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2020-04-15 00:59:44

    「#TransformationTuesday 」How my body has progressed: starting from November 2013 (upper left corner, at 118lbs) to December 2014 (lower right corner 143~148lbs).

    I started this journey with the goal of becoming 150lbs in mind. I somewhat reached my goal last month and couldn’t be happier. But reaching my goal made me realize a lot of things. Was it worth it? Does all of this really matter? Why did I start doing this in the first place?

    I’ve had a few obstacles in the way, including having to go on a very limited, low carb diet for the summer because of my medication and also having a couple breakdown episodes here and there.

    However, during those times, I did what I what I felt like I could do, and tried to keep going.

    This one year journey meant a whole lot more than just gaining weight and getting a “nice body”. In the process, I’ve learned to be more comfortable in my own skin. This - I feel is a very important feeling to have, regardless your size.

    Sure, I still have insecurities, regardless of accepting who I am inside and out. But through this experience, I’ve learned to take it to the heart, that I’m just having a human experience and that this is just my body. I know that people will always have something negative to say about my body and try to make myself feel bad, regardless of how good I feel. But to me, this is not a competition. If anything, I’m competing with myself, but even then, not necessarily. I’m just constantly trying to better myself with no set goal in mind. By doing this, I am allowing myself to grow. Just do you, and surround yourself with positive people! Thank you everyone who has, and are continuing to support me :) ❤️