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    I love to suck big & tasty cocks - I take them deep in my throat and swallow evey drop of cum... Обожаю сосать большие, вкусные и сочные члены - я беру их глубоко в горло и глотаю каждую капельку спермы...

    Hot stranger fuck me at trade show

    First I'll start with a little bit about me: I'm thirty-five and working as a research assistant for a large multinational corporation. I'm married. My super-hot boss is fucking me regularly, especially when we travel together for business. This wasn't one of those times, however. I was tasked with attending a trade show in Moskow by myself, and I was thrilled at the new level of responsibility I'd been given. That, plus getting all dressed up and hanging around swanky hotels with attractive men was sure to get me super-horny, so I was determined to find some hot "entertainment" on my own.

    As I walked around the convention floor on Thursday morning, I was standing near the exit chatting with a sales rep when I saw "him" walk in. He was ruggedly handsome and his tailored suit did little to hide an impressive physique. My pussy instantly moistened. I watched the direction he was headed and followed in a non-obvious manner. I put myself in position so that he would run into me, but he went another direction and I lost sight of him for several hours. After a business lunch segment I was walking out of my meeting room and suddenly he was only about five feet in front of me! He appeared to be in conversation with an associate. As he stopped to grab a bottle of water I brushed past him on my way into the restrooms. There just happened to be a mirror hanging on the wall and as I walked into the ladies' room I saw him staring at me as I walked away. He was clearly able to see the sultry look on my face in the mirror as he looked in my direction. Unfortunately, that was the last I saw of him that day. "Mr. Pinkie" (my large dildo) was the only dick that got into my pussy that night...

    I had meetings until four PM Friday, but then everyone had a break until about six when the closing festivities began. The entertainment included a casino and buffet, and then music and dancing until eleven. During the casino part of the evening I walked around the room checking out potential prospects. I was attired in a black halter dress that reached my mid-thigh. At the end of my long, tan legs were a designer pair of black five-inch fuck me pumps. My hair was swept and fashioned in an updo, with gently curled strands dangling at the sides of my cute face.

    Just as I was thinking I was going to go home 'empty' I saw a group of attractive guys standing around the prize table. As I made my way in that direction to drop off my tickets, I caught one of the men looking me up and down as I approached. It was my handsome stranger from the day before! He made no attempt whatsoever to hide his attraction for me. As I was trying to decide what prize slot I wanted to put my drawing slips in, he approached. He introduced himself as David, and explained that he was a marketing representative with one of the major suppliers for my firm. We chatted for a few minutes; just small talk, and he asked if I would save a dance for him once the music started. I told him that I would, and we parted ways. I went to the ladies' room to touch up my lipstick. Anticipating what might happen, my pussy lips began swelling and getting slippery wet.

    When I reentered the ballroom, the band had already started playing. I walked over to the bar and ordered a drink. As I turned around, David was briskly walking toward me with a big smile on his face.

    With, "Let's dance!" he led me out into the middle of the room.

    We danced and made small talk for the first song. As another song started we remained in a close embrace. During the second dance he confessed that he thought I was extremely attractive. I could feel his dick swelling and getting harder as he held me close.

    When I noticed this I smiled at him and asked, "Why, what might that be?" I looked straight down at his crotch.

    He grinned almost apologetically and said, "I can't help it. You are so freaking hot." 

    I gave him a sly smile back and asked if he had a room at the hotel. He looked at me like he had just won the lottery and without a word led me off of the dance floor and towards the door. I could feel my heart racing as we headed for the elevators.

    Once we were alone in the elevator and the door shut we started kissing. He kissed me deeply and hungrily. He slipped his hand under my dress, pulled my panties to the side, and plunged a finger inside my dripping pussy! All major hotels have security cameras in their elevators. I wondered if the security personnel were enjoying watching me get fingered.

    When he discovered how incredibly wet my slit was, he stopped kissing me and said, "I can't wait to lick that pussy until you come." 

    Just at that moment, the elevator stopped on the 39th floor. He led me to his room. On the way down the hall, he kept going on about how succulent my ass looked in my tight skirt, bouncing back and forth atop those towering, sexy heels.

    My thoughts were extremely focused: "I wonder if he's planning to fuck that ass...?" My panties were now thoroughly soaked.

    As we arrived at his room, he was so excited that he fumbled with the key card for what seemed like a minute before he managed to get the door open!

    Once the door was breached and we were in the room, he pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me again. His hands explored my entire body. At the same time my hands were all over him and I couldn't keep away from what felt like a very large dick. I could feel my heartbeat in my swollen pussy lips; I wanted his dick inside me so much. He pulled down the top of my dress and exposed my "cum-on-me" tits! He leaned his face into my breasts while I unbuckled his belt. With his trousers loosened, my long, feminine fingers freed his rapidly-stiffening cock. His slacks fell to the floor. Now I could finally wrap my hand around his rock-hard boner. He was backed up against the wall, standing with his dick sticking straight out and his pants around his ankles. The diamond on my left ring finger sparkled.

    I fell to my knees; it began with me licking the tip of his swollen rod so-very-gently. Then I opened my mouth and really went down on him. He watched my gorgeous red lips wrap tightly around his boner and felt his dick go inside my warm, wet mouth. I thought about what this must be like from David's perspective: to be dick-sucked by a sexy stranger, knowing that maybe soon his hard cock was going to shoot and fill her mouth with his hot cum? His dickhead made a bulge in my left cheek every time my head moved in and out... Then, without warning, I stuffed his entire cock deep in my mouth and proceeded to suck it ALL the way down my throat. Deep and hard!

    David gasped, "Oh my god, nobody has ever sucked my dick like this!" 

    After a couple more minutes he pulled me up and led me to the bed. The only remaining evidence of the initial part of our tryst was my lipstick ring around his super-rigid member.

    He slipped my dress the rest of the way off; I stood in front of him in only my stockings and heels. He laid me back on the bed, spread my legs, and slowly starting kissing my inner thighs. Very slowly and deliberately, he moved closer and closer to the sweet spot. I felt his probing tongue delicately tease and tickle my clitty and it sent a bolt of electricity through my body. Slowly he worked his way down to my glistening slit and plunged his tongue deep inside me. He tongue-fucked my very wet pussy, then sucked on my clitty until I exploded into my first orgasm.

    David was ready to fuck my pussy, and I was absolutely aching for him to mount me. Before he crawled on top, he asked if he needed to, "Get some protection." 

    "No", I told him. "I need to feel that magnificent cock slip inside me bare." 
    He positioned his throbbing meat at the entrance to my dripping love-box and wasted no time sliding that erection inside my eager pussy. Within seconds my cunt was fully impaled on his thick, impossibly-rigid shaft. I have an unusually tight and muscular little pussy. It was also very wet and slippery. David pumped his dick in and out of me... He kissed me and whispered how good I felt, and then he gave me a hard-dicking like I have seldom experienced! With my heels locked behind his hips, David fucked me missionary until I came once again.

    I got up onto my hands and knees in the middle of his bed. David gently took one of my tits in each hand and slid his blue-steel prick back into my slippery snatch. I squealed with renewed delight as his rigid jackshaft bottomed out inside me, his balls slapping against my erect clitty with each upward thrust. He teased that clit with his finger as he began to slowly work in and out, gradually getting faster and harder. My slick little love-tunnel tightened up, and I stopped breathing. I swiveled my head around to look into David's eyes just as I exploded into ecstasy. He had his eyes closed and was obviously biting his lower lip to keep from dumping his load. As soon as I finished my climax, he pulled out and moved my knees toward him; I plopped flat onto my stomach.

    Both his hands were on my ass. Immediately, I felt his hot breath between my ass cheeks. I got goose bumps all over, because I knew he was about to lick my asshole. And lick it he DID! I had been needing a real "ass-gasm" for a while. He lubed-up a finger with pussy juice and gently penetrated my puckered little hole. Once it was all the way in, I began pushing back hard against his hand every time that finger bottomed out in my butt. He licked around my ass and rubbed my clitty until he pushed me over the edge once again. I came expolsively for my first ass-gasm in months!

    He rolled over; I got up and retrieved a buzzer from my handbag. With David flat on his back, I mounted him cowgirl-style, sliding back down on his swollen dick until it was once again all the way inside my teeny lil' twat. I grabbed the clitty buzzer and started jacking myself off. I bounced up and down on David's stiff rod while he fondled my firm titties. In the mirror we looked downright spectacular! I asked him to hold perfectly still until I was ready to cream.

    As the crest broke and my orgasm started, I told him, "Fuck me really hard and really fast!"
    He did it perfectly and I came all over that straining dick, with the intensity of my climax multiplied ten-fold!

    As I crawled off him, David moaned, "Oh, baby... now I really need to cum." 

    I asked him to get up and stand at the foot of the bed. I sashayed around and stood in front of him, then lay back on the bed with my naughty ass hanging off a little. As he approached me, I rested my Louboutin pumps on his shoulders as he slid his throbbing cock back into my pussy. The penetration from that position was amazing! He resumed fucking me, in-and-out, slowly at first, then gradually picking up the pace. He was pumping me with long, full-length strokes. Soon a very intense and concentrated look appeared on his face.

    Oh, I knew exactly what was about to happen, so I started telling him, "Fuck that pussy, come on baby, cum for me." 

    David mouthed breathlessly, "Sweetie, I'm gonna cum... Seriously, where can I do it?" 

    I urged him on: "Dump a big, hot load of cum deep inside this married pussy!"

    David pumped me harder and faster.

    I was almost screaming. “Shove it ALL the way in... I feel your hard dick going in and out of my pussy, baby. Fuck me, Dave, FUCK ME! Shoot your steamin' wad right on my cervix!" 

    It didn't take very long! A few seconds later, he started grunting and quivering as I felt the powerful first squirt of cum! His massive dick twitched over and over as he shot his entire fuckin' cum-load deep inside me! It sent me over the edge one final time. My pussy spasmed around the hard dick I had trapped within it. I clamped down on his meat and fucked all of that cum right out of him.
    WOW! And then it was just, well… over. I had climaxed six times and allowed David to cum in my pussy. As he pulled out, I felt his warm fluid leaking out of me and running down between my butt cheeks.

    I’ve gotta be honest: at that point things started to be a little awkward. We had just experienced an over-the-top sexual encounter, but we were now both fully satiated. It was obvious that I wasn’t going to stay the night, and no invitation was extended. What do you say to a handsome stranger who has just fucked your brains out but whom you will probably never see again? “Thank you for a lovely time?" Somehow that would not have seemed adequate.

    We both dressed and exchanged a warm hug (plus a mutual sincere, “Thank you”) as I prepared to leave. I drove home from Moskow Friday night with the warm cum from David, the marketing rep, dripping out of my pussy!

    Sex with my husband's colleagues

    Yesterday I was the whole day very horny. My pussy has been waiting for new adventure. My husband called from work that he comes home together with some colleagues today, they still have to prepare something for presentation the next day. He asked me to organize something to eat and drink. I looked in the bar - it was still full: tequila, vodka, whiskey, cognac and martini were still full. Then I called our favourite Chinese and ordered for the evening food. Relaxed, I took a shower. In the shower my fingers have gently touched my pussy and stroked. I poked two fingers and massaged my G-spot. With the other hand I was playing with the clitoris. Hot water ran down my body. It was very warm in my pussy. I imagined what awaits me tonight. The wave of orgasm has reached me quickly. Now I was ready for the evening. After showering, I put on a light summer dress - it was very thin and light transparent. The panties and bra I have deliberately omitted. They will be tonight anyway away quickly and will only interfere. I put makeup on and looked in the mirror - I was very happy – I could see a little of my aroused nipples. My husband came with his colleagues a short time later. I have all welcomed and embraced. With some of them I already had my sexual adventures, but my husband didn’t know anything. At the last Christmas party in his office I had sucked the cocks of two his colleagues. The whole office already knew that I am a three hole whore, always horny and ready for sex. Already by greeting some of them have pressed me close to them and stroked by hand over my ass. One whispered in my ear that he wants pure ramming his cock in my tight ass. I just smiled and kissed him on his cheek. The men went into study-room and my husband asked me to bring them some drinks and snacks. I went into the kitchen and put cold beer and snacks on a tablet. Suddenly I felt hands on my ass. Someone pressed up behind me and whispered in my ear that he is pleased to see me again. It was one of the colleagues from the office, whose cock I sucked last Christmas. He said that since that time his cock is always hard if he only thinks about me. In the study-room everyone is busy now and he wants to discover my pussy with his cock. I just smiled and moved my ass to him. He pushed up my skirt and said that I am a horny whore if I greet all so without panties. He opened his pants, pulled out his cock and put it at once deep in my wet pussy. I groaned and moved my ass on his cock back and forth. After a few minutes he stuck his dick pure deep and hot cum pumped into me. He pulled it out, kissed me in the neck, said until later and went into the study-room. I just smiled to me and looked forward to the continuation of the adventure. I took the tablet with the drinks and snacks and also went into the study-room. I put it in the middle of the table and said if someone wants or needs something else, I'm in the other room and take care of it. All smiled and said that they come to me when needed. Cum of first man ran out slowly down of my pussy. I went into the living room, sat down in the chair and turned on the music. The room was dim and I relaxed before the next fuck. I saw a shadow in the door - there was someone and looked at me - I lay relaxing in armchair, eyes closed. Then I heard footsteps, someone was standing right next to me. A zipper opened and something hard touched my lips. I opened my mouth without to open the eyes. It was a new cock, he slid purely in my mouth, I played a bit with my tongue. He took my head in both hands and began to move my head on his cock. The cock went with every move deeper into my throat. It was so exciting to suck a totally unknown cock without seeing who it belongs to. Short time later I had already the next portion cum, this time in the mouth. I gulped it down and licked the cock clean. The unknown pulled his dick out of my mouth and disappeared just as quietly as he had come. I did not move, sat in the chair, smiled and licked off my lips. Two of my holes had a quick encounter with cocks, but it was not enough. I stood up, took me a glass of whiskey with ice. I love it when the taste of wiskey mixes in my mouth with the taste of cum. I drank some sips. I was still very horny and wanted a tough continued. I went into the bedroom and undressed me completely, lay down on the bed and began to play with my fingers on the pussy. The pussy was full and wet of the first man’s cum. I left the bedroom door open, so my husband's colleagues could see me on the way to the kitchen or living room. I heard voices in the corridor. When they were at the door of the bedroom, it became quiet. Someone said that he would like to help me, and it's too bad that such a pussy is satisfied only with fingers, it certainly needs a hard cock. Two men came to the bed and sit next to me. They started kissing and stroking me everywhere. It was wonderful to feel four hands and two hot lips on my body. First man purely stuck his tongue in my mouth and kissed me, the other bit my nipples - I was ready for more ... I felt a hand between my legs - fingers slipped into my pussy and started to move there. I could only whisper: deeper and harder. I pushed my legs apart. A hot mouth was immediately on my pussy. He was good - his tongue played with my clit and his fingers massaged my asshole. After a few minutes I was moaning quite loudly and orgasm came over me. I did not care whether the other men in study-room could hear me. I could not restrain it. Now I was the wild three hole whore who had to be necessarily fucked. I bit into the tongue of the second man and said, they have to fuck me immediately, in all my holes. I haven’t to ask twice, immediately one of them was between my legs and put his cock in my pussy. His penis was long and thick, how I like it. I was so wet that he completely pure plugged it deep and began to fuck me fast and hard. The second one put his penis in my mouth. I began to suck him. I looked to the door - the rest of the colleagues of my husband stood in the door or have already got in - of course they have heard all my moaning. Now I finally get my sex adventure. The men fetched out their dicks. Now they were everywhere - they turned me on my knees and their cocks fucked me in succession in pussy and mouth. My husband said then to all: don’t forget the ass - my wife loves it to be fucked in ass and pussy. I looked grateful to him - he knew what I like and let his colleagues make me happy.

    My first double penetration experience

    I have a regular fuck buddy who I met from a swinging web site. My husband has no idea what I get up to. My buddy lives in Belgium but comes to the Germany every year and we meet up. We usually go to a club. The club has a very sexy, erotic atmosphere. A couple of months ago we met there as usual. We took our clothes off and went in the swimming pool naked. It is so warm and relaxing and in the pool. He started to massage my breasts and nibble my neck just as I like it. There were other couples in the pool playing with each other and fucking, it turned me on. Inside the pool room the air was all misty, the water was warm but the air was cold.There was a good looking young man standing near us. He was alone. I smiled at him and he edged closer to us. I turned with my back to my partner so the young man could see my boobs. He smiled back at me. My partner slid his hand between my thighs, teasing me, arousing me. I open my legs slightly. I can feel his hard cock pressing against my back. I love it. A couple near us are fucking hard. She starts to moan and everyone in the pool turns to watch them. I looked at the young man standing near us. I smiled at him and said, we are going to the sauna. He followed us – hooray he had got the hint. The sauna was empty and my partner sat on the wooden bench. I opened his towel and started to lick his cock. The young man sat close by, watching me. I could tell his cock was hard beneath his towel. I was looking at him out of the corner of my eye, his hand moved under his towel and I could tell he was rubbing his cock as he watched us. I touched his thigh and his legs opened. His towel fell down exposing his huge throbbing cock. I was in heaven, two erect cocks close to my face. I reached my hand out and stroked his cock. Then I leaned over and ran my tongue along his shaft. He moaned and closed his eyes. I took his cock in my mouth and at the same time continued to wank my partner. I suggested that we go and find a private room and the three of us left the sauna. We found a room and discarded our towels. I laid on the couch and they both started to caress my body. “What would you like me to do?” he said. “I am at your disposal”. I have always wanted to have both my boobs sucked at the same time and they obliged. I squirmed. It felt so good. I was in heaven. My nipples had never been so erect. I could feel butterflies in my stomach. I was so excited. One of them slid his fingers inside me. My eyes were closed, I opened my legs. I could feel their hard bodies close to mine. The young man began to lick my pussy as my partner slid his fingers in and out of my wet cunt. He teased my clit with his tongue, nibbled it, kissed it. I began to moan. My partner slid his finger in my ass, and I exploded, thrusting my hips forward as I came on their fingers. I told them I had always wanted to be split-roasted and I got on all fours. My buddy knelt down in front on me and pushed his cock into my mouth. The young guy knelt down behind me and slowly entered my pussy. Oh God it was amazing. He penetrated me deeper, gently thrusting his cock inside me. He held me hips pulling me onto his cock. My buddy fucked my face, thrusting his cock down my throat. I could taste his pre-cum, hot and salty. The young guy reached his hand round to my clit and massaged it, I couldn’t contain myself, I felt my orgasm surge through my body as his young cock pounded inside me. I was so wet, I was dripping. I was hot and sweating. My buddy laid down on the couch and I hovered above him, reverse cowgirl. He smeared saliva over his cock and I spread my butt and slowly sat down on his hard cock. I felt it entering my ass. I took a few deep breaths and relaxed. Then I lay back on top of him and the young guy stood at the end of the couch smiling. He pushed my thighs apart and thrust his cock into my pussy. It was tricky, not as easy as it looks on the films. I kept very still, he began to move backwards and forwards. I felt so stretched, so full up, I moved my hand down to my clit and began to frig myself. I could feel my partner thrusting upwards beneath me. He was very aroused. He held on to my hips and shot his load deep in my ass. He grabbed my boobs and squeezed my nipples and I came again, my vaginal muscles contracted on the young man’s cock which made he cum and he squirted all over my fanny.

    Fucking adventure in a parking lot

    I was down at the mall checking out the guys thinking as they walked by just how big his cock is and getting horny and wet, and thinking how to take care of the problem. So I went out to my car and stood in front of with the hood open as to have it look like it quit running, and was waiting for help to come. I was wearing a long top that was low very low cut and no bra. I was bent over so guys could see down to my tits or maybe even a girl if one stopped I think at the time some pussy would have even done.

    Here is what happened I went to the parking lot in a shopping center. I picked a spot to park and opened the hood. I have jeans shorts on and a button down blouse with the buttons open to just below my boobs, but when I was standing the top laid so you couldn’t see anything. A few people asked if I needed help, but they weren’t right. I just told them, No that’s ok. Then five guys in their mid-twenty’s pulled up and went into the Blockbuster. They looked but didn’t say anything. When they came out I looked at them with a sad face. They asked if I was having trouble. I told them my car keeps dying. I bend over, reach in and shake a wire in the back. I’m in front they are on the sides. My blouse falls open and I know they can see my tits. Now they look and don’t see anything wrong obviously. They said start it up let’s see I get in and it starts right up. So I tell them it’s just going to die in a minute.

    My mind is working overtime now. What do I say next? So I asked could you just follow me to the end of the parking lot to make sure it doesn’t die again I hate to be stuck here all alone. Then I had a thought could one of you drive my car and you other guys follow us? Maybe then if it dies you might know what the problem is. I had these guys right where I wanted them. The one guy drives, and I’m in the passenger seat. It was a warm night and I usually carry a water bottle with me. We are driving thru the lot and I pick up my water bottle to take a sip when he drives over one of those speed bumps and I spill a little. I look down at my white blouse and there is this little transparent spot where the water landed. He didn’t notice and I didn’t say anything. Then I had another idea. I waited for the next speed bump and put the bottle to my mouth. When he hit it I spilled a bunch of water on my blouse right on my boobs. I said, shit! He says what? And I show him my blouse. You could see my nipples clearly right thru the white material as it laid against my boobs. He says, hey, that’s a good look, and we laugh. It was time to turn up the heat so I said maybe I should even it out, and I dripped some water on the front of my shorts.

    We get to the end of the lot. I ask him if we could just circle the stores once, because I know it is going to die. It’s not a very big shopping center. We get to the back of the shopping center where it is just for deliveries and parking for employees. I say, that’s alright, you have been so sweet, I think it will get me home, and motion for him to pull into a spot. We pull in. I ask him to pop the hood. I get out and open the hood to take one more look. By now his buddies had pulled up next to us got out and walked up. I was standing there and he started to ask, is everything…. and stopped mid-sentence when he saw my blouse. The material was sticking to my chest and my nipple was showing thru. He asks, what happened? His friend answers, she spilled her water. He didn’t say anything. So I pointed my chest at him to give him a better look. I might as well been topless. Then I pinched the material and pulled it away almost completely exposing my tits, and kind of flapped it, like I was trying to dry it. I bent over one more time, looking at the motor with my blouse wide open. And I guess that was too much for the one guy. He reached over and cupped my tit. I raised and turned toward him. Now he had both hands in my blouse playing with my tits.

    Their truck was parked alongside my car, it was a four door. The guy that was playing with my tits, I grabbed him by the waist and backed him up against the bed of the truck. I open the back door of the truck and pushed him in. He scooted back and I pulled his pants down a ways. His cock was hard as a rock, but it was hard to get between his legs because his pants were at his thighs so I pulled them completely off. Now I was able to move in and suck him properly. His cock was at least eight inches and I was so into his cock I completely forgot about his friends but not for long.

    I was bent a little, giving this guy the best blow job of his life when I feel and hand on my ass. Oh, that’s right there is another guy. He’s rubbing my ass then moves between my legs and is rubbing my pussy. Next thing he is trying to get his hand in my pants well I m bend over a little so there is no way this is going to work. He was not to be denied. He opens my pants and pulls them down. Now his finger fucking me. One two and then three fingers then nothing. That’s when I feel him pulling my ass cheeks apart. Next thing I know his cock is rubbing my pussy. Then a push he s got me by the hips thrusting his cock into me I’m still sucking his friend never missed a beat.

    The guy I am sucking is just laid back holding the sides of my head. He is in heaven. Then he gets super rigid and I feel his head and shaft start to swell in my mouth. He is about to cum he gives a grunt and arches so his cock is deep in my mouth. I can feel the jerking spasms as the warmth of his cum fills my mouth. It is wonderful. I continue to suck him making sure I have every last drop. I swallow and hold him in my mouth as his cock goes limp. All the time being pounded from behind it s time for me to help this guy now so with each thrust I push back. He liked that and is now thrusting as hard as he can. We were all sweaty so you could hear the slap with each thrust. Then there was the speed up right before a guy cums. There is that hesitation when the first squirt of his cum as he starts to unload in me. Then the big push with every squirt after. He was pumping my pussy full of his cum. I could feel it lubricating my pussy lips. He slowed and pulled out then I could feel his cum running down my leg.

    The three guys that were left one lays on the set of the truck and fucks my juiced up pussy, one fucks me in the ass and I suck the last man off his cock was huge it went half way down my throat and I loved it. The guys fucked me for an hour I sucked each of them off and each of them got to fuck me ether in my ass or pussy and a couple of them fucked me in both. After the guys were done with me I sucked and licked each of their cocks clean and then we all got dressed, I had no real way to clean up and had cum on my face and running down my legs. One of the guys said now that is what a lady should look like when well used. They told me they had a wonderful time and wanted to know if I lived close by and we could maybe do this again sometime. I said yes, but next time maybe have a few more guy in the gang and maybe even a girl or two. I gave them my number and they did not even ask my name or did I ask them there’s I just told them to call and we will set something up. As I drove away I said to the guy’s by the way there s nothing wrong with my car.

    I thought about it later good thing a security guard didn’t come around. I don’t even remember hearing any cars. But then there could have been a parade and I probably wouldn’t have heard it. But can you picture it some guy’s legs hanging out of the back seat. My shorts down to my ankles face down in his lap with another guy’s pants down fucking me from behind it must have been a sight. When done I was well taken care of what a group of guys. Hope they call soon I could use a really good all day fuck.

    Sex with stranger

    Today I want to have sex with a stranger. A quick, no-nonsense fuck with someone whose name I don’t know. Whose name I’ll never know.

    I want to feel his hands tightly grasping my hips, run my hands over his body, and not care whether either of us really enjoys the experience. I want a fuck for function, a fuck for the sake of fucking - I want to fuck a stranger.

    Most of the sex I’ve had has been with people I know. Even the one-offs usually happen with friends - I love those fucks – the casual ones.

    But stranger sex has been much rarer for me. Of course it’s often dangerous, and there have been times when I’ve reluctantly turned down an offer because I couldn’t quite guarantee that I’d make it home afterwards. On a couple of occasions, though, I’ve had that delicious knowledge that – even as we’re fucking – we both know that when we come it will be the end of whatever we’ve had.

    Every day I get to fuck someone I love, which makes me lucky. Incredibly so. The easy curve of his hand around my arse, the exact pressure on my spine, pushing me to arch my back just right to feel the exact girth of him slipping into me: fitting. That’s valuable, and I love it.

    But just because I’m enjoying my shower, doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate how fun it was to be dirty – sometimes I dream about sex with strangers.

    I imagine sitting on a stool at a bar when a guy sits near me. He’s wearing a suit, he’s dark and handsome, he’s a bundle of all the clichés I don’t normally go for. He wears a watch and it accentuates the strength of his arms.

    I’d watch him drinking but we wouldn’t talk. Occasionally I’d catch his eye and do the flirting that I’ve read about in advice books. Well, a more exaggerated version, anyway – leaning over the bar to show him a bit more of my tits, crossing and uncrossing my legs until my skirt rides up so far he can’t help but think of my cunt.

    Shooting him the raised-eyebrows-how-about-it look, and mouthing ‘fuck me’ just before I head to the bathroom.

    In the cubicle, I pull up my skirt and lean against the cold tile with one hand down my knickers. I’m thinking about this total stranger – this no-named guy – and how desperately I want him to follow me. How rough I want his hands on my cunt, how I don’t want him to look at me as he fucks me: head over my shoulder, staring straight at the wall and grimacing with determination to come.

    He comes in.

    He rushes at me with a kind of blank need – no recognition or ‘I see you’ve been staring’, just straight in with a rough kiss. No tongues, no movement, just a hard, three-second stamp on my lips, as if to check I’m not going to object.

    I don’t, of course. I whisper ‘fuck me’ and he nods.

    I lock the door while he fumbles with my shirt – unbuttoning and pulling apart and ripping down my bra so my tits spill out and he can press his chest against them.

    “Yeah,” he whispers quietly to himself as he squeezes me against him. I go to unbuckle his trousers and he slaps my hand away, taking a step back to stare at me – exposed in my hitched-up skirt and open shirt. His eyes are blank, as I wanted.

    He never looks at my face.

    One quick movement and his trousers are down just far enough to pull out his cock. It’s just a cock, that’s all I care about. It’s hard and he wants it touched, and he needs to empty it into me.

    He grits his teeth and grabs my legs, wrapping them round his waist as he fucks tight pain into me.

    “Ungh.” Grunting, rasping, punctuating each fuckstroke with a kind of ‘that’s it’ approval. “Ungh”: sounds like “yes”. Sounds like “that’s it.”

    I make no sounds at all, just feeling him shoving himself inside me is all I wanted – that and not knowing his name, of course. He’s pushed the crotch of my knickers to one side and I can feel the fabric getting damp as I drip lust down the shaft of his dick and onto the inside of my thighs. I grip him tighter and he shudders.

    “Ye… eaaah,” a harder thrust – pushing deeper into me than he has before, and a long pause as his cock twitches. He rests his head on my shoulder, briefly, enjoying the feeling of being spent.

    He pulls himself out of me, adjusts his clothes, and with a final glance at my tits, he unlocks the door.

    “Thanks, stranger.”

    And he’s gone

    My first anal

    I was home alone and incredibly horny. All I wanted was to be fucked, and hard. I tightened and relaxed my pussy lips… longing for a big hard cock to fill me up but my boyfriend was out playing basketball with his friends and I couldn’t get my mind off of cock. I decided to do something that I hadn’t done for a while: masturbate the fuck out of my swollen clit. Oh god, I remember the days of getting all sexy and fucking myself into a trembling orgasm. I knew that nobody would be home for a while so I stripped down into my lacy thong.

    I found a wooden spoon in the kitchen and thought that I would do something that I had never done before. I was home alone and horny as fuck, so my pussy started to feel tight at just the thought of what I could do with the spoon. I layed down on my back in the middle of the living room’s soft white carpet and slowly slipped of my panties. My legs got goosebumps as the soft lace kissed my skin. I grabbed the wooden spoon and slapped it into my right tit until it began to tingle. Fuck yeah! It felt so good. Then I slapped the spoon into my left titty. My nipples pulsed and were very hard.

    By now my pussy was wet. I spread my legs wide apart and then began tapping my clit with the spoon. My pussy juice was getting absorbed into the wood. I took the spoon and licked off all of the liquid that I could taste and went back for more. Harder, Harder, HARDER!! My body thrusted up and down, but I wasn’t ready to climax yet, this was going to be the best orgasm of my life. I laid still and took a breath. I set the spoon down and brought my index finger to my fuck button to really get things started. Just then I heard breathing. I looked behind me and saw my boyfriend standing in awe watching my display. I was embarrassed and asked him how much he had seen. He replied, “Enough, and it seems to me that you were a very naughty girl while I was out.”

    I smiled and looked down and saw his beautiful, big, boner under his soft basketball shorts. He picked up the wooden spoon and said, “you know you are going to have to pay for this.” My pussy throbbed and my heart raced with excitement. All I was thinking was Fuck me, FUCK ME, RAM MY PUSSY! But I didn’t say anything. He took the wooden spoon and told me to get on all fours. So I did. He knelt down behind me and began spanking my ass with the spoon. He had never done this to me and my ass hole tingled. It had never been penetrated before and I was really hoping that he would. I breathed heavily and moaned with every smack. Then he started actually smacking the spoon on my ass hole. Fuck yeah! I wanted more, I was ready to come! I started bringing my finger to my clit but he slapped my clit before I got there and said, “not yet.”

    He resumed slapping my asshole and I screamed, “more! Give it to me baby, fuck yeah, you know what I want! Go into my virgin asshole!” then he took the handle of the wooden spoon and twisted it lightly on my asshole. It tormented me and made me want more. He put the spoon on the ground next to me and licked his index finger. Then he tickled my asshole and stroked it in soft quick circles. He said, “mmmm, I like your ass, I’ve always wanted to fuck your ass, it’s so tight and small. It’s never been touched before. I want to fuck it so hard. Can I fuck your tiny virgin hole?” He leaned his face into my ass and started flicking the hole with his tongue. It felt so good. All I could think was OH FUCK ME NOW!

    I wanted to get ass fucked so hard. Then he slid his thick, hard cock into my hole. Then he placed his 2 hands on my clit and pushed down and rubbed it hard while pounding my ass into a climax. I screamed, YES, YES! FUCK ME HARDER! OH GOD! I CAN’T TAKE IT! YES! OH…. OH… OH…! FUCK YEAH! Then he shot his cum into my ass and I fell down in exhaustion. I couldn’t even move for a few minutes because my pussy was pulsing so hard. Eventually I stood up and started to walk into the bathroom to take a shower, when I see all 4 of my boyfriend’s basketball buddies that were as hard as rocks and had seen the whole thing....