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Hello there. Thanks for checking out my page. This is an 18+ area, so please leave if you're not. Feel free to message me. I love talking to lots of people. I'm male, 24 years old, and into AB/DL and DDLG. It's kinda fun to make people blush.

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2022-01-18 21:53:33

    Daddy? Spank me, I may be selling some videos...

    My videos are for sale again on ManyVids (link at bottom). Will you come watch me wet and mess myself, a good little diaper girl for you?

    Please take the opportunity while you can. I will be taking them down eventually.


    Just wanted to say that I am a huge fan of your posts and pictures! I wish you posted more so I could have more of the cuteness thst is you in my life 😊 hope you’re having an awesome day!

    oh my gosh

    Well thank you!!

    Here’s me in a playpen where I was told I had to stay while they recorded The Usual Bet, so I started playing around with Magic cards!


    And here’s our little kimmy, playing with the only big-girl toys she’s allowed these days, her make-believe card collection. Naturally she’s only allowed to play with them in her playpen while properly attired in her baby clothes.

    Oh, of course, she needs her protection these days, after all her training with that delightful little toy that buzzes every time she wets.

    No, she only gets to wear that now as a treat for when she’s been extra good since she can’t help but wet her diapers anymore.

    Yeah, she wears them to work, though we do put her in a more discrete diaper when she still has to go to her office. But no one can tell how thicky-wicky your diapies are over zoom-zoom, can they babygirl?

    Yes, she’s very careful to sit still whenever she has to unmute!

    Oh, no, her work IT spies on everything, so we don’t have to worry about naughty behavior there. Her phone and personal laptop have lots of parental controls and filters and she only gets limited, supervised ‘unlocked’ time with them to update her blog and interact with her online fans.

    Yeah, she’s usually in one of our laps or at our feet when she posts. We also love to make her narrate and discuss her feed, too. Her blushing and squirming is just too irresistible.

    What she ‘wants’ is a complicated topic, even she has trouble articulating it. She doesn’t necessarily ‘want’ all of her rules and restrictions, but, at the same time, being told she can’t do something that she ‘should’ be able to makes her leak into her diapers. She has a safeword and we have occasional chats where we make sit and think about her feelings and desires. We’ve tweaked a few things from those discussions, but she’s mostly a bottomless-pit of a submissive baby slave.

    Yeah, she knew she would be spending plenty of time in diapers and various other humiliating sexual predicaments before she moved in; and we’d played plenty before. But I don’t think any of us expected her to shyly admit, after the scene, that she actually did want to try the depraved, humiliating fantasies we would make her share when we used and mercilessly teased her.

    Haha! Yeah, if anything, she’s the one who turned the ‘be careful what you wish for’ trope around on us!

    Oh she’s not too much work at all: there’s two of us, we have friends who know how to handle her, so does she. Plus she turns into quite the eager and rewarding little set of holes when given the chance. We’ll have to see how shy she wants to pretend to be later tonight.



    What a *lovely* thing to wake up to!

    …I should post more

    So Cry Baby is an anxietal bean and some times has bad flare ups. With those flare ups she looses her sense of how full her bladder is. Yesterday was a bad anxiety day for her and she ended up not making it home from work, dry. The pull up she was wearing couldn't keep up with her. To be honest these moments are very frustrating to her but was a good sport and wanted to get some pictures to everyone since we haven't been to active lately. Please send her some love 💙💙 It is always appreciated 😊😊