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    No, it is Biden’s fault you lying doofus.

    He helped Russia build a pipeline that gave Putin more control over the region and his policies were already creating the inflation problem.


    Gas prices and inflation were problems before Ukraine. Dems stay blaming Russia for all their own failings.


    Let me guess, Putin also cased the border crisis, inflation, and stole all the toilet paper. And Putin is who’s been pushing for a national police force and reclassifying half the country as domestic terrorists.


    Make no mistake, Putin is a dictator and is oppressive of his own people and has started an unprovoked war upon a sovereign nation that he was supposed to be a guarantor of, but his is not to blame for America’s energy problems nor inflation. That is squarely on the Democratic Party’s shoulders.


    tumblr is, if anything, the Appalachia of social media...easy to get lost, sparsely populated, out of the loop with fast-moving modern trends. Attached to tradition. Close-knit communities. Believe in "talk shit, get hit." Everyone is doing their own thing in their own obscure little holler. Prone to pulling the most inventive turns of phrase you've ever heard out of nowhere. Somebody's always starting a racket. We sometimes repel outsiders with much aggression. Lots of talk about hell and damnation to be found. Everybody tends to forget about us for some reason


    What is pirating media but the moonshining of the internet


    For real how do you people watch basketball? It's so boring. They just run back and forth and every 2 minutes everything stops and they all stand around looking sad.


    Yeeahh... Nowadays it's kinda hard to give two shits about either basketball or football for me. Hell, I cant even remember the last time since I've watched either. I know it has been years.

    Recently, however, I've found myself enjoying (and coming to love) baseball more and more. One of my best friends W., who is a huge baseball aficionado, has been helping me understand the game much better (I was not exposed to it growing up.)

    There's a lot of fun in speculating what kind strategies each team is gonna use against each other, what sequence of pitches the pitcher is gonna use, etc. Are they gonna try for a double play? Is the dude on first gonna try to steal? Are they going for a sacrifice bunt? How's the batting rotation gonna work out against the opposing team's bullpen?

    It's just a whole lot of fun, man.

    There is audio proof of Amber Heard manipulating and confessing to assaulting Johnny Depp, but there are still people insisting that Depp was the abuser

    There is video proof that Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self-defense, but there are still people insisting that he's a terrorist

    There will always be people who will never, ever question their own preconceptions. Don't argue with them, they're hopeless


    did anyone else see the edward snowden interview in the guardian about two days ago where he said that most of the NSA agents doing checks through people’s data are men aged 18-22 and that when they access photographs of attractive women naked they all send them to each other for reasons that are 100% not professional

    like, if you have naked selfies on your phone, even if you have never sent them to anyone or moved them anywhere, these fucking mouthbreathers could be downloading them and sending them to all their friends


    How much you bet one/some of them sells/post them online


    this happens with police officers and the bodies of murder victims as well.

    The attacks on Joe Rogan which are now accusing him of racism are all cynical bullshit.

    The prime minister of Canada has been in blackface more times than he can remember.

    The democratic governor of Virginia was either wearing a klan uniform or was in blackface. It wasn’t a problem.

    Joe Biden called black people “Super Predators” on the floor of the senate, he told black people just last year that they were not black if they didn’t support him.

    All the pearl clutching these people are doing to destroy Rogan is disingenuous and should be ignored.

    Do not mistake it for hypocrisy.

    The arbitrary public accusation and condemnation of specific individuals for political crimes is a hallmark feature of authoritarian systems and ideologies.