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    What Does a Girly Boy Need?

    There are many things that Girly Boys need.  We need panties, clothes, shoes, etc.  Yes, we need sex too.  But none of that is what this posting is about–at least not completely.

    I have found that there are some things that I need in my girly boy life that are important.  When it comes down to it, I don’t think we can call most of these essentials, yet they are certainly emotional and affirming.  I have no doubt that you could add to the list.  Feel free to do so if you choose to share the article and caption.  It’s not my complete list, but I think it’s a good one.  Here we go…

    1) A Girly Drawer: I remember what it was like handing my fiance a key to my house.  It was actually quite innocent, but it was something very special.  It was a way for me to say “You are welcome here any time.”  It was also very special when she, now my wife, offered a small drawer in her clothes chest for me to store my growing collection of panties and what few bras I have.  That was her way of saying, “You are welcome to wear panties, any time (even though there are some limits).”  For other items, I have boxes stored in secret places.  But knowing that I have my own girly drawer is a stamp of acceptance.

    2) Girly Space and Time: As much as I talk about being girly, someone might think that I live in girliness 24/7.  In heart, perhaps so.  It’s just not possible in my circumstances.  To have a space to dress, act, move, talk, and feel girly is second to none.  Add to that, some extended time in girliness, and it’s like a dream come true.  I get a lot of space and time in my early morning workouts where Candie is free to be fit and girly and left alone.  But then there are some other special spaces and times like outings, drives, and, though I have never experienced one, crossdressing meet-ups.  A girly boy needs time and space to be girly. It’s never enough to have ultra-private, quickie, secretive, dress-up sessions.  Not everybody can afford to be openly forward, but none of us needs to feel isolated or backwards.  Having time and space is another cue of acceptance.

    3) Girly Friend(s): I’m lucky enough that my wife is my safe person with whom I can be girly.  Be sure of it, she still wants her man and I am more than happy to oblige.  I have needed her in my girly life.  I didn’t realize that until everything became open between us.  Having someone special with whom you can share your femininity openly is not only fun, it’s relaxing and freeing.  A friend who accepts your girliness is always a bestie.

    4) Girly Entertainment:  I wasn’t sure how to label this one.  I was thinking of chick flicks, spa days, shopping trips, window browsing, nature walks, girls nights, etc.  It’s not just having space and time and a friend.  It’s more than tagging along as a boy.  It’s doing girl-like things in girlish ways the way girls would do girl things.  Girly boys need experiences because they will learn more on a girly adventure than they could ever learn from reading a blog article about five things that a girly boy needs.

    5) Girly Terms of Endearment: It might not seem like a big one, but it is.  I’ve written above what is basically matters of acceptance–the need to be accepted.  When my wife calls me “Her girly boy,” “girly”, “girl”, “sissy”, “little cheerleader”, “pretty boy”, “lesbian sex kitten”, etc. it is her way of giving my girly self some acknowledgement, which, in my opinion, is a step beyond acceptance.  Yes, she has called me those things!  Well, except “lesbian sex kitten”.  Interestingly, I can’t recall that she has ever called me Candie.  I won’t push that one.  It’s enough to know that she acknowledges this special part of me because she is acknowledging all of me.  I need that, so yes, this is a big one!

    That’s all that I’ll take time to write out and it’s probably more than you cared to read.  I appreciate you all so very much.  It may be online, anonymous, and we may never meet face to face, but you all give me acceptance and acknowledgement.  I thank you for that!

    Have a precious weekend my girly friends!



    I couldn't agree more! 🥰