reminder that palestinians have once again been subjected to violence during the olive harvest, leaving many trees damaged and/or completely destroyed. b’tselem report here.

    if you’re able, please join me in donating an olive tree sapling to attempt to repair some of the damage done over the last 70 years.


    a few more organisations:

    zaytoun (linked above) – donate 3 year old olive tree saplings via the palestinian fair trade association (pfta) to olive farmers in jenin, nablus, and salfeet. £8 provides 1 tree, £21 provides 5 trees.

    muslim global relief – at the £20 level: “With £20 we can gift one olive tree to a family in Palestine, Gaza. Once an olive tree has reached maturity, it can become a life-long source of olives and olive oil. Families can sell or trade the surplus olives and olive oil to buy other foods and needful items. Last year, MGR gifted 50 olive trees to Gazan farmers and families who’d lost their olive orchards to conflict.”

    land of canaan foundation – options to donate to trees for life (also sponsored by PFTA) for olive and almond trees, pollinator project (providing beehives to palestinian farmers,) CSA palestine, and regenerative agriculature initiatives.

    al-mustafa welfare trust – £10 plants 1 olive tree in gaza.