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2021-07-08 10:47:35

    Heya guys! Sorry for being MIA for the past few weeks but I wanna take this time to thank you so much for all your support ❤️ Whether you’ve been leaving comments, making fanart, buying merch, or just throwing likes here and there, it means the world to me!⁣

    Unforrrrrtunately I have to go on a little break. Bummer, I know, but know that I’m working closely with an amazing studio to try and bring my story to the next level! Cross your fingers! ❤️ In the meantime, you can enjoy the first ten chapters of my story on the Litty app (and there are more chapters to come)!

    I’ll be back here and there to make announcements and say hi tho :)

    And lastly…to get out of character…we’re finally goin’ live with some IG creds:

  • hannahkeiffert (creator/writer/director)
  • mikkapi (artist)
  • jast_yollew (musician/sound designer)
  • produced and funded by LittyAppOfficial
  • Thanks again, I love you all, and as always I’ll be here chillin’ in 3000 ❤️ Hope to be back soon!

    How to activate your "happiness chemicals"...

    DOPAMINE ~ the reward chemical

  • Complete a task
  • Doing self care acitivites
  • Eating some food
  • Celebrating your little wins.
  • OXYTOCIN ~ the love hormones

  • Playing with a dog
  • Playing with a baby
  • Holding hands
  • Hugging someone
  • Giving someone else a compliment
  • SEROTONIN ~ the mood stabiliser

  • Meditating
  • Running
  • Be in the sun
  • Walk in nature
  • Swimming
  • ENDORPHIN ~ the pain relief

  • Laughing exercises
  • Essential oils
  • Eating dark chocolate
  • Running
  • I think you guys were right - this is a time travel mailbox that I found!! Maybe I just enter the year into the keypad? It’s a shame I can’t fit through here…

    But I was thinking…I could send you guys postcards from the future!!

    GIVEAWAY TIME!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

    FIVE lucky winners will receive a postcard from the year 3000! I’ll be choosing them on November 30th.

    Only rules are that you must reblog this post + be following me :)

    Good luck~!