Tumblr

    Join “Refugees of Tumblr” Group on FetLife. We can coordinate where we are moving from there, allow for community planning. There is already some great alternatives being suggested. 

    There is also a “Tumblr Kinksters” group on Fetlife that has been around for awhile, discussing alternatives:

    One of the most promising Tumblr Alternatives is the Mastodon Network free, open source and de-centralized. It makes the most sense, where communities/interest groups can spin up instances that can link to others. Someone already started a generic tumblr replacement but the cool thing with Mastodon is we can create others, so we can have Interest specific areas but are not locked into just that. I am building my own instance (, for anyone interested in Female Led Relationships. 




    Jamie’s mom didn’t think she was too big to be dealt with, if she reverted to her old ways and cut classes.

    The old *rules* would be applied for skipping classes; even though she was now attending college.

    It was nothing short of amazing, how the *old tried and true* methods still are effective in changing *undesirable* behavior.


    Schöner PO